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M Square who’s anything but a square!

You got to get to know this Lady….MM….let’s call her M Square…..she’s been a part of the Bombay Stock Exchange Circuit for Donkeys years….she’s not a Broker….but knows most of them…atleast the ones’ that matter…..trades in and out all the time…an addict you might call her…cries when she loses…cries even more when she has to pay taxes…handles her own portfolio…nobody elses

Her passion for stocks supersedes all other passions,including those she may feel for her husband and kids…….she’s more Sensitive than our Sensex !…..I thinks it must run in her genes…she’s been brought up in one big joint family and in a commercial environment, as a big mill owner’s daughter…”Those were the days” she reminisces  

At Two in the night she’s online and initiating a chat with me saying “What’s Up ?” and I tell her to go to sleep promising that the Sensex would be Up the next Day…We’re always popping up on MSN during Market Hours exchanging stock notes and research and how our kids are faring in school…both our daughters are in the same division…same class and same school

She’s more into Technical Analysis and reads Stock and Index charts all the time…I’m not into  it at all…More a Fundamental Guy

She’s street smart and her Instincts are very sharp…she can smell a winner before it becomes one…..”I told you so !” is her common refrain when I don’t heed her call…and when she herself does not heed her own call or instinct she utters ” I’m sooooo stupid…I’m an Idiot…a fool !  ” 

Her Network is very strong…all “Bhais”…no “Behens”….she’s an ace at keeping these “Bhais” at arms length…some of them are “Big Bhais” in our Capital Markets….after all this is the line where you work hard and play hard…she’s especially get’s hot when she inquires ” What’s Hot?” and expects a Stock’s name and I reply “You!” 

She prefers stocks to shaking a leg while her husband,who’s a great guy, loves partying…he’s promised to take me instead of her to happening do’s…he’s invited regularly to quite a few Page 3 events…he’s in a top position in a top ad group..I’ve told him I would prefer “do’s” where I can have some intelligent conversation…he’s not yet taken me !   

She never talks shop when we’re chatting even when I’m trying to “de-addict” her if you call it that when I try to veer away from stocks….Awhile ago I did succeed in breaking through her Stock barrier where she  revealed her creative side…she emailed me two poems she had written in English…here’s One of them….if it’s not below it means she’s asked me to remove it from this blog and I would have done so to respect her creative privacy

In dark nights

Silence speaks

The words not uttered

Linger amidst the arch of the brow

A kiss lies quiet on the moonlit bed

The hours

Are not afraid to pass on

By the windows



The heat of summer fading


Lovers sleeping

Their breaths mingled with each other


The heart is not quiet

It searches its own picture

In the past


The present

Climbs steps one by one


Reaching further onto long roads

With some flowers along the side


Some blooming,


Some yet budding


Some withered and forgone


Long roads

Silent words

Dark nights

Dormant emotions


The hands of the sky are empty

Even when the stars are plenty

The clouds do not echo

Their voice


Silence speaks

The words not uttered

Do they always go unheard?


On long roads

In dark nights


The need of love


Like seasons

Without the need of reasons


Is never right or wrong

It’s like

A beautiful song

That lives

On and on

In the hearts

Of those

Who long

To belong


To love………..



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