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TAP GAP Poser end 2014 ~Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner in 2015?

Announcing TAP GAP Poser end 2014

:roll: Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner & Wealth Creator for Investors in 2015?

2014 has been  a spectacular year for Indian Equities with the Sensex gaining 29% from an opening of 21222 on January 1,2014 to close at 27351 on December 12,2014  with 12 trading days to go yet in the year.It hit an all time and 52 Week Intra Day Closing High of 28822 on November 28,2014 and has corrected nearly 1500 points in the last fortnight on OIL Prices leaking relatively rapidly to below US $ 60 a barrel…losing 40% in six  months from levels of US $ 100 in June 2014

BJP swept the General Elections in May 2014 and heralded in Mr Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister and the Markets soared in great expectations that the policy paralysis would quickly be resolved .The NDA Government has completed 200 days in office and 2015 will be their real year of test

In a similar TAP GAP Poser end 2013 you guys responded brilliantly and suggested 58 scrips that you’ll thought will be the 2014 Winner  ….Three gauravblog hampers were given and one or two are now destined to be given in the first week of January 2015 for that Scrip that has moved the highest in 2014 but did not feature in the three winners list

Alpha Geo  from Sandeep Gahandule ( at Rs 445 up 585% !) & YBrant  from Anand (Rs 47.70 up 581% !) are in competition at the top to see who closes out 2014 with the highest gains…Last Month they were even higher than they are today !

Now Tell me which one you think can give great gains in 2015 and win attractive prizes if they are selected as Winners by me

Certain Guidelines to follow 

  1. Only an Individual over 18 can participate
  2. There is no Entry Fee ! ~ How could there be any !
  3. Respond with your Choice of Scrips (Preferably Just One but Not more than Three)
  4. Give a brief fundamental reason for each Selection ~ not more than a small paragraph for each 
  5. The Investment Price should be the Current Market Price
  6. Give a Target Price in 2015 for your Selection
  7. Any Selection based on Technical Analysis will not be considered  and neither will any Sell Recommendation 
  8. Respond by December 31,2014 Midnight IST  ~ may extend the deadline into January 2015 to get in more responses
  9. Please respond on this Blogpost and not on my email so all viewers can have access to your response
  10. Before December 31,2014,you can change your Selections any number of times you wish.Your Last Response carrying your Selections will be considered as Final on deadline expiration  with your earlier selections being ignored    
What is at Stake !
:lol: For the First Prize Winner
  1. A gauravblog Hamper with some lovely Goodies ~ regulars should know what’s in the hamper ~ or simply click on the TAP GAP  navigation heading in the Menu above to get a sense of past Posers and Responses and Winners and what they got in the Hamper ~May announce more than One Winner just to live the Joyous Christmas Spirit of Giving out more than One Hamper ! ~ only of course if I get many responses
  2. Free Annual Subscription to our Plan H worth Rs 5000 of our Scrip Sanctuaries ~ Web Protection Plans From The Wildlife In This Jungle Of Indian Equities ~ will give you access to our SCRIP SELECT Module on our website

:-) Other Winners,if announced, will receive gauravblog hampers 

:-D All Winners will be Invited for A Super Dinner in Mumbai in January or February 2015 so we can meet and greet and eat and enjoy each others company in person and discuss where Indian Equities are heading and debate whether being a Genius and being Married are mutually exclusive ! ~Outstation Winners should perhaps consider it a value or growth investment to come into Mumbai for this Dinner ! 8-)

Who Shall Decide the Winners?

Who Wins,will be decided solely by me !

You may yet turn out to be a Winner even if not announced by me as one !

Oh ! and in all Fairness,if there is a Response of a Scrip that I have not chosen as a Winner and that Selection goes on to top the Gains in 2015 over and above the Selections I have chosen as Winners ! then at the end of 2015 this Responder too will be a Winner and get a gauravblog hamper from me ! :oops: ~ He or She may get the privilege to gloat “I told you so !” and I promise I shall apologise and be suitably embarassed ! ~ The rider here is that although there may be many such Responses that win over those I declare as Potential Winners in 2015 ,only one of such Response Winners,it being the Highest Gainer from such Responses,who will be entitled to the Hamper

So Go ahead and take a Wild Guess or an Educated one and Respond quickly with your Scrip Choices for 2015 by December 31,2014! 

All the Best ! Eagerly awaiting your Selections

Cheers !

Disclaimer : The Scrip Selections that I announce as Winners should not be construed as Stock Recommendations from My Company or me .These are solely Scrip Recommendations being made by the Participants on this TAP GAP Poser 



38 thoughts on “TAP GAP Poser end 2014 ~Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner in 2015?”

    1. Hi Mahindra ~ My simple advice to you as a newcomer to Shares is to think Long term and stay within your risk profile.Short Term may be quiet lucrative as it was in 2014 and this I suppose has attracted you to Equity.However 2015 is a different year coming up

      Would request you to consider joining our Fundamental Equity Advisory Services by visiting or calling Surabhi or Sonal on + 91224230138 or +912242304150….we have eight plans you can choose from depending on your needs and profile…four are Personal Plans and four are Web Plans


  1. #TAPGAP
    Subros CMP 67.85 Target 150 in 2015

    Subros will ride the growth in Auto Sector in 2015. With Economic Cycle reviving and Auto Sector performing well, Subros is expected to do well since the Company commands the highest market share.

  2. 🙂 You’re the first to reply Sumit and wait to see if your choice is picked by me as the first too ! Last Year you had given United Spirits which has underperformed relative to indices…Come on guys send in your winning picks for 2015 !

  3. Wendt India Cmp around 2000/-. Like the stock as it is OEM Stock of Automobiles and also for some industries. It has not particiapated in recent rally becasue of friction between Indian and Foriegn Promoter. Both has given open offers, which is at the doors of SEBI since years. I hope SEBI will give direction faster.

  4. sandeep gahandule

    Nathbiogene. Co. In genetic eng. Of seeds. Exclusive rights from phillipines for BT cotton would b game changer for the scrip.

  5. Raj Rayon

    – Lower Crude price to favor the company…
    – Production re-started..
    – Credit Ratings upgraded..
    – Expect Rs. 600 crores turnover…

    Note: Have Position in the stock…

  6. PTC India Financial Services Ltd (PFS)
    CMP 56.40 Target 90

    Company to benefit from increased focus of Govt on renewable energy sector. Well Diversified Loan Book within the Power Sector. Low NPA.

  7. Multibase – With Safty Bags to become compulsory in March 2014 in all Cars in India, the fortune of this company will change. Further, strong promoters & promoter holding and chances of change in one promoters dynamics can suprize.

  8. With all the movements in the crude price all this time, I will pick:


    One another pick for the similar reason & decreasing competation among listed & established peers is:

    Jet Airways

    Although Jet Airways is a wild guess but this can turnaround the fortunes for the company.

  9. 1) NETWORK 18 @ 66.
    Sunrise sector of E-Commerce.
    2)Intellect Design @ 75.6.
    R & D based co.
    3)Pipavav Defence@ 39.75.
    Expect Defence orders(Though not right strategy of Hope:) but still)

  10. Odyssey Technologies, Low capex requirements for growth, since it makes encryption software and an increase in sales does not warrant too much capital expenditure. Major clients include all the top banks, both MNCs and Indian banks. It is mentioned as the top 90 companies in the world dealing in this sector. Being the only one in India and with e-commerce really taking off, the potential for this company is limitless.

  11. 1) Granules India
    Expansions in API after recent acquisition,

    2) Mayur Uniquoters
    Additions to production lines going live

    Lottery bet 🙂

  12. Suzlon Energy is my pick for 2015. The stock is a potential large cap in the guise of a midCap. Potential listing of Senvion on LSE to raise funds for growth is the biggest trigger. The company has close ties with BJP. It is expanding into Solar power. Shedding non-core assets. Renewable is a lagging sector in any economic cycle. Since the cycle seems to have started picking up Suzlon is likely benefit

  13. Wow !24 varied Choices already in from Dow’s Multibase to Throwaway Raj Rayon ! to faith in Suzlon !…What an Odyssey ! Oh ! Odyssey Tech too is a choice !…Great Guys ! Come co Others send in your Selections for 2015

  14. Sir,

    My selection of stock is TATA SPONGE. Its current price is 680 26.12.2014. PE is 10.50 and eps is 64.15. ROCE = 19.44. attractive valuation.

    Next year the stock will cost more than Rs.1500.

    The stock advice for
    « HOV Services drops below Rs 130 even as it tries to clarify to a Minority Shareholder
    True Sensex Blood Advice for Indian Equities ! »
    TAP GAP Poser end 2014 ~Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner in 2015?

  15. Thanks Guys for all your Entries and wishing you’ll a great & gainful 2015.No More Entries now.Will shortly decide the most promising in my view & Congrats to Sandeep Gahandule for his Select Alphageo last year .It clocked 720% gains in 2014 ,the highest from all the entries…and he gets a hamper for this….maybe he’ll get one even for his select for 2015 ! 🙂 Cheers

  16. vishal Kejriwal

    Hi Gaurav,

    Sorry for replying bit late ,
    My Pick will be
    1. CCL Products ( Increasing Huge capacity can do wondrs)
    2.Oriental Carbon chemical Ltd

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