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October 18, 2009

Do not be seduced by recently relisted Shree Precoated Steel at Rs 27…Clearing misconception of consideration to be received on slump sale of it’s Steel Business to Essar Steel

Thanks Keshav for the query for Shree Precoated Steel (SPS) at Rs 27

My advise is to steer clear of SPS..don’t get seduced on the relisting at Rs 27 read more

A PSU Banker and workshop participant of three years before calls this Diwali…touching

Was really touched this morning…. received a call on my mobile from a PSU Banker who introduced himself as being a participant on one of my BSE Training workshops three years ago

…he was unaware of this blog and had called to inquire if he could attend any more of my Equity workshops as he had benefited immensely the last time around as I concentrate only on Fundamentals and concepts that remain true over time when discussing Stock ideas during valuation exercises

…he said I had also rewarded him with some books because he had solved some teasers and interacted well…..his Bank too had benefited as he had recommended Great Eastern Shipping for the Bank’s Portfolio after we had broken up this company into Shipping and Offshore verticals to value it….said the bank made Rs 80 lakhs profit on this ! because of his recommendation and based on the discussion in class that build up his confidence and conviction in the scrip….we plan to meet soon to explore if we can translate this into a professional advisory and training relationship

…..really touched by his call….Training and sharing whatever knowledge is a passion…and such calls makes it all the more worth it…in fact just recently finished sessions over three days to Income Tax Commissioners from all over India….this was the fourth occassion in two years that I have been invited to inaugurate and close the three days Equity sessions with them…..the Chief called me into his room  to put on record his appreciation….felt the effort was worth it…felt warm…you know how Income Tax Commissioners are so difficult to please !

Of course the common query remains “Which Stocks ?”…I have sounded a warning that if my recommendations go wrong,then my email is wrong !

Cheers !

Just saw ‘Blue’ late late show last night….Lara is like Wow! Sanjay Dutt is like Ow!

Just saw ‘Blue’ late late night show…Lara is like Wow ! Sanjay Dutt is like Ow!….misfit in more ways than one…while the ohers are fit as in fit !…however not much depth in the movie…not even underwater !

I bet all of you are going to see it anyway !..and if you’re  a multiplex buff then bunk office and go for the matinee show where the tickets are the cheapest ! or else you’ll feel shorted!

Lovely Lara at lovely locales in the Bahamas…the passionate  beach scene with Sanjay and her is very sensously and ‘bluefully’ shot… one of my friends quipped “It’s going to be my first and last ‘blue’ movie that I watch with my kids !”……but do send your kids out for popcorn when the passion unfolds on the screen…..just hold down your expectations despite all the hype that preceded the release and you’ll probably enjoy the movie better than I did….it could have been an edge of the seat thriller…sadly it’s quite predictable and some of the storyline pretty implausible

‘Blue’ is not a Blue Chip !….and don’t go responding to this blog querying what’s a guy like me commenting on Bollywood’s ‘Blue’ instead of Bourse’s ‘Blue Chips’ !….Come on Yaar ! Lara provides the break from Larsen and LIC Housing Finance !

Cheers !

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