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BBC Fined Stg Pounds 400000 for ‘faking’ Competition Winners !…It happens in India too!

Hey ! what do you know ! The British Broadcasting Watchdog has fined BBC for ‘faking’ competition winners…It seems in 2005/6 many radio shows on BBC ran live competitions inviting listeners to participate by calling in…However the winner was predecided and there was no chance of anycaller winning at all…many of the staff were positioned as callers and the whole call in was actually prerecorded

 Let me  get you onto a secret ! It happens here in India too !….FM Broadcasters run daily live contests and believe me a friend of mine called me to say his wife’s won Rs 10000 on one of these ‘live’ contests which was yet to air!….she was approached by a RJ friend and coached to respond in a particular manner to questions and she would get,as in ‘win’, Rs 10000 !

So is anybody surprised !


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