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M S Dhoni

Dhoni’s decision to Bat first this morning is simply disgusting!…Offers Australia the Series on a platter with this !

Dhoni wins the toss and choses to be ‘Brave’ and Bat as Shastri very kindly put it…We had to simply negotiate the first Ten overs…Did we !? After 10 we are 27 for 5 !

On a Humid early morning Gauhati weather, where there was dampness on the pitch,we should have played safe and our bowlers could have exploited the morning conditions…the ball is swinging beautifully…Praveen Kumar would literallly have had a ‘Ball’…he’s swings both ways…Even Gavaskar opined in his Pitch Report that the dampness would have made it a ‘Bowl First’ Pitch

Instead,Dhoni elects to bat first and has literally gifted the Series to Australia ! Inexplicable and unacceptable !

I simply cannot understand why he keeps making such fatal errors!…We’re down 2/3 in the seven match series,having lost the last match which was really ours for the taking…we needed 19 in 19 with four wickets and lost the match !…mentally screwed up ! 

Mitchell Johnson,came back into this ODI and pitched up and castled,both Sehwag and Gambhir in his first over !…Camera panned on a grinning,not just smiling,Sehwag in the Players Box after he had returned to the Pavilion ! What’s so funny !?

Dhoni is out there with Jadeja to try and salvage the situation of his own making !…My advice is to play it like a Test Match now !…Play out the 50 overs….Am I being too harsh on him !….Why should I not be ! You play safe…It’s tactical..instead you try to be smart…methinks he’s being oversmart!…trying to be different just for the sake of it !just hope we can put up 175 atleast to defend !…and it would be a miracle if we can square the series 3 all from here

Too many in our Team are taking their place for granted…drop them for such inconsistency and repeated non performance in crunch matches….Yes,they may be match winners alright but I would prefer Consistency in Performance rather than score a century in one out of Ten matches and manage to retain place and be mediocre in the remaining nine!

Wonder what I’ve got to do this Sunday Morning to save it from being ruined by Dhoni’s decision to Bat First !   

India just short balled out of the ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup

India and Dhoni just lost it ! Expect a Swift and Strong Media and Public Backlash in India 

I penned this blog title before the last ball was bowled!

We lost to England in a crunch Super 8 game by just 3 runs!… We needed 154 to win and 19 of the last over… We got just 15 !..4th ball was hit for a six by Pathan… fifth ball he hit to Long On and just a single was taken ! when Going  for Two would have put some pressure on the fielder ! and given strike back to Pathan… who knows ! he could have hit the last ball for a Six and tied the game !… what actually happened was that we needed an impossible 8 to win of the last ball and Dhoni managed a Four.We ended at 150/5 chasing England’s 153/7.

Dhoni needs to shoulder full responsibility as a ‘completely out of clue’ captain ! Get Anil Kumble back ! he commented on this lack of Intent in going for Two runs on the penultimate ball 

Dhoni, himself seems to have lost the art of hitting sixes on call or frequently !…. so vital to facilitate a win in the T-20 Format….. there was no real killer instinct to win !… they were playing matter of fact… no sense of intensity or even enjoyment…something is amiss in this Indian Team ! It seems divided !… Dhoni, you paraded your team last week to show unity and dispel Indian Fears of a split in the Team….This spirit was not evident on the field !

Dhoni needs to answer himself first before he answers the nation

He boasts in the Aircell ads how while playing Cricket he connects on Facebook through his Mobile to connect with Friends and have fun….. I wish he had connected with me on Facebook… I could have conveyed to him to bring Yuvraj in early to Bat… we would have won the Game.  

He held back the in form Yuvraj Singh till late… Jadeja scored 20 + but took over 30  balls to do it !Rohit Sharma and Raina failed in two consecutive games. Yuvraj came in at 4 down after 10 overs and hit the first ball he faced for a Six! he scored a quickfire 17 in Nine Balls before a brilliant Foster stumping of Swann got him.

And if you see the margin of just 3 runs that seperated us,I must comment harshly on Harbhajan Singh needlessly gifting away 10 runs by bowling two unnecessary wides that went on to cross the fence with Yuvraj misfielding one of these.

And Ishant continued to bowl short… and surprisingly Zaheer gifted easy boundaries continuing to bowl a wrong legside line  read more

Dhoni Bashing because he’s not Bashing !

Last Night I stayed up late to see India play their first Super 8 Match ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup Match v/s West Indies

I saw our Captain, Dhoni performing brilliantly….. but not on the field of Play ! but in the ‘Aircell’ and ‘Reebok’ Ads that were continuously being peppered on the TV Screen between Overs and Wickets ! 

We lost  

Come on Dhoni !… of 1200 Million Indians,there must have been atleast 100 million glued to the TV watching you… when you failed to perform, yet again in recent times, the Ads that you appear in turn counter productive for both you and the Product you’re pitching for…. more so if they appear time and again during your losing performance ! 

What happened !?… I could see what was happening sitting at Home !… and you were right there on the Field of Play !

  • You scored 11 in 23 Balls
  • You know Bravo loves playing the Inside Out Shot… it fetched him several fours… Yet you had Ishant Sharma defending that area between Long Off and Cover… He rarely dives… merely chases the Ball… You should have had Raina, Rohit or Yuvraj there
  • Irfan bowled just Two Overs and had given just Nine Runs.. You never brought him back… Instead Gave Ishant to Bowl the 16th Over
  • You got Harbhajan, who had one over left to come and Bowl the 18th Over… and gave Zaheer, who had Two left, the 19th Over… Who was to Bowl the last !?… If you were relying on these two, you should have got Zaheer, Harbhajan and then Zaheer for the 18th, 19th and 20th respectively !
  • You muffed two run outs by failing to gather properly behind the wicket… keep your eye on the ball, not on Bipasha as you race her in the Reebok ad!

You had taken ‘Panga’ with the Media over Sehwag Issue and were clearly carrying the Burden on the field

Come On Dhoni !… You need to get your Winning Act together… You’re normally cool and pretty astute and possess a keen cricketing sense and killer instincts…. Let’s see some of it man !… you’re a Match Winner… but let it not be for the Opponents !

We need you to beat both South Africa and England now for a chance to enter the Semis


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