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December 3, 2012

Sahara Group desperately looking in vain for ‘Sahara’ from the Supreme Court !

Sahara Group desperately looking for ‘Sahara’ !

Our Supreme Court has already passed an order that two of the Sahara Group Companies must return Rs 27000 crs to the Investors by November 30,2012 ~ SEBI had refused to accept tonnes of documents in several truckloads  from the Sahara Group and had approached  the Apex Cpurt for complaining against the Sahara Group for contempt of Court in not adhering to the Court Order ~ Last week SEBI and SAT also refused to accept the payorder of Rs 5120 crs prompting Sahara to move the Apex Court for relief and they yet again positioned themselves aggressively against SEBI

The Apex Court simply refused to listed to the Sahara Group’s new appeal ,saying it had no merit ! ~ it also questioned the intentions of the group and said it could send them to Jail but it was more concerned with the Repayments being made to the Common Man who had invested in the Group ~ Leading Lawyers representing the Sahara Group were cut down to size by an exasperated Supreme Court Judge !

Just the Other Day I was really amused at the two full pages of  Explanatory Advertisement in the Times of India by the Sahara Group ~ They claimed they had a healthy Balance Sheet with enough Assets to cover all Liabilities  ! ~ they further even boasted of huge figures of potential earnings from their Property Assets once they are developed !

A Simple Question then to the Sahara Group !

Why don’t you sell off a small part of your Assets & Properties,even in undeveloped stage to pay off Rs 27000 crs to the Investors as directed by the Apex Court ?  

For the sake of countless Investors ,I Hope we are not going to see a Black Hole and another ‘Satyam’ like Story emerging where on stricter examination and due diligence we find the Assets simply don’t match up to the Liabilities !  ~ and that many of the Investors shown on records simply don’t exist !

Clearly Sahara Group was worried that SEBI was making moves to attached their properties…yet, don’t know who advised the Sahara Group first to put out such an ad in the Times of India just before the Supreme Court agreed to hear it’s appeal today ! and second  who drafted and worded it the way it was ! ~ In my humble view this effort to influence will backfire on the group……also what will,is them endorsing cricketers and bollywood celebrities and sponsoring Cricket in a big way ~ One cannot buy Credibility like this !

Sahara Group has to tell the Supreme Court tomorrow whether it can pay Rs 27000 crs inside a week to the Investors….Hope it ‘can’ or else a ‘can’ of worms may just open out ! read more

Delta Corp is flying in December ! Up @ 5% to Rs 81 + ~ a word of gambling caution for retail dabblers!!! ~ it has crash landed before!!!

Delta Corp is flying  in December ! Up @ 5% to Rs 81 .50 + with Volumes of  near  Two and a half  Million on BSE and over Six Million ! on NSE at trading close !

Condescending Operators  in Mumbai and Singapore driving up or hyping up the scrip yet again with friends from the media obliging !?

A Word of  Gambling Caution for Retail dabblers !!! who inevitably,if history repeats itself, will be at the vulnerable end ~ Delta has crash landed before !!!

Check out Fundamentals and have realistic growth assumptions and understand the risks before dabbling in Delta

Last December 2011 it began at Rs 70 and closed the month and Year 2011  lower at Rs 55 !

In December 2010 it began at Rs 120+ and closed month and Year 2010 lower at Rs 106 !  after having speculatively raced ahead from Rs 35 levels in July 2010 to reach  highs of Rs 141+ intra day on November 11 and 12,2010 with crazy volumes of 20 million and 10 million respectively on these two days on BSE and 41+ million and near 25 Million on NSE !


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