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November 17, 2008

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh…from being reviled to being revered !

We blame Cricket Players for Performance Inconsistency…But just reflect…We too are guilty of Inconsistency when assessing them

A Strong Case in point is our own Cricketer ‘Yuvi’ or Yuvraj Singh

We revered him when he hit those record Six Sixes of a Six Ball Stuart Broad Over in the T20 World Cup in South Africa…Our Board rewarded him with a Luxurious Premium Car…We all agreed that he was from ‘Another Planet’

We Reviled him when he failed to perform after the T-20 World Cup and dropped him from the Test Team…Cynics and Critics agreed that we need to send him to ‘Another Planet’

We brought him back into the ODI Team and he has won us the first two ODIs against England ,literally single handed…he remained unbeaten in Rajkot with an aggressive 138,his ninth ODI Hundred and won the ‘Man of the Match’ Award…In today’s second ODI,he came in at 29/3 and scored a back to back hundred,his Tenth Hundred in ODIs..His all round performance of scoring 118 and taking 4 wickets got him back to back ‘Man of the Match’ Awards

Yes,Yuvi,you’re surely from ‘Another Planet’…When you perform like this you’re simply ‘Out of this World Man !’…Teach me how to play that Block Shot Six that you did of Flintoff soaring way over his head into the Crowds !..Nah ! you can’t teach anybody such Shots !..They are Divine..and you are Blessed you can play them !

Keep Going ‘Yuvi’…you’re in great Orbit !    

Ctrl.Alt.Del….We need to Re-Boot

This Sunday, like every Sunday in recent times, was reflecting at what’s happening to the World and How would My Family and I be impacted….. and like all Sundays was convinced to go Back to the Basics and fundamentally re-boot our lives

The Sunday Editions of Newspapers were packed with some incisive articles… Three worthy of special mention are linked below

Indian Express : Check out Uday Kotak’s insightful interview and reflections on funny money and the financial chaos and the deleveraging going on 

Asian Age : Paranjoy Guha Thakurta has written an explicit article on the Telecom Scam  perpetrated by the Telecom MinisterA Raja of the DMK, in issuing 2G licenses…In his estimation the scam is the biggest in post Independent India involving roughly Rs 80000 crs loss (@ US $ 16 Billion) to the Indian exchequer… An earlier Blog covers this scam

The Financial Express : Vanguard Group of Mutual Funds Founder, John Bogle’s Investment mantras of No Load, Low Cost, Simple, Index based plans for Capturing Market Returns

Economic Times : A Continuing Expose covered Companies who are under the Intelligence Bureau Scan for Stock Market ManipulationSterlite, Uttam Galva and many other companies have been blatantly flouting Insider Trading and Other Laws in making suckers of Traders and Investors in Indian Stock Exchanges… often in cahoots with Brokers, Media and even Mutual Funds and FIIs

Just wondering how SEBI took corrective action in the IPO Demat Scam and fined the perpetrators significant sums that reflect the illegal gains made in the IPO…. will they again demand that the promoters of these companies and brokers and others involved return the obscene gains made while flouting Insider trading and other Laws !

In the Times of India Sunday Edition was also a captivating and inspiring coverage of Marine Commandos or Marcos for short… These commandos are closest to a real life James Bond and pride themselves as better than US SEALS... Their Gruelling Two year Training involves a 60% rejection rate in the first two months itself and finally only 10% go on to become Marcos… Marcos are experts in all weapons right from Ninja style darts to the sniper rifles and hand guns… they specialise in counter-terrorism and electronic survelliance-a rare mix of brawn and brain… they are both paratroopers and combat divers… their training involves the real killer ‘Death Crawl’ – an 800 m struggle through thigh high mud, loaded with 25kgs of gear and after a 2.5 km obstacle course that most would fail… then when the trainee is half dead, he has to undergo the final test – shooting a target 25 m away with his buddy standing next to it – if the exhausted hands tremble, his buddy is history… this is where many give up read more

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