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“In India, companies may fall sick, but promoters rarely do!”

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In India,Companies may fall Sick but Promoters rarely do !

Check my header on the Home Page ! The Title of this Blog is also on it .

This Morning was reading the Lifestyle supplement of a Morning Newspaper, which keeps on proclaiming they will never compromise on the Truth…..Came across a Page 3 ” Industrialist” describing how beautiful his Family Holiday in a Greek Island had been.At whose cost !?…This Guy had to find political support to save his skin as he and his group and associates have defaulted on Hundreds of Crores and are battling Legal Cases

My clients and I have been his victim too and perhaps that’s the bias of this Blog

Still holding some of the worthless shares of his four listed companies which are no longer listed !

One used to sell Chickens ! and rumour has it he used to barter these chickens with a Leading Hotel Chain to finally settle his dues for all the  parties he hosted !…The Capital Markets and the Pharma Companies do not even exist at their registered address !…and in the Flagship Company that was supposed to be”Flying High” this guy quietly and quickly sold off his promoter stake to another and quickly collected the Cheque and literally orphaned his “Baby”  and all his shareholders who trusted him  

Shareholders in all his companies have seen complete erosion of their Wealth and this guy simply put his hands up and is now working for someone else!His Community trusted him and looked upon him as a shepherd who will tend to his flock..they say he turned out to be a Black Sheep 

“Damn” him…..It’s not just a Pun !…He must remember that Page 3 is not just for Celebrities…It’s for Crime too…you’ve sucked us all big time !


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