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Wow! A Full House NSE Training Fundamental Workshop !

Wow! A Full House NSE Training Fundamental Workshop yesterday !

Seems to get bigger & better every time !

Did the first one on August 8,2015 and had blogged on it  as linked below

Interesting Interaction at the NSE Equity Fundamental Training Workshop

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Did this one too on “Interpretation of Financial Statements for Stock Analysis” under NSE’s Rapid Series at their NSE BKC Complex

@ 30 Participants,both genders aged 22 to 58 from leading Broking Firms,Corporates,Banks and even Individuals who had come on dot and stayed till 8 pm ! expecting to learn how to read financial statements and  market dynamics to assess risks and opportunities in Indian Equities

Common Question right from Manish Shah,who introduced himself  to me in the lift going up to the Class ” How are the Markets Looking “? ~ “Where will the Sensex & Nifty head in the short term”?

Had taken a Bull along ! really !…a smaller version of the Wall Street one….told the class I love four animals…Elephants (Lord Ganesha),Lions (My Zodiac Sign),Tortoise(Good Luck & of course Bulls (I’m always one!)….and you’ll always find them on my office desk !…in fact four bulls of various sizes !…and clients know my market view on simply seeing how the bulls are placed !…if facing them straight up  (↑)  as they sit across me,I’m very bullish…if slanted ( ⁄ )towards them,I’m bullish…slant inclination reveals how much !….if a horizontal view (↔ ) then indicates market will remain flat to rangebound and if the bulls face me vertically (↓ ) I’m bearish !….and slant facing me shows intensity of being bearish !

That got a few knowing laughs from the participants and set off the mood for the Workshop with humour being interspersed right through

Interacted on the Sensex Dynamics right from base year 1978 and in the last 20 years from November 1,1995 to October 30,2015 when despite nearly half of the @ 4850 trading days saw the Sensex close negatively the Sensex ran up over 650% !…but is that enough!…..the Opportunities & Threats that were clearly visible during the years right from 1991 when Modern Reforms set in to 2001 when Markets had bottomed  out on the ICE Age Melting to the Sharp drop in Interest rates from 14% to 7% in and around 2004 to post Lehman 2008 levels of 8000 in October 2008 and March 2009….showed them from current Sensex of 26657 how to assess fundamentally where we could be heading and the risks associated….discussed Passive Index Investing vs Active Investing and therefore the need for Fundamental Analysis and therefore the need to Interpret Financials & therefore the need to assess Value vs Price  & therefore this Workshop  ! read more

Interesting Interaction with Market Doyens Deenaben Mehta & Ramesh Damani

Last Evening interacted with Ramesh Damani ….glad to have caught up with him after awhile…..he presented historical evidence of Global Bull Runs where Indices have zoomed 5x and 6 x in as quick time as 5 years and the biggest of all being 21 x by Nikkei…. says we have commenced one in India from Sensex 17500 levels in August 2013

Rolling on his thought I asked him that at 28000 currently we are at only 0.6x two years down! so would he hazard a guess where we would be in a few years and would that then make even the passive Index Investing a good if not great Wealth Creation Approach for the next few years

In lighter vein he stated that he had said 50000! at a Phuket get together organised by Tata Mutual Fund and yes Index Investing would be wise too

I would say ~ Well look at it this way ! From 17500 to 28000 in two years is @ 25% CAGR on the Sensex and if we keep this up for the next three years we would have crossed 50000 by 2018…..Our Sensex has returned 17% CAGR since inception over 30 years ago though it’s performance has been lower  and erratic in lesser periods of 5 and 10 years.

Oh by the way Ramesh asserts that Direct Equity first and Index Funds next is the way to go and not Equity Schemes of  Mutual Funds….am completely in sync with him on this

His pet theme is Pharmaceuticals &  the Digital Story &  those who support E-Commerce Boom like Logistics Players….does not like PSU Banks even at Book or below…gives a thumbs up to Technology & FMCG going forward

Met Deenaben & Asitbhai Mehta too….she’s a pioneering lady in Indian Broking and  Asitbhai & her are a well respected couple in the field ….owe them at least a  great dinner now for Deenaben proclaiming among 50 present including Pradip Shah(IndAsia),Dilip Piramal(VIP) and Y Trivedi(Reliance)  that I should not be the one asking questions but instead be up there answering them on Wealth Creation through Indian Equities !

Deenaben you’re too sweet ! thank you for the lovely compliment ! hope you did not see me blush !

🙂 Her take on the Sensex going forward is quite straightforward and humorous ! “See BJP has 282 Lok Sabha Seats and multiply by 1000 we are at  28200 levels…NDA Coalition has 330 seats so I’m looking now at 33000!”….can’t argue with such funda logic !

😀 Definitely owe Deenaben & Asitbhai a lovely dinner  and before Sensex reaches 33000 !

Oh! almost forgot ! as we were leaving,a relatively young gentleman  walks up to me and says ” Sir,I’m a great fan of your blog.It’s one of the best !”…told him to interact through responses on blogposts as I could not recollect the name he gave as being one who has responded before read more

Ratan Tata ~ An Amusing Tuesday Tale ~ Who is he ? asked one who should know !

It was a Warm beginning yesterday ,Tuesday March 3,2015 with a smiling & pensive Ratan Tata as @ ten of us awaited the Lift ~ all respectfully made way for him ~ I took the next one and thus witnessed an amusing conversation between a guy from RTI who cater to Tata Offices and Tata’s Driver ~ “Who’s he? asked the RTI guy who later said he had completed 10 years in RTI and the Driver taunted and all smiled ! ” You’ve worked 10 years in RTI and don’t know this man!.Even in America every child born by the time he or she turns 5 knows who Ratan Tata is !” ~ Wow ! ~ speaks volumes for Ratan Tata ~ he commands respect even without having to take centre stage or tom tom his presence like so many not even half his stature do !

What a lovely Voting Day !

😆 What a lovely Voting Day !….from conversing with Common Citizens to the ex Governor of Odisha !

😥  ……though the day began tinged with some sadness as a close friend lost her father early morning and I, though shaved and bathed for that fresh clean look, deferred Voting till afternoon and rushed to the Shivaji Park Electric Crematorium

🙂 …my 18 year old daughter was voting for the first time and she eagerly did so in the morning itself

I returned ,bathed again for that fresh clean look again

🙄 …..enquired with my Thursday Dhobi about his Children and why he had not gone to his Village this summer like he always does….he said he had allocated his savings for his son’s NIIT Computer Class which cost Rs 150000 but would cost him Rs 60000 in monthly instalments of Rs 8000 as he had shown them his Caste Certificate…he did not have the Monies to go home this summer….he asked for a glass of water saying this was the fourth house today and at each he had drunk a glass of water as it was really hot in Mumbai….Instead I made him some Iced Tea and he loved it !

😐 ….then left for my Polling Booth and Voted at @ 1.30 pm….Another elderly gentleman with a walking stick went straight ahead of the queue and was rightly allowed to vote immediately…..When my turn came ,I graciously offered a senior lady  sitting at the entrance to the polling booth,who could not walk and found it difficult to even stand in the queue,to go ahead of me to vote,but was quite rudely told by another senior citizen couple behind me that she was not in queue like them and why should she go ahead !…I even graciously told this couple they could go ahead of me but they were adamant that they will go only after me !…the lady,not wanting to create a scene, sat down again at the entrance with me shaking my head in annoyance !….It was Seniors v/s Seniors situation !…how intolerant and impatient our society has become …and there were @ 20 in the queue who witnessed this including Ronnie Screwala of UTV and Walt Disney fame and his wife…..not all seniors deserve graciousness ,especially if they are demanding and display intolerant,  critical and bickering behaviour

🙂 …..was chatting with the polling agent who checked my credentials …when I enquired how was the Voter turnout  he told me 400 had already voted before me of the 1000 Voters registered on their list for that Room in the Polling Booth….Actually I was the 387th Voter….Wow ! that’s nearly 40% already by 1.30 pm and they were expecting it to go over 60% by end today…In 2009 the Voter turnout was @ 40% and even at this Booth it had taken just 5 minutes then…today it took me half an hour….More Voter turnout in Mumbai means a decisive vote in the six constituencies read more

Lovely Meditation Session led by Bhooma Krishnan


Meditation Group at Bhooma Krishnan's(Standing 4th from Left) Residence on the evening of Wednesday,November 20,2013

Had a wonderful Meditation Session at Bhooma Krishnan’s Residence this evening ~ grateful for Friend Keshav Harlalka insisting I must attend as she is great at leading a Meditation Session and this would be her last session in Mumbai  as I learnt she moves Residence  to Bangalore after her Husband’s Two Year Mumbai stint

After my recent Heart Issue,Deep Breathing and Meditation has to become a regular part of my Daily Routine and this is why I said “Yes” to Keshav that I would come along this evening

I fully concur with Keshav that Bhooma does lead a Meditation Session rather well

We were  just 14 of us including the adorable Cirius Black~ a Seven Year old cross breed between a Boxer and a Cocker Spaniel !

Bhooma led the Meditation beautifully for an hour guiding us to visualise our Soul Star a foot above our Head and an Octahedron Star in the middle of our Forehead and focus with strength on it as we absorb Energies from Both Directions :

  • Visualise that there is a Tube within us goes deep down into Mother Earth through which we take in the Energy through our Toes upward through our various Chakras and  right upto our Soul Star through the Octahedron
  • Feel and absorb the Energy from the Sun down through our Soul Star and Octahedron Star and down into Mother Earth through our Throat,Heart and Solar Plexus and Toes

Then to feel simultaneously Energies from both Directions converging into our Octahedron Star and emitting these out through it as pulse lights

She showed us how to feel that Blossoming Flower in our Heart ~ Normally my favourite is the Sunflower but this evening I felt the fragrance and the blossom of a beautiful Pink Rose in my Heart ! ~ and how the Divine Blessings Flow through our Namaste and how we pass on this to each and every one of our Loved ones without judgement or criticism ~ just unconditional love and energy and Divine Blessings being passed on

She guided us to exhale all our negatives out and inhale positive Energies and feel them flow through every pore and part of our body

I felt relaxed and was breathing well although felt a pressure pull in the middle of my Forehead where I was visualising my Octahedron Star ~ I instantly recalled years ago when my Wife, fresh from Reiki Training, had actually opened out my ‘Chakras’ beautifully and I was in a state of  ecstacy and tranquility and balance at the same time

We ended the Session with 21 chants of the Gayatri mantra and three Chants of the Sai mantra

I then gifted Bhooma a Box of Almond Rock Chocolates ~ these are made by my Wife under her Brand of ‘Nags Chocs’ ~ and Bhooma in a spontaneous and gracious gesture opened it and passed it around to all and complimented that the Chocolate was really good,stating that she had planned to get some Mithai but had not been able to do so for this last session and see how these Chocolates simply came and made up ! read more

Hilarious Saturday Night Laugh Riot with Stand Up Comedian Rohan Joshi !

It was a Fantabulous and Hilarious Saturday Night Laugh Riot with Stand Up Comedian Rohan Joshi at the Club ! He simply brought the house down with his Laugh -a -second Act and made ‘Bakras’ of my Wife and me as we were the Goats with Friend Goats sitting in the Front Row ! ~ and we enjoyed it ! ~ more so as it was Free for Members !

The Comedy Act Night began just past 8 pm on the Main Club Lawns last night and we wished it could have gone on past 10.15 pm !

Amol Ranadive was the Introducer but quite an entertaining Stand Up himself….picked on two old men in the second row who both said they were retired and one was a Tailor before Retirement ~ “How did a Tailor get this Club’s Membership !?”wondered Ranadive aloud ~ and then he picked on me ! ” You Sir don’t look retired !” and I responded “I too am retired !” and the House laughed  …“He’s messing with me !” complained Ranadive….Of course he refused to let me have the last word ! and I told him I was a an Equity Advisor and Trainer ~ he asked if I worked at  Goldman Sachs to which I said they were too downmarket ! No ‘Gold’ in them any longer and I headed my own JV ~ It was then that my Friend came in late and she walked across the Stage to come sit with us and Ranadive  did not spare her ~ politely asked her if he could get her a drink or anything …even a Watch !

Then came on Aditi Mittal ~ she is a Friend of the Friends who were with us ~ she was Warm and Good in parts with her Ms India Jokes saving her Act where they give Titles for anything these days and all Contestants return with Gifts and the Judges too are not of any stature ….She’s from the Suburbs and clearly seemed to have a Complex on South Mumbai which was expressed more than once 

Then Amol Ranadive once again did a few minutes of his own hilarity before introducing the Nights’s Star Rohan Joshi

Believe me Rohan Joshi is truly a superb Stand Up Comedian ~ A Class Act which you should make a point to go see when an Opportunity beckons and enjoy ~I’ve never seen my Wife laughing like this with even Tears streaming down her face !  ~ this last happened when she married me and made me a ‘bakra’ 25 years ago !

Rohan’s repertoire spread from Politics to the Uttrakhand Floods to Religion  to Sex to the IPL and to  how we Indians have screwed the English Language and are the World’s worst Travellers and even not sparing the Tele Advertising and Children Serials on TV and even Automated Parking Tolls and Shoe Shops read more

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