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Raging Fire at Old Mantralaya in Mumbai from 2.30 pm ~ People Trapped and Rescue On

Raging Fire at Old Mantralaya in Mumbai from 2.30 pm  ~ it’s nearing 4.30 pm now and yet many People are Trapped and Rescue is  On  ~ Fire apparently began due to a short wire on the Fourth Floor and spread to the fifth and sixth floor ~ It yet rages on ~Many People are trapped and the Rescue is On ~ Many have rushed to the Terrace ~ Opposition Parties have already began to accuse of deliberate sabotage to destroy crucial Files and records that pertain to scams like Adarsh Housing Society !  ~ Live Media Visuals lend support to this  accusation as Fresh Fire is being reported from a completley different set of rooms on the sixth floor which are atleast 15 rooms away from where the fire is yet on !….What a Conspiracy Spin while the Fire yet rages on !


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