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January 7, 2013

Krishan this one is for you ~ Arshiya International at Rs 125

Krishan this one is for you ~ Arshiya International at Rs 125

Have put it on Scrip Watch on our website ~ Check it out

I’m having some difficulty in accepting that Arshiya with a networth of @ Rs 550 crs and ROCE of @ 10% and a Market Cap of under Rs 800 crs  and a relatively high Debt Equity is executing Warehousing Projects of  Thousands of Crs

It has just recently amalgamated both it’s wholly owned subsidiaries into itself

52 Week High/Low is Rs 171 and Rs 111 and so is available towards it’s Lows

My Network tells me it is being hyped up by a few known punters,one of them who sits in Singapore and is irritatingly loud and over assertive at times as if except for him ,all of us are fools !

Kept it on Scrip Watch

Yes for Yes Bank after doubling inside a year to a New High of @ Rs 500 !? ~ Nishant this one is for you…..

Nishant this one is for you…..

Yes for Yes Bank after doubling inside a year to a New High of @ Rs 500 !?.

Check out the Detailed Coverage of Yes Bank on Scrip Watch on our website 

The Bank’s on a great Share Price Momentum  and has doubled inside  a year ~ It’s got ambitious deposit and advances targets by FY 15 that should see Operations scale up significantly ~ With a Market Cap of just under Rs 18000 crs it is twice that of Federal Bank and a a shade behind IndusInd Bank ~ Both,Kotak Mahindra and Yes Bank began operations  together,being the only two banks to get the banking license in the private sector  a decade ago ~ Both have clocked a FY 12 PAT in and around Rs 1000 crs but Kotak Mahindra ‘s Market Cap has raced away to near Rs 50000 crs and it has been a huge wealth creator with very high relative earnings and assets valuations

So one way to look at Yes Bank is that can play catch-up with Kotak Mahindra Bank ~ Another cautious approach is to be wary of the High Valuations and there is is no hint of any non linear earnings growth in the short term ~ in fact newer private banks are scheduled to come in soon and competition should be tight even though the landscape is widening~ but financial inclusion may be a government and RBI objective but it is not really a money spinner for the banks

Kept it on Scrip Watch

Mom would have been 79 today ! Miss you Mom !

Mom ~ A Lively Spirited Life Full of Vitality & Verve

Mom would have been 79 today ! ~ She passed away in August 2007 after a brief illness  and Nine years after Dad passed away in June 1998

We All Miss you Mom ! ~ You were Strong and fiercely protective of all of us ~ You left us with a rich legacy of  Faith and Trust and Family Bonding ~ every evening we light the Diya and Pray to God  just as you did ~ and every day the realisation grows stronger of what you kept asserting every single day that what matters is only the Atma  or Soul

A verse comes to life  of ‘Atmasiddhi’ penned by Jain Seer,  Srimad Rajchandra who you recognised to be your guru ~ we too bow before him every single day

`Ätmä Chhe’, `Te Nitya Chhe’, `Chhe Kartä Nijkarma’; `Chhe Bhoktä’, Vali ‘Moksha Chhe’, ` Moksha Upäy Sudharma’.

Soul exists, it is eternal, it is Kartä of its own Karma, it bears the consequences, also there is liberation and the means of liberation constitute true religion.

We really miss Mom !….. Love you dearly……no one makes our favourite food like you did Mom with your loving hands…….dal dhokli and dhokla and pudla and daano puri and panodi and…..can feel your loving hand blessing us

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