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Cricketer Yuvraj Singh…from being reviled to being revered !

We blame Cricket Players for Performance Inconsistency…But just reflect…We too are guilty of Inconsistency when assessing them

A Strong Case in point is our own Cricketer ‘Yuvi’ or Yuvraj Singh

We revered him when he hit those record Six Sixes of a Six Ball Stuart Broad Over in the T20 World Cup in South Africa…Our Board rewarded him with a Luxurious Premium Car…We all agreed that he was from ‘Another Planet’

We Reviled him when he failed to perform after the T-20 World Cup and dropped him from the Test Team…Cynics and Critics agreed that we need to send him to ‘Another Planet’

We brought him back into the ODI Team and he has won us the first two ODIs against England ,literally single handed…he remained unbeaten in Rajkot with an aggressive 138,his ninth ODI Hundred and won the ‘Man of the Match’ Award…In today’s second ODI,he came in at 29/3 and scored a back to back hundred,his Tenth Hundred in ODIs..His all round performance of scoring 118 and taking 4 wickets got him back to back ‘Man of the Match’ Awards

Yes,Yuvi,you’re surely from ‘Another Planet’…When you perform like this you’re simply ‘Out of this World Man !’…Teach me how to play that Block Shot Six that you did of Flintoff soaring way over his head into the Crowds !..Nah ! you can’t teach anybody such Shots !..They are Divine..and you are Blessed you can play them !

Keep Going ‘Yuvi’…you’re in great Orbit !    


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