Had warned on Arshiya at Rs 125 ~ it’s now Rs 22! ~ Now have warned Clients of another Big One !

Arshiya has sunk to Rs 22 ! ~ had warned on this Company at Rs 125  in the first week of January 2013 on this blog  and company website www.jsalphaa.com

Outlook Business’ latest edition  for the fortnight ending March 30,2013 in an extensive three page article on Arshiya’s woes  covers my above warning on Page 68 not to invest in Arshiya International and my reasons for this despite some big guys recommending it ,one of which even had it as top 5 buys of 2013!

Now  have warned Clients of another Big One despite strong buy recommendations currently being made by house ‘experts’ on leading stock channels and their web portals !

This is a well known company and it has raised corporate governance issues for seemingly having diverted huge share gains to promoter’s private company ~ minority shareholders be damned !