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Saw Salman Khans KICK on Idd Night and then needed to be Kick Started !

Saw Salman Khan’s KICK on Idd Night ….Mindboggling….actually the Mind Boggled !….and needed to be Kick Started !

Inox Multiplex at Nariman Point ,Mumbai was relatively empty….they need to reduce their Ticket rates….but if you think the Multiplex attracts only the Elite…think again….the row behind was occupied by one  who was discussing his Police Cases & FIRs in Hindi Slang with another similar who he bumped into in the Interval…not even in whispers

…….quite understand Salman Khan in the movie when he asserts “mujko samajh ne ki koshish ne kar…Dil mein aata hoon, samajh mein nahin”…as he moves from Devi Lal Singh to becoming Devil all for a noble cause of orphaned children !

….Wife Nergis was wondering where was Nargis Fakhri in the movie !…had to tell her she was the item girl in the item song….she was then wondering where was Jacqueline Fernandez !?…told her she was ‘Dr Psycho’ and the other item girl in the other item song…scintillating solo though !

….so what’s with this Female casting ! ? Bollywood attracts…Jacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan while Nargis Fakhri is an American of Pakistani descent (Father’s a Pakistani & Mother’s a Czech ) though has never been to Pakistan

…. interval was longer than the first half as Multiplex Chain needs to make some Revenues through endless Ads and F & B Sales……though wife & I enjoyed their Rs 99 ‘Simply Baked Potatoes’…comes in six variations…had to have coke …first time in a year !….because they sell only 4XL Mineral Water Bottles and I did not have a strolley with me !

…the  4 & 5 Star Ratings for ‘Kick’ from some Film Critics in leading Media deserve a ‘Kick’….. but then the ‘Bhai’ does take care of them ! even if he shrugs “Who Cares !”

So what was good about ‘Kick’!?….well for one,Salman’s line above…and for another,Jacqueline Fernandez’ scintillating sexy solo in an item song…and I quite liked the cameo villan’s role enacted by Nawazuddin Siddiqui….very good actor

….and it’s broken collection records grossing Rs 93 crs in it’s first weekend !…definition of a ‘Super Hit’ coming along when it grosses over Rs 200 crs soon !

….that my friends is the state of India’s mindset !….all necessities….Onions & Tomatoes & Salman Khan Movies !….we crib on inflating prices of the former but pay Multiplex Money and say ‘paisa vasool’ to watch the latter get a ‘Kick’ &  appeal to our heart while destroying our mind unless we haven’t any or have left it at home !

….guy’s an extreme in both real & reel life….’Being Human’ and one with a huge & impulsive charitable disposition on one hand…and on the other always living to get some ‘Kick’ in life !

….a last thought !….Are we the Pretenders or is he  as we live this reality of the duality in life !? 


2 thoughts on “Saw Salman Khans KICK on Idd Night and then needed to be Kick Started !”

  1. sir,

    The way you are writing movie reviews,soon your article will start to appear in filmfare….is bollywood listening?????…..but you are always kind to shahrukh why?


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