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Karachi Stock Exchange : Police and paramilitary Forces called in

Bloomberg , BBC and other media reported on Thursday,July 17,2008 that Police and Paramilitary Forces ringed the Karachi Stock Exchange a day after hundreds of Investors stoned the building and shouted anti government slogans as markets fell for the fiftteenth day in a row.

In the worst losing streak in 18 years US $ 30 billion of market value was wiped off in just three months threatening to undo a 14 fold rally since 2001….The KSE 100 Index retreated 35%  to 10213 from a high of 15676 on April 18,2008 

I was just imagining if such a scenario plays out at the Jeejeebhoy Towers of the BSE in Mumbai !…Nah ! our Investors are more mature and know how to take a loss too !…on second thought do they ?!



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