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A Soul Mate other than your Spouse!

Hey ! of course  I’ve got a beautiful soulmate in my wife….. but feel blessed I’ve got another one too… a guy my age, young at 45 called MCThis guy is full of Life…his zest for it is simply infectious…. we land up in hour long teleconversations at 1 am at night…. doing 100 rounds of Tata Gardens at Breach Candy in Mumbai at 11 pm at night …without realising it and long after the Garden is officially shut…so intense and animated are we in our chat that even the watchman does not intervene!… we land up often at 2 am sprawled across arm chairs downing a peg or two… getting mentally naked with each other… sharing some great one liners and jokes…. legs on the chairs and body resting on the floor…. try it ! being upside down gives you a unique perspective on Life !… especially with Jim Morrison and the Doors playing in the background…. so what if he eats noodles with his hands at 1 am in the Willingdon pub after a fourth Beer !

We’re planning to disappear to discover the Real India !… so if there is  a break on this blog, you’ll know where I am!


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