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October 2008

Fed Chairman,Ben Bernanke scares all !

On Thursday,September 18,2008 in a hastily and urgently convened meeting in the Conference Room of the House Speaker,Nancy Pelosi,both the Federal Reserve Chairman,Ben Bernanke and the Treasury Secretary ,Henry Paulson presented the Proposed US $ 700 Billion Financial Bail-out Plan for the First Time to Congressional Leaders

Some Participants leaked out that Ben Bernanke starkly warned that “If we don’t do this we may not have an Economy on Monday ” !

OoooooooooooooF ! What is he saying ! ? BBC was flashing what he was saying a year ago that the Mortgage Crisis was manageable and there was nothing to worry about ! and the Fire Alarm that he is now raising

Indo US Nuclear Deal ratified by the USA President,Bush on Gandhi Jayanti

Stark Reality this !…..The US Senate passed the Indo Nuclear Deal by a resounding 86 to 13 Vote on October 1,2008 …..Next Day was Gandhi Jayanti and the USA President,George Bush ratified the Deal….Mahatma Gandhi stood for Ahimsa and Non Violence…was it just a stark coincidence or was it what James Redfield,a modern day thinker, termed as “Synchronicity” in his book “Celestine Prophecy” or was it ” Secrets of Shambala” ?

The contrast of “Nuclear” and “Non Violence” was meant to be juxtaposed like this!

Time to get greedy says Investment Guru, Warren Buffett

Living Investment Legend,Warren Buffett has just committed US $ 8 Billion to the Two Big ‘G’s”,Goldman Sachs and General Electric (GE)

Hey Mr Buffett ! I’m also a “G” !

Buffett has been a fan of General Electric for decades…Interestingly the Indo US Nuclear Deal too has just been passed and GE is expected to get orders from India for over US $ 10 Billion to begin with  for Nuclear Power Equipment !

It’s time to be Greedy says Buffett when the US Economy is “Flat on the Floor”…reminds me of  a joke…A student was asked by his teacher as to why he was doing his Mathematics on the floor….”You told us not to use Tables” replied the Student !…Buffett ,it’s these Big Fat Financial Cats that did not know their Maths and indulged in skullduggery to knock USA off the Chairs and Tables and “Flat on the Floor”…I can understand you have no real option here but to be a Patriot…you have J P Morgan’s precedent here…He bailed out  the Government and Wall Street in 1885 and 1907….Wish You Well but I fear a lot more pain ahead before USA can even Sit,let alone Stand!   

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