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June 21, 2012

How about a Czech v/s Greece Euro 2012 Football Final ! ~ World’s Topsy Turvy anyway !

This is the Euro 2012 Football QF Draw ~ All matches on Neo Prime  at 12.15 am Indian Time

Thursday ,June 22
Czech Republic
Friday, June 23
Saturday,June 24
Sunday June 25
I was Hoping it would be  a  Defending Champions Spain v/s Portugal Final ! Both play entertaining and mesmerising Football ~  No wonder my fav Messi from Argentina chooses to play for Barcelona in the Spanish League ~ I hope World Champs and Defending Euro 2008 Champs Spain also win Euro 2012 !  ~ But Winner of QF 1 play Winner of QF 3 in SF 1 on Wednesday,June 27,2012 while Winner of QF 2 plays the Winner of QF 4 in SF 2 on Thursday,June 28,2012  So if Portugal and Spain win their QF Matches they will face each other in SF 1  with the winner going through to the Finals on Sunday,July 1,2012  Likewise we cannot have a Germany v/s England Final  for these two will clash in the SF 2 if they win their QF Matches So how about a Germany v/s  Spain Final or even a England v/s  Spain Final ! ?  The World’s Topsy Turvy ~ so you may just have a Czech v/s Greece Final !  ~ remember Greece won the Euro 2004 ! From just past Midnight tonight enjoy the final knockout stages of Euro 2012 ! Cheers !

Raging Fire at Old Mantralaya in Mumbai from 2.30 pm ~ People Trapped and Rescue On

Raging Fire at Old Mantralaya in Mumbai from 2.30 pm  ~ it’s nearing 4.30 pm now and yet many People are Trapped and Rescue is  On  ~ Fire apparently began due to a short wire on the Fourth Floor and spread to the fifth and sixth floor ~ It yet rages on ~Many People are trapped and the Rescue is On ~ Many have rushed to the Terrace ~ Opposition Parties have already began to accuse of deliberate sabotage to destroy crucial Files and records that pertain to scams like Adarsh Housing Society !  ~ Live Media Visuals lend support to this  accusation as Fresh Fire is being reported from a completley different set of rooms on the sixth floor which are atleast 15 rooms away from where the fire is yet on !….What a Conspiracy Spin while the Fire yet rages on !

In the Euro Context what’s the Difference between a Borrower and a Lender ?

😉 In the Euro Context what’s the Difference between a Borrower and a Lender ?

😀 Heavy Eurozone Borrowers PIIGS  (Portugal,Ireland,Italy,Greece and Spain) are thoroughly and excitedly enjoying playing each other in the Euro 2012 Football  ~ These Nations are Economically and Debt Beat but clearly Football Upbeat ! ~ can’t kickstart the Economy so let’s go kick Ball !

😥 While Heavy Lenders to the Eurozone ~USA ,China,India and the  Many other Countries in the Rest of the World and even Germany and France from within the Eurozone , are anxious about the collapse of the Euro and the Eurozone , a Greece exit, and the Impact on their own Economies ! 

Whatever ! Enjoy the Euro 2012 QFs from tonight when Portugal  face the Czech Republic !

Music Truly and Miraculously Heals ! ~ Adele’s Song wakes up a girl from Coma !

Music Truly and even  Miraculously Heals !

Adele’s Song wakes up a girl from Coma ! 

Adele's Song miraculously wakes up a young Girl from Coma !

What a Lovely Inspiring and Keep the Faith Real Life Story !

I instantly recalled William Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ which began with this inspiring line by Duke Orsino

” If Music be the Food of Love,Play On” 

We had this Play in our English Literature Syllabus way back in Std VIII  ~ way back in the early 1970s ! ~ This Opening Line remains immortally etched in my Memory since then !

NHPC @ Rs 18 ~ From Defensive to Default ? Despite Dividend Declaration ! ~ Fitch downgrades Long Term Issue Default Rating Outlook to Negative

NHPC @ Rs 18 ~ From Defensive to Default ? 😕 despite Dividend Declaration !

Fitch has just downgraded NHPC ~ The Long Term Issue Default Rating (IDR)  Outlook has been revised to Negative from Stable while Fx and Local Currency IDR rating has been reaffirmed at ‘BBB-‘

Chart source :

NHPC ~ From Defensive to Default ?

I had rated NHPC as a Defensive Scrip  with a Long Term Potential to breakaway into a Higher Price Zone~ The Share Price Range has been fairly narrow over the year with 52 Week High and Low being Rs 26 and Rs 17 respectively ~ Clearly NHPC continues to struggle under Operating Restrictions and Limitations

86.36% of the Equity of Rs 1230o crs is held by the Government and in FY 12 it earned a net of Rs 2772  crs giving an EPS of Rs 2.25 ~ The Networth is Rs 26354 crs at March 31,2012 with Reserves at Rs 14054 crs giving a Book Value of over Rs 21 ~ Dividend of 7% has been declared for FY 12 ~ In FY 12 the Interest Expense was Rs 342 crs and Tax Paid was  Rs  745 crs

The Auditors have not qualified the Report but have made a reference to several issues as below

  • Accounting of sales on provisional basis pending determination of tariff by CERC
  • Capitalization of Corporate Office, Regional Office, Survey & Investigation and other general overhead expenses of construction projects and
  • Referring the issue of capitalization of expenditure incurred for creation of assets (enabling assets) not within the control of the company, to Expert Advisory Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (EAC of ICAI).

Electricity generation is the principal business activity of the Company. Sales have been recognized as per tariff notified by Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC). Tariff for the tariff period 2009-14 has since been fixed in respect of all the 12 Power Stations. However tariff of Teesta V Power Station is provisional pending approval of revised cost of the Project.

Out of the Initial Public Offering (IPO) proceeds of Rs. 6039 crs made during FY 10, sale proceeds of Rs. 2013 crs was paid to Ministry of Power, Govt. of India and Rs. 4026 crs was retained by company. Out of this Retained Amount Rs 2215 crs  has been utilised up to March 31, 2012 for re-coupment of capital expenditure already incurred from internal accruals on the projects specified for utilisation and  Rs. 1772  crs has been invested in bank deposits as per extant investment policy of the company and Rs. 39 crs  recouped for meeting IPO expenditure.

The IPO Pricing in 2009 was high at Rs 36 and I had opined in a blog post  that NHPC would be available @ Rs 25 after Listing ~ Check the Blogs Post Links below which feature NHPC in detail or passing reference ~ In Three Years NHPC @ Rs 18 has seen a 50% Erosion from IPO Pricing ~ The Risk is that it may fall yet further given the tough dues recoverability scenario ~ especially of incremental tariff and other recoverables now allowed with retrospective effect by CERC     read more

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