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Keep the Faith ! ~ My sister-in-law did ! ~Meaningful Coincidences ! ~ Synchronicity !

Keep the Faith ! ~ My sister-in-law did !

Meaningful Coincidences ! ~ Synchronicity !

Here’s what just happened this morning !

My sister-in-law ( Wife’s elder sister)  left  day before on Tuesday evening to return to Dubai ~ She forgot her laptop after it had cleared Baggage Scanner in the Security Check ~ Two days of Frantic Follow up with the Mumbai Airport was all in vain ~ Till this Morning !

She got back her Laptop in Dubai this morning !

Here’s what had happened !

After clearing security  at Mumbai Airport she had proceeded to board unmindful that she had forgotten her laptop at security ~ an acquaintance from Dubai,travelling on another flight to Dubai and who had cleared security after her overheard the Security Personnel mentioning my sister-in-law’s name as labelled on the laptop.She asked them why and they told her about the laptop.She requested them to give it to her for returning it to my sister-in-law as she knew her  and on being asked for surety she showed my sister-in-law’s name and number on her mobile phone to them .They trusted her instantly and gave her the laptop to carry to Dubai !

Keep the Faith & be Positive is what my sister-in-law had expressed just last night that her laptop would return to her

Wow !

Brought to my mind what I had blogged in 2011 on a personal experience too on meaningful coincidences and Synchronicity,a term coined first by Carl Jung & brilliantly expressed as the first of nine insights  by Author James Redfield in his Book ‘ The Celestine Prophecy’

Here’s the May 2011 blogpost

‘Synchronicity’….Carl Jung coined it to stand for ‘Meaningful Coincidences’….James Redfield used it to introduce his ‘First Insight’ as being aware of ‘Chance Coincidences’…..and I keep experiencing it !

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Keep the Faith !


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