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“In India, companies may fall sick, but promoters rarely do!”

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“Corruption is our Birthright “….I’m Amused…but I’m Not !

What’s Integrity to an Opportunity !…across the spectrum from Agriculture to Business to Utilities to Sports to Social and Public Services to Government Spending to Banks and Brokers….scams abound

Our Nation has plunged into a Morality Abyss…we need to rebuild our People and Institutions from fresh…because Corruption,Communalism and Criminality are so deeply embedded in our psyches that they are now our mindsets….we need to be purged…we need to be reborn 

“Corruption is our Birthright”…seems to be our mantra…..Big Corruption gives birth to Baby Corruption….and Baby Corruption grows Big….and the Cycle continues….and children of Politicians become Politicians…and their children in turn….

Big Corruption…..ABC…Adarsh/A Raja….Bofors…..Commonwealth Games……with Ministers proclaiming and defending action saying they were only following precedents and policy and procedures laid down by predecessors !…Blatant & Brazen Loot….Heaven help us ! 

Baby Corruption….Poilce and RTO…had an interesting conversation with a Mumbai Traffic Poilceman…”I’m willing to lay down my Life in my Line of Duty….but who’ll lay down Life for these corrupt MCs & BCs that we have as Commissioners in our Senior Police Force !”…the guy was sadly and badly demoralised…In another instance RTO Tout ,in cahoots with those inside RTO,asked for Rs 500 to simply delete the Bank Financiers name from the Car Registration Book after Loan was repaid and Bank had given an NOC….refused …so my Man was made to come four times to the RTO for this simple job…under pretext that some document was missing,or the counter is closed for the day,or that the work will take a day more…..   

That Big Corruption is more wrong  than Baby Corruption can be argued on Scale but not on Concept…Corruption is Corruption…Period….Today you’ll do it for Rs 100…Tomorrow you’ll do it for Rs 100 crs ! 

Self Regulation works only where Morality is intact…so we need External Regulation…but by appointing pliable Heads even these Regulatory and Investigative Agencies become compromised…End Result is that there is no quick and fair punitive action to serve as a strong deterrent….there always seems to be a way out !…and a price to be paid for it !   read more

IPL Cricket Stink…providing a link to some bluntness

Have a look at this link

http://www.india.com/news/india/ipl-the-rabbit-hole-runs-deep_7575 The author is aggressively forthright and blunt in putting across how he sees the IPL Mess and how it’s unfolding…a few may be conjectures at this stage…but quite plausible There are simply too many Strong Questions that remain unanswered or have unconvincingly been answered that has lead to this situation of Lalit Modi being Guilty until he’s able to prove his innocence ! I daresay that Lalit Mody is not the kingpin here…someone else is….the rot runs deep My recent Blogs on this IPL Controversy can be referred to below  Twitter Shashi Tharoor gets a Taste of Twitter Lalit Modi !  April 13,2010 Modicracy and Tharoorgate !…do you really expect them to be sacked!?….Tharoor may merely resign…Modi will not! April 18,2010 If the Government has any Guts and a conscience it should supersede the BCCI itself…cleanse the system in a country where Cricket is a religion….but what if the rot runs all the way up itself ! 

A lot is being revealed and exposed or uncovered about the links of bollywood celebrities,ministers,industrialists,cricketers and their kin to the IPL….either through direct or indirect stakes in the franchises or IPL associated entities,particularly those holding Media rights or through kin being employed by IPL or those entities associated with it….All are crying out loud that everything is above board…..however they fail to realise the issue of Transperancy and Corporate Governance…They should have disclosed this IPL link at the outset itself in 2008 or whenever it was created read more

Modicracy and Tharoorgate !…do you really expect them to be sacked!?….Tharoor may merely resign…Modi will not!

This is my take on the IPL Kochi Controversy

Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor are merely the symptoms of a larger IPL malaise of obscene monies, corruption, nepotism, blatant bias and murky shareholdings that act as fronts and misuse of Political Power and Position to corner these holdings…. the nexus is strong between Politicians, Industrialists, Mafia, Journalists, Cricket Administrators, Bureaucrats etc

Tharoor may merely resign…. Modi will not….. do not expect either to be sacked…. India may be a Democracy… and we may have the arms of Executive, Legislature and Judiciary…. Independent and Exclusive on Paper…. but seriously compromised in reality….. so when you have bodies like BCCI playing all the three roles don’t expect them to sacrifice one of their own brethren !…. The King and ICC President in Waiting, Sharad Pawar has already made strong supporting noises for Modi

As for Journalists… many are merely foot soldiers for Political and Industry Leaders… check this M V Kamath’s recent Editorial column in Friday,April 16, 2010 edition of Afternnon Despatch & Courier … he speaks of how nothing has come out of DNA’s exposure of 70 odd journalists being questioned for Corruption… an echo of similar sentiment sounded out also in a March 2010 column in Hindustan Times by Rajdeep Sardesai

Our Judiciary, despite it appearing to be compromises at times, seems to be fighting a lone battle… if it wasn’t for them, Our ‘Qutb Minar’ too would have been sold off by now !

Our Youth are getting disillusioned when having been tutored on Idealism, they face the realities of the Nexus and of Severe Compromises

There are three paths for our Youth…. join the System…. Live with this System…. raise a voice against the System and Act to change it…. Sadly in this Political Party System, if one wants to make a difference and raise a voice and act to cleanse the system they cannot get elected to State and Central Legislative Bodies and make this difference as an Independent… they need to join one of the major political parties… the same parties who fail to realise that they serve the 1.2 billion Indians and that they are there because of us and not the other way around

Mera Bharat Mahaan !

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