What a lovely Voting Day !

😆 What a lovely Voting Day !….from conversing with Common Citizens to the ex Governor of Odisha !

😥  ……though the day began tinged with some sadness as a close friend lost her father early morning and I, though shaved and bathed for that fresh clean look, deferred Voting till afternoon and rushed to the Shivaji Park Electric Crematorium

🙂 …my 18 year old daughter was voting for the first time and she eagerly did so in the morning itself

I returned ,bathed again for that fresh clean look again

🙄 …..enquired with my Thursday Dhobi about his Children and why he had not gone to his Village this summer like he always does….he said he had allocated his savings for his son’s NIIT Computer Class which cost Rs 150000 but would cost him Rs 60000 in monthly instalments of Rs 8000 as he had shown them his Caste Certificate…he did not have the Monies to go home this summer….he asked for a glass of water saying this was the fourth house today and at each he had drunk a glass of water as it was really hot in Mumbai….Instead I made him some Iced Tea and he loved it !

😐 ….then left for my Polling Booth and Voted at @ 1.30 pm….Another elderly gentleman with a walking stick went straight ahead of the queue and was rightly allowed to vote immediately…..When my turn came ,I graciously offered a senior lady  sitting at the entrance to the polling booth,who could not walk and found it difficult to even stand in the queue,to go ahead of me to vote,but was quite rudely told by another senior citizen couple behind me that she was not in queue like them and why should she go ahead !…I even graciously told this couple they could go ahead of me but they were adamant that they will go only after me !…the lady,not wanting to create a scene, sat down again at the entrance with me shaking my head in annoyance !….It was Seniors v/s Seniors situation !…how intolerant and impatient our society has become …and there were @ 20 in the queue who witnessed this including Ronnie Screwala of UTV and Walt Disney fame and his wife…..not all seniors deserve graciousness ,especially if they are demanding and display intolerant,  critical and bickering behaviour

🙂 …..was chatting with the polling agent who checked my credentials …when I enquired how was the Voter turnout  he told me 400 had already voted before me of the 1000 Voters registered on their list for that Room in the Polling Booth….Actually I was the 387th Voter….Wow ! that’s nearly 40% already by 1.30 pm and they were expecting it to go over 60% by end today…In 2009 the Voter turnout was @ 40% and even at this Booth it had taken just 5 minutes then…today it took me half an hour….More Voter turnout in Mumbai means a decisive vote in the six constituencies read more