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Learnt ‘Filibuster’ and ‘Pusillanimous’ whilst reading on Mugabe of Zimbabwe

I just love reading write ups in ‘The Economist’…for two reasons really….For One,they always present a comprehensive yet concise and rational viewpoint on Issues and secondly I learn a lot of words

Take this write up for instance in their July 26,2008 edition on Pages 20 and 22  where ‘The Economist’ agrees on Morgan Tsvangirai,Opposition Leader agreeing to talk with current and controversial  Head of Zimbabwe,Robert Mugabe to try and bring about normalcy in Zimbabwe….Inflation runs at Millions of Percent and state sponsored violence has seen hundreds being killed and thousands been tortured and jailed  

I learnt two words…

‘Filibuster’…means Prolonged Speech which obstructs progress in a law making assembly…It’s used in context to  a suggestion that Tsvangirai should walk away from the Talk if Mugabe cheats and filibusters

‘Pusillanimous’…means Lacking Courage and in the article refers to many African nations who had not raised a stink on Mugabe’s terror regime but may be turning against him now but yet remain pusillanimous 


2 thoughts on “Learnt ‘Filibuster’ and ‘Pusillanimous’ whilst reading on Mugabe of Zimbabwe”

  1. lol.. its easy to misinterpret where the origin of the word “Pusillanimous” comes from! Its actually latin for “small spirit”..

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