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Hey ! was invited to a Private Sale Preview of GIORGIO ARMANI for Men…90% Discount !…The Products were a Fake!

I had received a a Special Black & Red Invite to admit Two to a Private Sale Review of GIORGIO ARMANI Menswear being offered at 90% Discounts along with Cheese and Wine

The Venue was at the First Floor Hall of Joss Restaurant at Kala Ghoda in South Mumbai…Normally this Hall is given out only for Banquet Functions…Been there several times when a close Friend celebrated his 50th Birthday and BSE Training hosted Dinner for International Participants in a Training Programme

Did not know that Khambhatta of Joss now rents out this for other purposes too !…Recession Talking perhaps ! 

The Invitation warned that the Preview would run from 10 am to 10 pm,for only three days from Sunday,January 18,2009 to Tuesday,January 20,2009

The Invite claimed that Suits for US $ 7000 to US $  10000……that’s Rs 3.5 lakhs to Rs 5 Lakhs were on Offer for just Rs 9999 and Shirts priced normally at US $ 400 to US $ 700…that’s Rs 20000 to Rs 35000 were being offered at just Rs 1299…Jackets,Leather Jackets,Trousers and Jeans too were being offered at heavy discounts  

What saved me from checking this out was that the Roads were closed till Afternoon on Sunday due to the Mumbai Marathon

The Products were all fake…Though the Invite stated that Visa and Mastercard will be accepted,it seems no Bills were issued…Times of India reveals this ‘fake’ Products Preview and the Indian from Dubai who was behind this  

The World Famous Brands in Clothes,Bags,Electronics,Pens and Watches all face this scourge of ‘Fake’ Products being sold around the World…Often it is difficult to detect the ‘Fake’ from the Original and this ‘Fakes’ Industry is a thriving one round the world…I’m sure your email has been spammed by offers of Brands at heavy discounts…Most are ‘Fakes’…Oh! some are honest in stating that they are ‘Look alikes’ as good as the Original….Status Conscious Buyers who cannot afford the Original are the Target Market for Genuine ‘Fakes’ Offers !


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