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BOC Flares up over 20% on announcement of Delisting….blogged on this possibility earlier in January 2010…bet comes good…Look out for more MNC’s taking this route

On June 15,2010,BOC announced that they had received a proposal from their majority shareholder for voluntary delisting at a price not less than Rs 225.29….The very next day BOC zoomed to a 52 Week High of Rs 314.90…It’s Rs 286 today

Check out their detailed announcement here

On January 19,2010 I had blogged on this very possibility despite Management having vehemently denied it in the 2009 AGM…Had told you’ll to take a bet on this at Rs 218….30% to 40% gains since January 2010 would have come about…Check out the details in this earlier blog below

What’s Bubbling in BOC ?…closed at Rs 218 but after recording a 52 week high of 227….Volumes are twice the two week average

Watch this Blog for a Hint of a few more MNC Companies with higher than 75% parent holding that may opt to delist rather than comply with the dictat of diluting holding to below 75% so as to ensure a minimum 25% Public Float….One is a Pharma Company…another is in IT… and one is an engineering leader

It’s a Hot Investment Theme to Invest in MNCs that are potential candidates for delisting  

Cheers !  


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