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Day: February 7, 2013

Kingfisher Airlines @ Rs 11.75 gasping for Breath !

Kingfisher Airlines @ Rs 11.75 gasping for Breath !

Have blogged several times on KFA right from 2008 cautioning Investors on the risks ~ Search Engine will throw up all these posts

Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) bleeds some more~wonder how it’s yet holding above par at Rs 11.75 ! thus being Valued by the Market at just under Rs 1000 crs ! though Debt and Accumulated Loss is at Rs 10000 crs !

Yet the Financial Statements have been prepared as a GOING CONCERN 

 Need a Miracle for KFA to fly again ! ~ Who would like to take over KFA ! ? ~ it has now just a few planes to fly ~ but no permit to fly~ Debt and Loss of Rs 10000 crs !~ Even with FDI being allowed in Aviation ,it would be simpler and easier for a new Entrant to simply start a New Airline than to try to revive KFA

 Am intrigued that yet 230000 + Shareholders have the conviction to hold KFA Shares ~ there is yet an opportunity to exit at Rs 11.75 ~ unless of course they insist to hold an aggressive appetite and love Kingfisher ~ the Man ~ His Beer ~ and his Airline ! ~ as long as they are aware of the Risks involved in holding this Conviction ! ~ Remember Global Trust Bank (GTB) Fiasco ~ allowed to trade on BSE and NSE despite it being a lost cause ~ then one fine day trading was stopped and one’s holding was simply obliterated overnight from one’s demat account as the bank ceased to exist ! with RBI intervening and allowing Oriental Bank of Commerce to take over only it’s assets

KFA Shareholders be warned that KFA may just go the GTB way !  

Fixing in Football ~ Horse Racing ~ Cricket ~ Cycling ~ Tennis ~ Olympics ~ Libor ~Stock Markets !?

Fixing in Football ~ Horse Racing ~ Cricket  ~ Cycling ~ Tennis ~ OlympicsLibor Rate

What about Stock Market Fixing !? ~ Nah ! It’s a rhetoric question !

Just Like when Footballers deliberately lose Matches ~Just Like when Horses are not allowed to run on Merit by the Jockeys ~ Just Like Spot Fixing in Cricket ~Just Like Steroids and Banned Drugs being taken by Competitors across Sports  for that  Unfair Advantage ~Just Like Tennis players throw matches for money~  Just like Olympic Athletes dope to outperform and win medals ~ Just Like influencing Libor Rate Setting to take leveraged profitable positions on consequent trends

So it is in Stock Exchanges  for that Unfair Advantage ! ~ Insider Trading ~ Stocks being allowed to run beyond merit ~Selective Punishment ~ Circular Trading ~Biased IPO Gradings ~ High Frequency Trading making a mockery of Research & Fairplay

ABBA Song says it all :

“I wouldn’t have to work at all, I’d fool around and have a ball…

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man’s world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man’s world “

Till you’re caught ,that is !

Popular Annual Strand Book Stall Sale ~ upto 80% Discounts ! ~Another Ongoing Sale on BSE & NSE ! ~ Government rushing through PSU Disinvestment

Both on  Sale currently ~ Wealth of Mind & Wealth of Monies !

The Popular Annual Strand Book Stall Sale is on at Sunderbai Hall in South Mumbai  ~ upto 80% Discounts !

Another Ongoing Sale of Low Caps & Midcaps on BSE & NSE !!! ~ February Shivers !

Weighted Large Caps being Managed to prop Sensex & Nifty to prop Sentiment to facilitate PSU Disinvestments before March 31,2013 ! Oil India auction gets Rs 3k crs ~ NTPC opening tomorrow for Rs 13k crs ! ~ Target is Rs 30k crs this month and next

No Bets for who is being directed to bid and buy heavily in these Disinvestment Exercise ! ~ LIC ! ~ so it’s transfer of a percentage of Ownership by the Government in one PSU to just another !

A Clueless Government when asked “Mere Paas Maa Hai ! Tere Paas Kya Hai !” replied  “Mere Paas LIC Hai!”

Last Year in March 2012,the Government frantically got LIC and SBI to bid last minute in the ONGC auction to save face

ONGC 5% Stake Disinvestment ~ Government’s ‘On The Road’ Campaign with LIC the Sole Listener !


LIC the Sole Listener & Forced Bidder at Government PSU Disinvestment Auctions


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