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President of the USA,Obama declares after taking Oath of Office ” We are Ready to lead once more !”



With over 2 million people assembled on National Mall in Washington to witness in person the Swearing in of Barack Obama as the 44th President of USA and with a record 1.3 billion people,over 20% of the World’s population, watching it Live in over 240 countries round the world,Obama declared :


We all know how good an orator,Obama is and yesterday he demonstrated this yet again in a Twenty minute Address without once referring to any written statement….Others who spoke for shorter durations were referring or even reading out

In light of Unprecedented Domestic and Overseas Challenges that USA is facing and battling to overcome,Obama’s Speech was eagerly awaited and his every utterance is being viewed as a metaphor and linked to his take on how these challenges will be dealt by him  

Interestingly Obama became the President even before he took the Oath !…This was because the Ceremonies were delayed by minutes and as per the 20th Amendment of the US Constitution he becomes the President at Noon Eastern Time…At Noon he was yet a few minutes away from taking the oath !

And when he did take the Oath,there was yet another minor flutter…when the 35 word Oath Giver,accidently,probably overwhelmed by the occasion, transposed the word ‘faithfully’ at the end of a sentence when it actually occurred earlier…so when Obama, who knew the Oath by heart,had to repeat the sentence,he paused and chuckled for a second because he sensed this mistake…it was remedied 

Some interesting phrases or the like of it in his speech that got my attention are as below :

  • The nation cannot prosper alone if it only serves the prosperous
  • We are ready to lead once more
  • You cannot outlast us.We will defeat you   ( addressed to those who take up violent acts against USA)
  • Challenges are Real…They are serious and may not be met easily…But they will be Met !
  • We failed to make Hard Choices
  • Time to make unpleasant decisions has already passed
  • Pick ourselves up,Dust ourselves to rebuild America
  • Excessive Use of Energy that only benefits our Adversaries…we will harness the Sun,Wind and Soil to fuel our Cars…..
  • The Time has Come….
  • New Era of Responsibility
  • We will not apologise for Our way of Life
  • For those who gain Power through Corruption and Deceit and quell dissent,you are on the wrong side of history…yet we will extend our Hand if you are willing to unclench your Fist
  • When we were tested…we did not let the Journey end….and delivered this Great Gift of Freedom safely to Future Generations
  • We will move away from Pettiness and Vindictiveness and Childishness in Politics

Obama is committed to return Iraq to the Iraqi People and withdraw US Troops from Iraq and also close down the controversial Guantanomo Bay Detaining Centre.He is set to work hard for Peace in Afghanistan.He will work towards reducing the possibility of use of Nuclear weapons and also address the Global Warming Issue.

He has warned the US Senate that if his proposed US $ 825 Billion Economic measures Package is rejected,there will be more chaos in the US Economy 

His focus is on Taxing Capital and Consumption…In Global Recession Times like these,such moves will meet heavy resistance and may be viewed as short sighted measures

As Mr and Mrs Obama danced away at the Inaugural ball,the Dow danced it’s way down 4% to drop below 8000 to close at 7949 as moods on Wall Street and Washington clashed yet once again as it sunk in that there will not be increased Government Spending to revive the Economy and Banks,many tottering on Insolvency,will have to recapitalise and not expect more bailouts.

What’s the alternative but to Hope that Obama Delivers a Miracle !…he was ‘mindful’ of the challenges and did realistically confess that the revival may take many years and only if Hard decisions are taken and Americans needed to pick themselves up and shake off the dust

This is going to be really tough for a nation that’s led by excessive Consumption and wastage and where only recently the Savings rate turned positive…only just !…for years Americans were spending more than they earned !

“Freedom” is a great Ideal,both in Spirit and Substance…but it being taken for granted without assuming Responsibility and therefore leading to it’s misuse leads to depleting the Nation’s Resources and Weakening the Economy

Obama may just be the ‘Change’ that America drastically needs…There is no other alternative but to “Chose Hope over Fear ” as Obama makes a point in his address.

Let’s give Obama a Chance and some time…Reviving USA is his immediate focus…but in doing so he will help the World too to revive.


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