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Popular Annual Strand Book Stall Sale ~ upto 80% Discounts ! ~Another Ongoing Sale on BSE & NSE ! ~ Government rushing through PSU Disinvestment

Both on  Sale currently ~ Wealth of Mind & Wealth of Monies !

The Popular Annual Strand Book Stall Sale is on at Sunderbai Hall in South Mumbai  ~ upto 80% Discounts !

Another Ongoing Sale of Low Caps & Midcaps on BSE & NSE !!! ~ February Shivers !

Weighted Large Caps being Managed to prop Sensex & Nifty to prop Sentiment to facilitate PSU Disinvestments before March 31,2013 ! Oil India auction gets Rs 3k crs ~ NTPC opening tomorrow for Rs 13k crs ! ~ Target is Rs 30k crs this month and next

No Bets for who is being directed to bid and buy heavily in these Disinvestment Exercise ! ~ LIC ! ~ so it’s transfer of a percentage of Ownership by the Government in one PSU to just another !

A Clueless Government when asked “Mere Paas Maa Hai ! Tere Paas Kya Hai !” replied  “Mere Paas LIC Hai!”

Last Year in March 2012,the Government frantically got LIC and SBI to bid last minute in the ONGC auction to save face

ONGC 5% Stake Disinvestment ~ Government’s ‘On The Road’ Campaign with LIC the Sole Listener !


LIC the Sole Listener & Forced Bidder at Government PSU Disinvestment Auctions



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