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Had warned on Arshiya at Rs 125 ~ it’s now Rs 22! ~ Now have warned Clients of another Big One !

Arshiya has sunk to Rs 22 ! ~ had warned on this Company at Rs 125  in the first week of January 2013 on this blog  and company website

Outlook Business’ latest edition  for the fortnight ending March 30,2013 in an extensive three page article on Arshiya’s woes  covers my above warning on Page 68 not to invest in Arshiya International and my reasons for this despite some big guys recommending it ,one of which even had it as top 5 buys of 2013!

Now  have warned Clients of another Big One despite strong buy recommendations currently being made by house ‘experts’ on leading stock channels and their web portals !

This is a well known company and it has raised corporate governance issues for seemingly having diverted huge share gains to promoter’s private company ~ minority shareholders be damned !



5 thoughts on “Had warned on Arshiya at Rs 125 ~ it’s now Rs 22! ~ Now have warned Clients of another Big One !”

  1. Thanks Bhaskar for the link ~ the promoter of this company I have now warned about has written a book and also a year or two ago fell out with his co-promoter on the way to run one of his company…recently sold out too one of his controversial IPO Company ~and while researching that came up with a shocking chain of pre sale events that involved sale of shares held by one of his promoted listed company in his company that he sold ~ the pre sale was made to a private company of his at a low price just a month or two before the same shares were hawked off at 60% gains of @ Rs 150 crs….gains that should have accrued to his listed company that originally held as promoter the shares of the sold company !…..Confused !? ~ the way the deals were structured you were meant not to know or if you did question you would probably not connect to the reason why this was done ! ~ it was done to seemingly fund the non performing exposure of over Rs 170 crs on Deccan Chronicles and another company that was assigned out of the sold company,probably as a pre condition for the sale to a leading overseas Private Equity Group…..

  2. Hey Krishan that a cool ‘ani’ string that you coined !
    Let me warn you they don’t care for or believe in you either ! ~ as I’ve cried out in the blogpost “minority shareholders be damned !” ~ So Krishan just go play a Happy Holi with your Radha !

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