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November 17, 2008

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh…from being reviled to being revered !

We blame Cricket Players for Performance Inconsistency…But just reflect…We too are guilty of Inconsistency when assessing them A Strong Case in point is our own Cricketer ‘Yuvi’ or Yuvraj Singh We revered him when he hit those record Six Sixes of a Six Ball Stuart Broad Over in the T20 World Cup in South Africa…Our Board rewarded …

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh…from being reviled to being revered ! Read More »

Ctrl.Alt.Del….We need to Re-Boot

This Sunday, like every Sunday in recent times, was reflecting at what’s happening to the World and How would My Family and I be impacted….. and like all Sundays was convinced to go Back to the Basics and fundamentally re-boot our lives The Sunday Editions of Newspapers were packed with some incisive articles… Three worthy of special mention …

Ctrl.Alt.Del….We need to Re-Boot Read More »

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