RIP Tarla Dalal ~ The Mother of Indian Vegetarian Cooking passed away at 77

RIP Tarla Dalal

RIP Tarla Dalal ~ The Mother of Indian Vegetarian Cooking and a Legend passed away at 77 yesterday early morning reportedly after suffering a Heart Attack

My Wife simply loves her Cookbooks and has stacked so many of them and when in mood refers to them to rustle up a tasty Vegetarian Dish or Two for the Family and is always looking forward to her new and contemporary releases

Both of us are on her website’s email service and regularly receive delightful emails with mouthwatering Photos highlighting some superb recipes and what’s new in Starters and Soup and Mocktail Drinks and Health Food and links to her Videos that actually demonstrate how to make the Recipe

Tarla Dalal was on our Club’s Catering Committee and thanks to her passion and hands on support the Club boasts of even a Surti and Gujarati Menu today ~ In fact at the Club’s Annual Day the Menu was so lovely and extensive and included a particular Vegetarian Dish like Undhiyu that I particularly relished….Later the Chairman told me that it was Tarla Dalal who insisted to have it on the Menu despite facing reluctance from the Club Chefs as it was a laborious Dish to make and needed fresh ingredients and meticulous peeling and preparation~ and she personally supervised the making of it in the Club’s Kitchen ! ~ That was the passion for Vegetarian Cooking that Tarla Dalal had ! and this was all Honorary Work too for the Club

She was a regular at the Club and I believe her Son,Sanjay, handles her Website Subscription and Cook Book Sales Business

Though I did not know her personally, my Wife did through her Cookbooks ! and I actually told Tarla Dalal once at the Club that my Wife was a great Fan of hers !~She was delighted to hear this and my impression of her will always stay as a Humble Lady with no Arrogance despite her Popularity ~ Friendly and Smiling and Accessible at all times ~ and a deserving Padma Shri Awardee in 2007

My Late Mother had told me that in the 1970’s and 1980’s before Tarla Dalal became really famous and a Household Name, at the Club when a particular Veg Dish was made that Tarla Dalal liked ,she used to actually try  figure out it’s ingredients,often by deliberately spreading the Dish out all over the plate and tasting each ingredient separately  and even often asked the Chef how it was made so she could experiment making it herself ,with or without modification, to be included later as a recipe in her Cookbooks !

My Mom herself was a good cook and had a similar early story to Tarla Dalal in a way ~ When she married my Dad in 1959 and cooked for him the first time,all my Dad said was ” If this is the way you Cook,I think we should eat out !” ~ she took it on as a challenge and learnt to cook Gujarati Food quite well ~ she passed away in 2007 ~would have been 79 this year read more

Just Back from a Quantum Gazing Session with Connie Shaw through Skype

Just Back from a Quantum Gazing Session with Connie Shaw through Skype

Had accepted an Invitation from a close friend,a great devotee and believer in late Sai Baba of Puttaparthi ~ in fact has done his schooling there ~ he  was concerned about my recent health and had requested me to attend such a session at a residence of  another Sai Devotee ~ there were 40 of us and it was our first introduction to Quantum Gazing ~ Wife,daughter and Friend had accompanied me

We were seated by 6.30 pm in the gracious host’s house .The Session began at 7 pm with  a  20 minute Video Presentation on People expressing their personal beneficial experience with Gazing and on the various Masters of Light ~ Divine Humans,Gods,Saints and Angels

Then  we connected Live with Connie Shaw and her husband Jim on Skype ~ They spoke about Quantum Gazing interspersing with experiences of real people ~ Connie declared at the outset she was no Guru or Mystic ~ just like all of us ,a conduit ~ She currently reaches out to 6000 people in around 82 groups around the world

We had been requested to come with three to four specific intentions that we desired to change in our lives ~ Health,Relationships,Finances etc  ~ we were asked to lift our shoulders to our ears while breathing in deeply and then exhale to feel the warmth going through to our heart ~ did this a few times ~ then we were directed  to close our eyes and let float our specific intentions we had come with and no longer worry about them ~ then open our eyes gradually and gaze at Connie…..we did this for several minutes and were then asked if any of us would like to share what we felt after the gaze….some felt warmth….some saw God….I told her that I was  recovering from a Heart Attack and was in hospital even last week and felt breathless at times and the doctors were concerned about why this was happening~ gazing at her I sensed a serenity in her that transferred to me and eased my breath ~ an instant awe went up in all as I revealed this ~ Connie instantly told me not to worry about the doctors concerns ~ discard the negatives ~God is with me and my Heart will be taken care of ~ always be positive and look for the good to create more good ~ she spoke of ‘Atma’ and ‘Shakti’ and ‘Darshan’ ~ like the tide when it rises will raise the boat levels ,so will our spirits be lifted with quantum gazing and many of us will become magnets attracting others who like being around and with us….just like besides a waterfall or the fireside ! read more

Phillipe Starck ! ~ Wanna Shake Your Creative Hand & Touch Your Passionate Mind !

Phillipe Starck ! ~ Wanna Shake Your Hand ! 

Read this French Creative Genuis Product & Project Designer’s Interview in the latest HBR

Hey Phillipe ! ~ admire your creative genius and passion and  that you live for what you stand for ! ~ Living Life on Your Terms !~treading that path myself… 

Some quotable extracts

  •  I don’t use my energy on other people. I just work and read. I live with myself in front of my white page
  • But from the 15th of June to the 15th of September, I live completely secluded, locked in one of my houses, working from 8 in the morning to 8 at night, or making my own biorhythm: work three hours, sleep 45 minutes, work three hours, sleep 45 minutes, for 24 hours, without eating. It’s a little sick. But I’m like Dr. Faust. I signed a contract with the devil to sell my life for creativity
  • I never collaborate—not because I don’t like other people but because I am not able to do it. I’m one of the fastest organic computers on the market, but I need to be alone
  • I am a lonely guy—earnest, rigorous, an incredible worker—and I just make what I can, how I can, when I can
  • My way is to not delegate. I design everything very precisely, so when I give my team a project, nothing is in doubt. They receive it completely finished; there is nothing to do except crystallize it: put it on the computer—because I work with only paper and pen—and make the prototype. Then I see the prototype, and I check everything. I’m sort of a control freak. I have a very, very precise idea: the shape, the weight, the texture, the cost. And until an engineer explains to me that for technical reasons there is a problem, I don’t change a thing. Of course, if there is a real technical problem, I do change. I come back home, alone, and naked in my bedroom where I work, I redo it. I have no problem with that. But I don’t accept it if somebody tells me: “Oh, you did it in pink, but my wife prefers green.” I say, “I’m sorry. I’m not your wife. You pay me for my know-how. If I think it has to be pink, it’s pink, and here’s why.” I explain the difference between pink and green, and all the types of pinks and all the types of green, because I know my job
  • I have very few people—a nanoteam—because I believe in staying as light as possible. Creativity is something light. Some people I’ve had for 30 years, and I chose them first just by intuition. I love something inside them. They might have no background in design, but they have an intelligence, elegance, honesty. I just took on a new guy I met on the sidewalk. He came up and said, “Mr. Starck, can I shake your hand?” like a thousand people every day. But I got a feeling. I said, “What do you do?” He said, “I’m an architect.” I said, “Come tomorrow to my office and we can speak.” And I gave him a project worth $1 billion without checking if he was good or not
  • I manage by absence. I go to the office two, three days a month, and those are the worst days for me. So the people on my team do what they want, when they want, but the results have to be perfect, crystal perfect. I cannot accept laziness or something that is not intelligent or any type of delay. If we say we will deliver a project on the 20th at 5 PM, on the 20th at 5 PM we shall blow the minds of the people we’re presenting to
  • First, ethics. Thirty years ago, when ethics was not so fashionable, I decided that I wouldn’t work for weapons, alcohol, cigarette, tobacco, gambling, or oil companies or religious organizations. That’s a hard position to take, because it’s a big group, and they’re the people with the money to buy you—to buy your virginity. You can’t imagine how much money I’ve lost because of it. But I shall not change. Second, the project has to be good not just for me and the client but also for the final user. When you work for that human profit, you will have success. Third, I have to fall in love with the client. If you want beautiful children, the parents must be in love
  • read more

    Robin Sharma and his actionable 62 Tips to get unstuck in 2013

    I was born in 19-62 and so these 62 Tips by Robin Sharma have some connect ! ~ I had the great fortune to meet up with him in Mumbai a few years ago

    I’m sure you too,like me, would already be living some of these tips already ~ add those that you don’t, as I plan to, and simply kickstart an energetic and fulfilling 2013 ~ Like I already Live No 6 in Office ! and I plan to Live No 38 in it’s full essence !

    With the Motivating 'Monk' Robin Sharma in Mumbai

    62 Tips to Get Unstuck in 2013 ~Robin Sharma

    Author of the #1 Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”
    I’m amped to do everything in my power to help you kickstart 2013 strong so you install superb habits of the mind, body and behavior.
    Today is all about 62 quick, actionable and unforgettable tips that will move you to break free of old patterns, stop being the victim and leap into high gear to get your giant goals done.

    1. Believe in your vision and gifts when no one else believes in your vision and gifts.
    2. Start your day with 20 minutes of exercise.
    3. Make excellence your way of being (versus a once in a while event).
    4. Be on time (bonus points: be early).
    5. Be a celebrator of other’s talents versus a critic.
    6. Stop watching TV. (Bonus points: sell your tv and invest the cash in learning and self-education).
    7. Finish what you start.
    8. Remember that your diet affects your moods so eat like an athlete.
    9. Spend an hour a day without stimulation (no phone+no FaceBook+no noise).
    10. Release the energy vampires from your life. They are destroying your performance.
    11. Write in a journal every morning. And record gratitude every night.
    12. Do work that scares you (if you’re not uncomfortable often, you’re not growing very much).
    13. Make the choice to let go of your past. It’s dusty history. And polluting your future.
    14. Commit to being “Mozart-Level Good” at your work.
    15. Smile more (and tell your face).
    16. Do a collage filled with images of your ideal life. Look at it once a day for focus and inspiration.
    17. Plan your week on a schedule (clarity is the DNA of mastery).
    18. Stop gossiping (average people love gossip; exceptional people adore ideas).
    19. Read “As You Think”.
    20. Read “The Go-Getter”.
    21. Don’t just parent your kids–develop them.
    22. Remember that victims are frightened by change. And leaders grow inspired by it.
    23. Start taking daily supplements to stay in peak health.
    24. Clean out any form of “victimspeak” in your vocabulary and start running the language of leadership and possibility.
    25. Do a nature walk at least once a week. It’ll renew you (you can’t inspire others if you’re depleted yourself).
    26. Take on projects no one else will take on. Set goals no one else will do.
    27. Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable at least once every 7 days.
    28. Say “sorry” when you know you should say “sorry”.
    29. Say “please” and “thank you” a lot.
    30. Remember that to double your income, triple your investment in learning, coaching and self-education.
    31. Dream big but start now.
    32. Achieve 5 little goals each day (“The Daily 5 Concept” I shared in “The Leader Who Had No Title” that has transformed the lives of so many). In 12 months this habit will produce 1850 little goals–which will amount to a massive transformation.
    33. Write handwritten thank you notes to your customers, teammates and family members.
    34. Be slow to criticize and fast to praise.
    35. Read Walter Isaacson’s amazing biography on Steve Jobs.
    36. Give your customers 10X the value they pay for (“The 10X Value Obsession”).
    37. Use the first 90 minutes of your work day only on value-creating activities (versus checking email or surfing the Net).
    38. Breathe.
    39. Keep your promises.
    40. Remember that ordinary people talk about their goals. Leaders get them done. With speed.
    41. Watch the inspirational documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”.
    42. Know that a problem only becomes a problem when you choose to see it as a problem.
    43. Brain tattoo the fact that all work is a chance to change the world.
    44. Watch the amazing movie “The Intouchables”.
    45. Remember that every person you meet has a story to tell, a lesson to teach and a dream to do.
    46. Risk being rejected. All of the great ones do.
    47. Spend more time in art galleries. Art inspires, stimulates creativity and pushes boundaries.
    48. Read a book a week, invest in a course every month and attend a workshop every quarter.
    49. Remember that you empower what you complain about.
    50. Get to know yourself. The main reason we procrastinate on our goals is not because of external conditions; we procrastinate due to our internal beliefs. And the thing is they are stuck so deep that we don’t even know they exist. But once you do, everything changes.
    51. Read “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.
    52. Know your values. And then have the guts to live them–no matter what the crowd thinks and how the herd lives.
    53. Become the fittest person you know.
    54. Become the strongest person you know.
    55. Become the kindest person you know.
    56. Know your “Big 5″–the 5 goals you absolutely must achieve by December 31 to make this year your best yet (I teach my entire goal-achieving process, my advanced techniques on unleashing confidence and how to go from being stuck to living a life you adore in my online program “Your Absolute Best Year Yet”).
    57. Know that potential unexpressed turns to pain.
    58. Build a strong family foundation while you grow your ideal career.
    59. Stop being selfish.
    60. Give your life to a project bigger than yourself.
    61. Be thankful for your talents.
    62. Stand for iconic. Go for legendary. And make history.
    This is YOUR time. Now’s YOUR moment. Let’s do this! 🙂 read more

    PALS ~ Plants & Animal Lovers Society ~ A Labour of Love ~ Our Zoey is from there

    PALS ~ Plants & Animal Lovers Society ~ A Labour of Love

    Plants & Animal Lovers Society ~ PALS For Life

    PALS is a wonderful Labour of Love of Veterinarian Dr Silloo and her lovely Team…..Earlier this week I had visited their Colaba Clinic in Mumbai…It’s a non descript Clinic…cluttered and quite small that it’s easy to trip over both Dogs and Owners and shelves and benches!….just a Hop Skip and Jump away from the Taj Mahal Hotel and Gateway of India…

    Top Model Zoey in the PALS Calendar of 2010

    Zoey,my daughter’s Three Year Old Dog was overdue for a check up…Three Years ago we had adopted Zoey from PALS itself ….It was a passionate desire of daughter and she was being rewarded for excelling in School and extracurricular…Zoey was a stray and needed a Home… a mixed Breed with Labrador Blood….Cute two month old Puppy in 2009 when daughter set eyes on her and said ‘She’s the one I want!’ …PALS later featured her in their 2010 Calendar as above

    Zoey captured the Bean Bag !

    The Living Room Bean Bag became Zoey’s…Only hers !…we tried recapturing it in Vain !

    Now she’s outgrown it and is into more Worldly Matters as you can see !…reading the Morning Newspapers  with me !

    Zoey reading the Morning Newspapers to stay abreast with Current Affairs

    …and she loves it when taken for a Drive…head out of the Window to take in the Wind !…get’s her smiling always like below !….just as it does when several children pat her and play with her

    A Smiling Zoey

    Cut back to the Colaba Clinic Visit

    At the Clinic,there was a steady stream of all kinds of Dogs and Owners …Well Heeled with their rich pedigree American Collier or the huge shaggy Bear size New Foundland to the Common Man with adopted street dogs….There was no Preferential Treatment….It was a First come First Serve…..and it was truly heart warming to see the love and affection the elderly  Dr Silloo gave each and every Dog…it was like a Mother tending to her Flock !….only a True Lover of Animals can be so Loving….she was petting each Dog fondly and talking to them as she treated them…they were like putty in her tender hands…no half Treatment or hurrying up on Treatment because other Dogs were waiting and one or two owners throwing a little weight around…we were there for an hour and a half…humane…and she even took calls in between to tackle emergencies…one was a call from Bengaluru !

    ….could not help thinking how it is with us Humans !…At Our Hospitals and Doctors Clinic,more often than not the scene is quite the contrary…preferential treatment and service to the monied…apathy to most others !…ironically we,humans treat our own kind as animals !…..just a month ago a poor man lost his wife,injured in an accident,  after a leading Mumbai Hospital refused to admit her as he could not deposit the required Rs 25000 !….From Morning to Evening he ran from one Hospital to another and it was several hours before he was able to admit her….the delay turned out fatal as his wife succumbed  to her injuries read more

    What a Tuesday !..some Tales of it…..

    Tuesday Tale No 1

    Have you ever been extended an invitation on Sunday evening for a Tuesday Dinner by Close Friends?…and you land up at their Residence on Tuesday and find the Hosts had simply forgotten about their Invite ! ?

    It happened to us yesterday…My Wife and I were invited by really close friends for Dinner…just the four of us at their Residence…..we were told to come by 9.30 pm…Social Etiquette meant we reach by 9.45 pm…we did with our small Gift..a Box of Chocolate Cookies …only to find the Hostess in her Night Gown and simply no trace of the Host….she was so embarrased….we could either have got mad or laugh it off……we chose to do the latter…we gave the Cookies and quickly exited !…The Hostess told us that she had told her Husband Host to remind her in the Morning for the Dinner and he had forgotten and so had she !

    Normally we don’t accept weekday dinner invites as Work Days could be tiring….and as it gets late into the Night,the next day begins with yawns!…and and especially with these friends the night would have gone past 1 am…probably 2 am as Dinner too is served at Midnight! !…they had invited for the weekend but as this was not possible we confirmed for Tuesday night….we had accepted as we had not met them for quite a while and  either they or us  were travelling or had other commitments and they were insisting that we meet and we are close friends!  

    …Their Forgetting turned out to be a blessing in two ways……..The First was that we completed in the morning itself our Tuesday Religious Ritual of visiting the SiddhiVinayak Temple and St Anthony and Infant Jesus Shrine…in recent past our tight day schedule has meant doing this routine tired and sleepy past 11 pm in the night

    ……The second is that we yet had to have Dinner,so we rushed to catch the last order at 10.30 pm for Dinner at the Club and it turned out to be heavenly…and as usual great value for Money…I’ve been telling Wife to shut our Kitchen and just eat at the Club!…Rs 26 for the Soup of the Day…a wholesome Spinach and Corn Thick Soup served with hot crosissants with Butter chiplets on the side…Rs 57 for half portion of one of the Main Choices for the day and that can be shared easily by two….A Tasty Subz Hyderabadi that was Paneer,peas,corn,beans and carrots etc in a Green Gravy served with Rice (you could opt for Naan instead),Pickles,Salad and Roasted Papad…Wife preferred a Continental Choice for Rs 135 that she swooned over…Herbed Rice with a Fabulous Stew cooked in a rich brown non spicy gravy with Fresh Thyme and other herbs served with Boiled Vegetables as an accompaniment….washed down by her with a Coke with Ice,rather Ice with Coke (as she fills up the Glass with over Ten Ice Cubes and then pours the Coke !) for Rs 20 and by me with a Draught Beer for Rs 35….there were just a few tables occupied in the Dining Room on a Tuesday Night…so the service was very attentive….we skipped Dessert of the Day…a Blueberry Cheesecake or Fresh Orange IceCream…both below Rs 50….wonder how the Club,with all it’s Overheads, can afford such lovely low Pricing !…Good for us !  read more