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January 2013

Serbian Novak Djokovic and Belarusian Victoria Azarenka come from a set down to retain their Australian Open Tennis Titles

Novak Djokovic of  Serbia just won the Australian Open Tennis Championship beating Andy Murray of UK in four sets 6-7,7-6,6-3,6-2~ losing the first in a tie break and then taking the next three ~his third consecutive Australian Open Title and four in all

Yesterday Victoria Azarenka of Belarus  also came from a set down and  retained her  Australian Open Tennis Title and World Ranking 1 beating China’s Li Na 4-6,6-4,6-3

What a Week gone by…Davos on the Decline ~ Singer Janaki refuses the Padma Bhushan ~Sonia Gandhi promises Anna Hazare the Jan Lokpal Bill ~ 26/11 Mumbai mastermind David Headley avoids the Death Sentence ~ French Minister calls Steel Baron Lakhsmi Mittal a blackmailer and liar ! ~ Ashis Nandy creates controversy at the Jaipur Literary Fest

What a Week gone by…the comments in red alongside the event are my views

~ Davos on the Decline ~ Think Tank or Thrash Tank ! ~ it’s always been more a media hype and nation propaganda and self delusion trip for Indian politicians and ministers and businessmen and media personnel visiting there ~ they are the hallowed privileged few !~rest of us Indians are ordinary !  

~ South Singer S Janaki refuses the Padma Bhushan ~ You’ve made a Good point because it has come too late in your illustrious 55 year singing career though you hold no grudge against the government ~but do you think the Government really cares what you think !

~ Sonia Gandhi promises Anna Hazare the Jan Lokpal Bill in the next parliament session ~ Wow !  We believe her ! anyone taking bets that’s it’s going to be the Congress version  with hurdles put in place to protect the PM and Senior cabinet leaders and even Bureaucrats and not make CBI an autonomous and accountable apex investigative agency and have political rulers influence the Selection of the the Chairman of Lokpal!

~US Court sentences mastermind of Mumbai terror Attack 26/11 ,David Coleman Headley to 35 years in prison under a plea bargain which allowed him to escape the death sentence ~ India is up in arm as the US has rejected India’s extradition request for Headley so he be tried in India and in all probability receive the death sentence ~ what were our political masters in new Delhi doing when a plea bargain was being cropped up months before in USA!? ~ clearly India knew what this meant and should have strongly objected to it then and sustained the intensity ~ clearly India has compromised in favor of US Interests,in the illusion that it will also benefit India,  and it would not have been for the first time ! ~ remember the Indo US Nuclear Deals that were managed through the Parliament a few years ago and the FDI in  Multi brand Retail that is being pushed through now that has even our Apex Court requiring the Government to provide an affidavit that the livelihood of small retail traders in India will not be affected !  ~ and one more point ! ~ you really think Delhi cares about Mumbai and what happened here 26/11 !~ we are suffering from the Diplomacy plague ~ it should be all about thinking twice and yet not saying a word ! ~ instead we have Diplomats who either say nothing or have bouts of verbal diarrhea but never think before doing so !   

~ French Minister for Industrial recovery,Arnaud Montebourg,accuses Indian Steel Baron,Lakshmi Mittal as a liar and a blackmailer after he announces closure of six steel mills in Belgium and says in the end he will not honour his committments ~Not a great fan of Mr Lakshmi Mittal myself,Mr Montebourg for just these reasons ~ world of difference between him and, let’s say ,our Tata (Steel) Chairman Emeritus, Ratan Tata ~ Business should not always be guided by the Profit Principle ~ People are ‘Assets’ not ‘Liabilities’ ~ and there are humane ways to go about inevitable closures and slow downs…     read more

A few Closing Inspiring Glimpses of the Grand Republic Day Parade this morning in New Delhi

A few Closing Inspiring Glimpses of the Grand Republic Day Parade this morning in New Delhi

Even at 50 I look forward to be inspired by the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi that showcases our great and vibrant Democracy in all it’s glory

One Deep Reflection that saddens my mind unfailingly every year this day……

Why is it that our Youth ~ especially the Urban Young~ are not likewise enthused ! ?  ~ It’s not that I’m living in the Past ! ~ and they are our Future !

Jai Hind !


What a Congress Irony ~ Gaining Independence with Swadeshi in 1942 & Losing Independence with Videshi in 2012 !

Congress Irony ~ Swadeshi in 1942 and Videshi in 2012 !

What an Ironic Perspective & Twist in the Congress Stance  !

~ Gaining Independence with Swadeshi in 1942  and now Losing Independence with Videshi in 2012 !

~ Were Wearing Khadi and Swearing for Swadeshi  ~ Now Wearing Versace and Swearing for Videshi !

Where do I stand !? ~ Well I drink all ~ Limbu Paani & Coconut Water & Filter Coffee ~ Coke & Pepsi & Starbucks Coffee !

Inspiring Prema Jayakumar ~ Topping CA against Odds ~ Her Father Drives an Autorickshaw in Mumbai ~ What Drives her !?

Against Odds ~ CA Topper Prema Jayakumar

Inspiring Mumbaikar Prema Jayakumar ~ Topping CA against Odds ~ Her Father Drives an Autorickshaw in Mumbai ~ What Drives her !? 

She’s an amazing and  awesome Role Model to many from humble backgrounds who not only aspire to dream and become Big but also strive to equip themselves with the  sought after qualifications to do so  ~ she never let a small 300 sq ft house be a hurdle or stumbling point ~ she had a single minded focus to clear the  Chartered Accountancy Examinations in her first attempt ~ she topped them ! ~ where only a handful percentage of those who appear get through!

You don’t let Circumstances create you ~ you create Circumstances !

Well Done Prema ! ~ May you fulfill more dreams and accomplish whatever you set out to do and achieve greater heights while reaching out for them…you are inspiring many to follow your path already

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