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‘Synchronicity’….Carl Jung coined it to stand for ‘Meaningful Coincidences’….James Redfield used it to introduce his ‘First Insight’ as being aware of ‘Chance Coincidences’…..and I keep experiencing it !

‘Synchronicity’….Carl Jung coined it to stand for ‘Meaningful Coincidences’….James Redfield used it to introduce his ‘First Insight’ as being aware of ‘Chance Coincidences’…..and I keep experiencing it !

How many times your Dreams or Thoughts are immediately followed by an exact Reality ?

How often are you thinking of a person you have not met for years and as if on cue he or she calls you or crosses the Road ahead ?

How often you desire or covet or need something badly and have no idea how to get it….impossible or improbable  it seems at that moment….and you get it ! ?

These are all instances of ‘Synchronicity’ or Meaningful Coincidences……means you are in the Flow……A Force or Spirit at work guiding these to happen

…and I’ve been repeatedly experiencing  this……

On Saturday morning I passed Chunabhatti an eastern suburb of Mumbai and not my daily route….rarely go past …..and an elderly NRI ex Client from Kuwait flashed through my mind….when in Mumbai he resides at his house  in Chunabhatti and we have not been in touch for the past three years as 2008 was a bad year for Markets and I had some difficulty in urging clients to have the patience and conviction of our selections… we had positioned his Equity Portfolio beautifully to surge on recovery…..over 40 % of the portfolio was in Sesa Goa at ex bonus and ex split Rs 165…and it had fallen to less than Rs 70 in October 2008 !…..but he did hold this selection as I learnt today…read below    

Then yesterday,Monday evening wife asked what should the Cook make for Dinner…would Vegetable Biryani be alright ?…she does make this rather well so I mumbled ‘Alright’…..while it was being cooked  and despite  the lovely aroma of Long grained Basmati Rice and the strong flavours of well cooked Cauliflower and Potatoes and other Vegetables,I felt something was missing…..Ah ! it was absence of some Spanish Saffron ! or Kesar !…..we did not have any stock of it….and the same NRI Client from Kuwait flashed through my mind !….he had gifted me four boxes of Spanish Saffron  over three years ago !

And Guess what !?…..he called today !….had come to Mumbai on a medical emergency and asked me to pray for him as he had undergone a critical bypass surgery as there were seven blockages !….is now recovering and wants to meet up with me !….and tells me that he sold 9000 shares of Sesa Goa at Rs 430 and yet has 19000 left  !…price is just a shade below Rs 300 today…so what should he do…can he buy at this price ? he inquired……..told him I was so happy he made great monies on our Scrip Sesa Goa and congratulated him for having the conviction and temperament to hold on to it…….. that ‘Health is Wealth’ for him now and he should focus on his full and fast recovery from the bypass…….. Sesa Goa will come and Go !

He is going to be here for the rest of May……Plan to meet up with him for Tea…… in the flow……and that’s a positive

Have any of you experienced ‘Synchronicity’ ?….do share your experiences….believe me these are not mere coincidences !…there is a Spirit guiding these events to happen….even an Intuition is a type of Synchronicity…… 

You want to empower your thinking some more on these lines read James Redfield’s ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ where he introduces his First Nine Insights of which ‘Syncrhonicity’ is the First

Cheers !     



6 thoughts on “‘Synchronicity’….Carl Jung coined it to stand for ‘Meaningful Coincidences’….James Redfield used it to introduce his ‘First Insight’ as being aware of ‘Chance Coincidences’…..and I keep experiencing it !”

  1. Very true Gaurav. I too have felt it at times. One good thing about you is, you never advertize about your services on your blog. It’s little surprising since you are a professional. So, the question, what does it take to become your client. If it’s confidential do drop me a mail at my id 🙂
    My profile: Am not a big shot 🙂 but hope to build a decent portfolio over a period of time.


  2. For the past 18 months, I have consistently reconnected with old friends on Facebook and elsewhere. The process works like his : I think of one of them and wonder aloud where he is. Nobody in my circle of friends seems to be in touch. Suddenly the guy comes back into circulation through some obscure source after 20 odd years !

    It has happened way too often to be mere coincidences.

    These are all new jargon – “Synchronicity”, “Chaos Theory”, “Butterfly Effect”, “Six degrees of Separation” etc but we Indians have known it all long – Its all Karma !

  3. Dear Gaurav. I enjoyed reading this piece very much. In recent times, I have been trying to look at certain patterns in nature that follow the principle of synchronicity as inspiration to resolve certain engineering problems. By teh way, I recommend a book by Steven Strogatz titled “Sync – The emerging science of spontaneous order”.
    There is so much more happening than we are aware of …

  4. Gaurav, this one is one of my favorite topics ….it just remids me of this dialogue from Shah ruk Khan starer Om Shanti Om ” Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko agar dil se chaho to saari kayanath tumhe usse milane ki koshish me lag jaati hai..”

  5. Also,,, was reading an interesting article of ” Mental Accounting” in times of India Bangalore edition…Somehow I was relating that article to human behavior in stock market …Simple example I would like to give here . how painful is that we feel to sell a stock at price below our purchase prices. even though we know for sure at heart that switch to a diff stock with same money ..we can recover more in the same time frame compared to waiting for that stock to appreciate above our purchase price…

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