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News X Channel just showed a Protest Rally in New Delhi… Did you notice that all the Indian Flags were being carried upside down with the Green Band on Top ! by Thousands of Azamgarh Protestors !

Thousands of Muslim Men and Boys have come down to New Delhi  from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh to protest against labelling their youth from Azamgarh as terrorists

I was at first inspired to see them in Indian solidarity by carrying many Indian Flags…. till i was shocked when I noticed that ALL the Flags were being carried upside down with the Green Band on Top !

This is an Insult to our Indian Flag and I sincerely hope that this was an inadvertent mistake by these Men from Azamgarh and not a deliberate act on their part… but, as Indians, should they not know our Flag !?

They have a Six Point Memorandum that they want to hand over to the Home Minister and urge him not to round up Azamgarh Youths as  suspected terrorists and to give a  fair trial to those in custody and compensation to those acquited


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