Paul the Oracle Octopus has now predicted a German win to clinch 3rd Spot at FIFA World Cup 2010 and a Spanish win to be crowned World Champions !…wondering how the Octopus chooses…flag shape or colours !?

Paul,the German Oracle Octopus has called winning teams correctly not once,not twice…but six consecutive times at the concluding FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa…clearly Psychic

This eight legged (obviously!…it’s an Octo-pus !) sea creature has now made it’s seventh and eighth prediction….that Germany will beat Uruguay in the playoff for 3rd Place and Spain will triumph against the Netherlands to be crowned the World Champions

I was wondering how does Paul do this !…was sure it’s to do with preference for certain colours…as Paul chooses to eat a mussel from one of two Glass containers each draped on top by a Flag of the Country playing that particular match…so the winner predicted is that country whose flag was draped on the Glass container chosen to pick  the mussel to eat from

…..curiousity was addressed by this writeup on the net today…i love the way it begins…”What has eight legs but no backbone? No, not the England team’s lily-levered defence “

it seems it’s to do with Shapes…not colours….and moreover the colour red disappears underwater……Octopus love horizontal shapes and can distinguish hues and brightness….Both German and Spain Flags have huge horizontal Bands…but Spain has a big distinguishing Yellow Band….hope this is the scientific and logical and rational explanation….however it does not explain why that country wins !…six times consecutively correct !…believe me if Paul is correct the seventh and the eight time,he will have started a Cult belief for all Octopus….that they can predict your future too!… now along with Parrots picking your fortune,you’ll have Octopus’ tentacles also doing so !

…..wonder what my wife thinks of all this…..she’s completely hooked on fortune tellers and soothsayers…high probability that a parrot had predicted me as her husband !….wish the parrot had been wrong!…just kidding!… I got to fear the Octopus….anybody knows where in Mumbai can one get to consult an Octopus ?…my wife wants to know…or no dinner for me tonight !     

Cheers !

It’s SPAIN !….just beat Germany 1-0 in the FIFA Semis to meet Netherlands in the Final…Paul, the Octopus in Germany to be eaten for once again predicting the Winner correctly !

The Germans are surely going to eat Paul,their Octopus today !…What an irony ! Their Octopus has always picked the Winner correctly and it  had picked Spain for today’s Semi-Finals v/s Germany !…It predicted right yet again !….and poor Paul is going to die for being right! as the Germans have said they will eat the Octopus if Germany loses !…maybe it may live for a few days more as it may be asked to predict the 3rd Place Winners when the losing semi-finalists,Germany and Uruguay play each other on Saturday,July 10,2010 !

The Spaniards were deserving winners…making regular inroads into the German Defence…In the 73rd minute it was the Spaniard, Carles Puyol who powered in a  great header from a Corner to make it 1-0 for Spain…This was the closing scoreline…. makes it look like it was a close and tight match…it really was not…the Germans ,without Mueller,were not just not themselves…the spark that demolished England in the QFs was missing

Spain should have won 2-0 if Pedro had been unselfish and passed to Torres to score…in fact Pedro was preferred to Torres in the Opening Eleven…and played a brilliant match except for this one selfish moment which denied Spain a second Goal…..Torres was benched and  came in only late in the second half as a substitute 

So on Sunday,July 11,2010 it will be SPAIN v/s NETHERLANDS and whoever wins,the World will see a New World Football Champion…an Eighth Champion

Cheers !

FIFA World Cup and me share a great Bond…in 2006 I won a 42 Inch Plasma TV in a World Cup related ‘Guess the Winner’ Contest !…hopeful for some Good Fortune in 2010 too!

I Love FIFA World Cups….for more reasons than one!

Distinctly remember the Family excitement during the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany…. A leading Mumbai Tabloid was running a Daily SMS Contest on guessing the Winner in the Day’s matches… I have this habit of reading Mumbai’s two afternoon tabloids while having my lunch… and so I was on one Monday afternoon in June 2006…. June 19, 2006…. That day Spain was to play Tunisia and the contest was to guess who would win…. To take Chances is my Profession !… and I love entering such contests where you don’t have to exercise and stretch your Brain Cells and which does not taunt your IQ Level… and so reflexively I had send a sms that Spain would beat Tunisia that day and promptly forgot all about it… even saw the match till half time when Tunisia was leading 1-0….. next day Tuesday Morning I receive a wake up call on my mobile at 7 am !

Caller : ” Hello is this 98201…..?’

Me  (Yet to wake up  fully) :”Huh ?”

Caller :”Congratulations ! You’ve just won a 42 Inch Plasma TV in yesterday’s Contest!…..can you come to our office at 11 am for a photo shoot?”

Me (Still Sleepy): ” Contest ? ! It’s a bit too early…. can you please call later”

My wife : “Who was it ?”

Me (yet to sink in): “Somebody saying I won a 42 inch Plasma TV in a contest I entered yesterday”

Wife : “What !… and you told him to call later !…. you did not even give him your name !”

Me (now forced to wake up) : “Must be a Joke”

Wife : “It’s not April the First and who would joke like this on a Tuesday morning!”

Anyway, it being a Tuesday, my wife and I vist the Siddhivinayak Temple in Prabhadevi in Mumbai and the Shrine of Infant Jesus and St Anthony at Worli…. It was past 9 am and we were driving towards the Temple when the Caller called again

” Sir, I had called you earlier this morning……”

To cut it short, despite down 0:1 at halftime, Spain had gone on to win the match against Tunisia 3:1 and this tabloid had pulled my mobile Number from over Eight lakh entries as the Lucky Winner !

How’s that for Luck and Probability !!!

As I was unable to go at 11 am for a photo shoot at their Parel Office, I send them my standard serious (wife thinks Glum ) face passport size colour photo by email… and I suppose all of you will say that a Wife is always right ! read more