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“In India, companies may fall sick, but promoters rarely do!”

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Day: August 15, 2008

Boxer Akhil Kumar just won against the World Champion at the Olympics!

Fantastic ! just seconds ago our Boxer,Akhil Kumar beat the World Champion,Sergey Vodopyanov in the Round of 16 in the 54 kgs Bantamweight Bout at the Beijing Olympics

The score was tied at 9 all in the four rounds of two minutes each and Akhil Kumar never lead in the bout…Judges ruled him the Winner and the Russian could not believe it…was desolate…was crying….refused to shake hands…it was a phenomenal bout and felt like 1.1 billion Indians were punching the Russian…Akhil Kumar had stated that Dreams are not those that we get when we sleep…but those that don’t let us sleep !

Four Years ago at the Athens Olympics,Akhil Kumar had come in 17th in the Flyweight Category 

Come on Akhil Kumar !…now you’re in the round of 8…just one more win and your’e atleast assured of a Bronze !…I know you are Going For Gold ! We could see that Intensity in your Eyes in today’s Bout…Go Get It ! 

In India,Companies may fall Sick but Promoters rarely do !

Check my header on the Home Page ! The Title of this Blog is also on it .

This Morning was reading the Lifestyle supplement of a Morning Newspaper, which keeps on proclaiming they will never compromise on the Truth…..Came across a Page 3 ” Industrialist” describing how beautiful his Family Holiday in a Greek Island had been.At whose cost !?…This Guy had to find political support to save his skin as he and his group and associates have defaulted on Hundreds of Crores and are battling Legal Cases

My clients and I have been his victim too and perhaps that’s the bias of this Blog

Still holding some of the worthless shares of his four listed companies which are no longer listed !

One used to sell Chickens ! and rumour has it he used to barter these chickens with a Leading Hotel Chain to finally settle his dues for all the  parties he hosted !…The Capital Markets and the Pharma Companies do not even exist at their registered address !…and in the Flagship Company that was supposed to be”Flying High” this guy quietly and quickly sold off his promoter stake to another and quickly collected the Cheque and literally orphaned his “Baby”  and all his shareholders who trusted him  

Shareholders in all his companies have seen complete erosion of their Wealth and this guy simply put his hands up and is now working for someone else!His Community trusted him and looked upon him as a shepherd who will tend to his flock..they say he turned out to be a Black Sheep 

“Damn” him…..It’s not just a Pun !…He must remember that Page 3 is not just for Celebrities…It’s for Crime too…you’ve sucked us all big time !

Mera Bharat Mahaan !

Mera Bharat Mahaan !

Get up on Swiss Time…Shave with Gillette…..bathe with an English Soap…..have a Kellogs Breakfast..with English Tea in Chinese Cups….Macdonalds for Lunch with Coca Cola….View Beijing Olympics and the American Swimmer Michael Phelps win a record Sixth Gold on a Korean TV…Communicate on a Nokia Mobile from Finland…….Wear Levis  and Arrow ….depend on Funds from USA to revive our Stock Markets…..Blog from a Japanese Laptop…… 

But at Heart and Soul and Mind always a Proud and Patriotic Indian …. Sang Patriotic Songs loudly on karaoke after Midnight at a “huge Family Do”…..Recited Indian Religious Mantras and Prayed to Indian Gods….tucked in a very hearty Indian Spread that included Vegetable Biryani,Paneer Makhanwala,Shrikhand and Batawada…. celebrated “Raksha Bandhan” too at the “do” where Sisters and Cousin Sisters tied “Rakhi’s” on my wrist and I promised to protect them…….Needed the Morning dose of “Lage Raho Munnabhai ” and Gandhigiri being broadcast on Television 

Mera Bharat Mahaan !

Happy Independence Day : Salute the Real Indian!

India celeberates it’s 61st Independence Day today… wishing all a Truly Great Independence Day

Yet could not help wondering how we Indians create Icons….. there are so many unheralded Indians who are quietly doing their work to lift our Poor…. living away in the Interiors with Villagers and Tribals for years, away from Urban Life

It was therefore with great warmth when I read, in todays edition of the Times of India, about the Ramon Magsaysay Award Winners for Community Leadership, Prakash and Mandakini Amte.

What is truly heartwarming is that this doctor couple has now spend nearly 35 years with the  Madia Gond Tribe around Hemalkasia Village in Maharashtra’s underprivileged Gadchiroli district

Says Mandakini Amte, ” India still lacks the real passion for social work”

Their children studied with the tribals…the Village had no electricity and no phones… after moving away for higher education, the children have joined their parents in their work 

We salute all of you

I strongly echo the strong words of Mrs Isaac,the Principal of Cathedral School at Speech Day where Honours Students were awarded their Certificates and Prizes… she strongly urged students to disregard and ignore what was trivial and farcical and that which had no depth… strongly against the ease and tendency of all of us creating  “Celebrity” Icons.. especially of Film Stars

Just the other night my associate and me were at a upscale Chinese Eatery at Bandra,Mumbai having a quiet dinner after an Important Meeting which ended very late at night…. In walked a hot young film star and his star parents… all part of one of India’s Big “Filmy” Family …. they were surely making their presence felt…. This new kid on the block is already a super star earning in crores even though his first Film was a flop… his second film releases today !… nothing against him though ! he’s confident and has got that “ada”…probably in his genes …just that we tend to make him an icon too soon….. I asked my Twelve year Old Daughter early next morning at 6 am,  when I was sweet talked by her into dropping seven of her Team for Football practise, whether she would have liked me to get the autograph of this young new Film star… “Whatever for !? ” she replied.. Atta Girl !  

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