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July 19, 2008

A Soul Mate other than your Spouse!

Hey ! of course  I’ve got a beautiful soulmate in my wife….. but feel blessed I’ve got another one too… a guy my age, young at 45 called MCThis guy is full of Life…his zest for it is simply infectious…. we land up in hour long teleconversations at 1 am at night…. doing 100 rounds of Tata Gardens at Breach Candy in Mumbai at 11 pm at night …without realising it and long after the Garden is officially shut…so intense and animated are we in our chat that even the watchman does not intervene!… we land up often at 2 am sprawled across arm chairs downing a peg or two… getting mentally naked with each other… sharing some great one liners and jokes…. legs on the chairs and body resting on the floor…. try it ! being upside down gives you a unique perspective on Life !… especially with Jim Morrison and the Doors playing in the background…. so what if he eats noodles with his hands at 1 am in the Willingdon pub after a fourth Beer !

We’re planning to disappear to discover the Real India !… so if there is  a break on this blog, you’ll know where I am!

This Guy’s going to leave it all at 33 !

Over a fabulous Broccoli Soup and Brucheta for Lunch called in from“Mocambo” near my office in the Fountain Area in Mumbai I met a young 33 year old expert on Transfer Pricing and one of the youngest partners in a  leading Chartered Accountancy Firm……NM wanted to meet for an hour to discuss Investment In Stocks when he goes on a sabbatical later this year to discover his Inner Self and what Life is all about !…This Guy is out to prove Somerset Maugham was on the right track when he wrote “The Lotus Eater” 

While the Sensex gained over 500 points we gained insight into each other from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm!…both cancelling or deferring afternoon meetings…so intense were we in discussing Edward Bono and J K Rowling’s address to Harvard Graduates this year (Check it  out on a Page on this blog) that our Lunch trays were cleared only at 4.30 pm 

He insisted we meet in my office as we both are avid readers and he was keen to check out my books…I told him that my family has banned me from visting “Crossword” ! as I land up buying 20 to 30 books (Mostly on Finance,Food and “F”ilosophy ) after browsing there for two to three hours on some Sundays ! and moreover take names of titles to buy later from “Strand” which always gives a minimum discount of 20% !

Hey NM look forward to our next meeting….when Bill Gates and Warren Buffett met for the first time they had planned only a half hour meeting but landed spending the day together and forged a lifetime friendship !……we’re not them but I’m sure you get the point !


Karachi Stock Exchange : Police and paramilitary Forces called in

Bloomberg , BBC and other media reported on Thursday,July 17,2008 that Police and Paramilitary Forces ringed the Karachi Stock Exchange a day after hundreds of Investors stoned the building and shouted anti government slogans as markets fell for the fiftteenth day in a row.

In the worst losing streak in 18 years US $ 30 billion of market value was wiped off in just three months threatening to undo a 14 fold rally since 2001….The KSE 100 Index retreated 35%  to 10213 from a high of 15676 on April 18,2008 

I was just imagining if such a scenario plays out at the Jeejeebhoy Towers of the BSE in Mumbai !…Nah ! our Investors are more mature and know how to take a loss too !…on second thought do they ?!


Beijing Olympics : Secret Rehearsal of the Grand Opening Ceremony

This week CNN reported that a massive secret rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing took place….The Ceremony is scheduled for the auspicious date of 8/8/8

17000 participants took part and have been sworn to secrecy with a threat that if any leak took place the guilty would face seven years in Jail ! 

Shall we hail the Olympic Spirit ? 

G 8 Summit in Hokkaido…not so Gr8 !

From ” The Economist “ of July 12,2008

….the summit was a let-down…G 8 leaders rose to the challenges posed by the “three Fs”-food,fuel and the financial credit crunch-with platitudes

The big disappointment was over climate change…despite…Last year,Germany’s chancellor,Angela Merkel overcame the reluctance of George Bush and got the G 8 to promise to “consider seriously” cutting greenhouse emissions by at least half by 2050.This time the G 8 voved to”consider and adopt” such cuts…Mr Bush has at last committed America to a quantifiable target….

Yet the strength of the G 8’s commitment starts to crumble….even without one cynical Russian diplomat pointing out how absurd it is for today’s politicians to take responsibility for meeting goals four decades from now….The G 8 could not come up even with nearer term goals to cut emissions-say,by 2020……

Big Challenges demand strong leaders.But if Mr Fukuda is weak domestically,Mr Brown looks little better.Mr Bush is a lame, unpopular duck.Nicolas Sarkozy of France struggles to comprehend how and why his voters’ enthusiasm has evaporated

What a way to run the World says “The Economist”

From The Economist of July 5,2008

G 7 democracies plus Russia-gather in Japan to review the world economy.But what is the point of their discussing oil price without Saudi Arabia,the world’s biggest producer? or waffling about the dollar without China,which holds so many American Treasury bills? or slapping sanctions on Robert Mugabe,with no African present….

The G 8 is not the only global club that looks old and impotent.The U N Security Council has told Iran to stop enriching uranium,without much effect.The nuclear non-proliferation regime is in tatters.The International Monetary Fund(IMF),the fireman in previous financial crises,has been a bystander during the credit crunch.The World Trade Organisation’s Doha round is stuck….But as global problems proliferate and informations whips round the world ever faster,the organisational response looks ever shabbier,slower and feebler


Of course, more as an after thought really,and probably recognising that the G 8,a self appointed steering group for global problems was hardly representative of the world, the Japanese host,Prime Minister,Mr Yasuo Fukuda invited  seven national leaders from Africa and leaders of Brazil,India ,China,Mexico,South Africa,Indonesia,South Korea and Australia  

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