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TAP GAP Poser end 2015 ~Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner in 2016?

Announcing TAP GAP Poser end 2015

:roll: Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner & Wealth Creator for Investors in 2016?

2015 has not been a spectacular year for Indian Equities on the Macro Sensitive Indices Level with the Sensex  & Nifty dropping 6 % in 2015

However it’s been Jingle Bells all the way for many Small & Mid Cap Scrips and tomorrow,December 31,2015 is the last trading day in 2015 and I shall announce the winner of TAP GAP 2015 who’s pick has gained the most and who I had not picked as Winner in Jan 2015.I had picked Hemant for Intellect Design @ Rs 75.60 which too has surged brilliantly by 270% to Rs 280 levels in 2015 !

Now Tell me which one you think can give great gains in 2016 and win an attractive hamper if selected as Winner by me

Certain Guidelines to follow 

  1. Only an Individual over 18 can participate
  2. There is no Entry Fee ! ~ How could there be any !
  3. Respond with your Choice of Scrips (Preferably Just One but Not more than Three)
  4. Give a brief fundamental reason for each Selection ~ not more than a small paragraph for each 
  5. The Investment Price should be the Current Market Price
  6. Give a Target Price in 2016 for your Selection
  7. Any Selection based on Technical Analysis will not be considered  and neither will any Sell Recommendation 
  8. Respond by January 15,2016  Midnight IST  ~ may extend the deadline further into January 2016 to get in more responses
  9. Please respond on this Blogpost and not on my email so all viewers can have access to your response
  10. Before January 15,2016 you can change your Selections any number of times you wish.Your Last Response carrying your Selections will be considered as Final on deadline expiration  with your earlier selections being ignored    
What is at Stake !
:lol: For the First Prize Winner
  1. A gauravblog Hamper with some lovely Goodies ~ regulars should know what’s in the hamper ~ or simply click on the TAP GAP  navigation heading in the Menu above to get a sense of past Posers and Responses and Winners and what they got in the Hamper ~May announce more than One Winner just to live the Joyous Christmas Spirit of Giving out more than One Hamper ! ~ only of course if I get many responses

:-) Other Winners,if announced, will receive gauravblog hampers 

:-D All Winners will be Invited for A Super Dinner in Mumbai in January or February 2016 so we can meet and greet and eat and enjoy each others company in person and discuss where Indian Equities are heading and debate whether being a Genius and being Married are mutually exclusive ! ~Outstation Winners should perhaps consider it a value or growth investment to come into Mumbai for this Dinner ! 8-)

Who Shall Decide the Winners?

Who Wins,will be decided solely by me !

You may yet turn out to be a Winner even if not announced by me as one !

Oh ! and in all Fairness,if there is a Response of a Scrip that I have not chosen as a Winner and that Selection goes on to top the Gains in 2016 over and above the Selections I have chosen as Winners ! then at the end of 2016 this Responder too will be a Winner and get a gauravblog hamper from me ! :oops: ~ He or She may get the privilege to gloat “I told you so !” and I promise I shall apologise and be suitably embarassed ! ~ The rider here is that although there may be many such Responses that win over those I declare as Potential Winners in 2016 ,only one of such Response Winners,it being the Highest Gainer from such Responses,who will be entitled to the Hamper

So Go ahead and take a Wild Guess or an Educated one and Respond quickly with your Scrip Choices for 2016 by January 15,2016! 

All the Best ! Eagerly awaiting your Selections

Cheers !

Update on Jan 9

Hey Guys! You rock!…so says your picks!…We’ve @ 70 thus far…going for hundred !….got six days left….come on guys who yet need tp participate….lets do it…enter your picks!

Ah!…one more thing…had crossed my mind earlier this week but I’m in Langkawi currently enjoying soulful and surreal sunrises and sunsets on this magical island…. Fallen in love with it….imagine trading online from the beach!…. believe me it creates profits even in volatile & worried markets!…..oh yes! What had crossed my mind…..I shall be considering the lower of the price recommended at by you or the closing price as on Jan 15 on BSE or NSE if not listed or quoted for that day on BSE…so don’t worry you’ll need not reenter same scrips at lower prices….Hemant this ones for you !

Disclaimer : The Stock Scrip Selections that I announce as Winners should not be construed as Stock Recommendations from My Company or me .These are solely Scrip Recommendations being made by the Participants on this TAP GAP Poser 



62 thoughts on “TAP GAP Poser end 2015 ~Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner in 2016?”

  1. Well. I own SSPDL and Trilogic Digital currently and both can give good return in 16. So, I will include that. Both are trading at low pe. I got 100% from Trilogic but own small amt of it. Both are only on BSE and that is a big dampener if BSE don’t change its rule of price band.

  2. 1. Capri Global Capital @183, target 340. (Beaten up NBFC for past misdeeds. Now good management and board).

    2. Kama holdings @ 1450, target 3000. (Holding company of SRF. Value = Rs 6,000/sh. With 50% discount for holding companies, should trade at least Rs. 3000/sh).

    Hold both companies.

    1. Sameer ! you had already send in three entries for the TAP GAP 2015 while it was open…then on January 9,2015 after close you send in three new entries of Intrasoft at Rs 83,Kopran and Spicejet and I had replied the same day that these would not be considered….as it does transpire Intrasoft and Spicejet have performed brilliantly in 2015.I fact Intrasoft at Rs 422 currently is a 400+ % gainer and would have beat Vidhi & won you the hamper!

  3. Jagran Prakashan @ Rs.159 wherein you are getting the radio business for almost free. Newspaper business is doing good and making inroads into new markets

  4. Shailender Rawat

    My pick for 2016

    1) natural capsules
    2) stylam industries
    3) pincon spirit

    all above are good fundamentalc companies but out of radar coz of smaill equities. see last five year growth. expansion plans ahead make them attractive buy

  5. Tara jewel turnaround story, company focus on margin than expansion, getting orders from Walmart, only @5 pe, human will never stop buying jewelry.
    Srikalahasti pipes, good past record, company increasing manufacturing capacity, pipes will be needed to face this irrational weather conditions nowadays better water planning a must need.
    Lt foods daawat basmati, 7 th pay coming, people will spend better on food, now a days everyone wish to eat better, basmati is what will be eaten more than pizza in India. Only 8 pe good past record#2 in India #1 in USA.

  6. My pick for 2016.
    1) Ricoh India @ 781.75
    Digital Play
    2) Alicon Castalloy @ 359.1
    last 2 yr of labour will give fruits now,as co was in investment mode
    3) Udaipur Cement @ 14.54.
    Subsidiary of JK Laxmi,turnaround story.
    Well regd target, i never keep any ,as i act on working.So no targets but if needed can put double like Ricoh 1500;Alicon 700 & Udaipur 28.

  7. Hi, my stock is Intrasoft Tech @ 426 CMP. The company has two divisions, one 123greetings n other E commerce( e com business is focused on US n Canada market only). Triggers (1) expected Fy16 revenue 900 cr, Fy 15 it were 343 cr. (2) Entry into Indian e com market.
    Exit target 682.
    Disclosure : I own shares which I may/may not sell in the future.

  8. Pantaloons Fashion & Retail Ltd.

    I consider this as brand play going in future. This investment may not win me this year is very clear but this investment is winner for many years to come. Most of the demerger of Aditya Birla Nuvo is in public domain so wont dwell on it. What I will dwell on out of both these resulting scheme of arrangement companies, I find Pantaloons Fashion & Retail will be more attractive pick for investor fraternity in the years to come.

    With the market assumed to be difficult for investor in 2016, this investment will give a mix of investment in bluechip and midcap/small cap.

    As stated No Target as this is investment for coming many years.

  9. Multibase India Ltd

    As stated above my investment is not limited to this contest. This was not last year pick and gave a return of 13% but was more at his peak.

    While I am disappointed with the management of this company I still find the business to be of future. But again it will depend if Airbag will be made compulsory. Also, with happening at this holding promoter company, I think some queue for the Indian company can have this stock roaring.

    Again a investment for years to come so no target.

  10. Radix Industries (India) Ltd

    This one for this contest alone. I am tracking this company for long. They are into Remy Hair business. But business being attractive it has to noted it is in absurd valuation.

    But there has been decent correction in this stock. Recommending this for this year I think in view of this companies absurd valuation in the past, the current valuation is a much better off and I dont think we will able to grab this illiquid stock in much lower valuation than this.

    Results of the last quarter was bad but I feel thats the opportunity to buy this overvalued company in high valuation. Also last full year result was good.

    Any improvement in result will have this illiquid stock hitting upper circuit for months and hope that BSE will go away the fatwa

  11. MIC Electronics – Market price INR 24.15 – Business Expansion due to LED efforts by government and new (FDI) investors. Target : INR 100

    Rei Agro: Company in dumps due to management. Revenue real. Good brand recall. BIFR and debt to equity conversion expected. Market price INR 0.75 . Equity and assets worth around INR 3.5 (target price)

    heritage foods- Current price INR 575. Re-rating due to new dairy industry IPOs and business (bottomline) exapnsion. Target INR 1600

    Dark horse

  12. I think reliance will have good year though not part of list
    If rates reduced then godrej prop should also do Well
    Led is also looks promusing

  13. Disclosure: I hold both Melstar Information Technology and Odyssey Technologies.

    Melstar Information – Turnaround, Merger of companies, sale of property

    Odyssey Technologies: Niche space, Encryption company

  14. RPOWER
    6th Jan-2016, CMP : 58.85
    Dec-2016. TGT; 270

    Reason: I am heavily invested ( Jokes apart). All these year when Rpower was building plant it was in the range of 90- 200 but now as it has started production it is under 60 which is absurd. India is power starved country & Govt. is very keen in providing electricity to whole country. Govt has launched UDAY scheme which looks promising for this sector/ discoms & no more polictical gimmic of cheap electricity.I am not going into fundamentals.

    Drawback: SC coal gate.


  15. ILandFS Transportation Networks Ltd. @90.3 : Strong Business prospects, Great value vis-a-vis Div yield,low PE and discount to BV
    Shree Hanuman Sugar and Ind. Ltd. @ 1.25 : Bargain price and sector play
    Uflex Ltd. @ 180.7 : Great value and prospects in coming year

  16. ILandFS Transportation Networks Ltd. @90.3 Tgt: 500 — Strong Business prospects, Great value vis-a-vis Div yield,low PE and discount to BV
    Shree Hanuman Sugar and Ind. Ltd. @ 1.25 Tgt:12 — Bargain price and sector play
    Uflex Ltd. @ 180.7 tgt:450 — Great value and prospects in coming year

  17. 1. Butterfly Gandhimati Appliances – cmp 274 – The company is a southbased kitchen appliances manufacturer, with butterfly as brand. The company went from regional to national player in last 2 yr, received long due tamil nadu govt order and is a turnaround case.
    2. Avanti Feeds – cmp -420 – largest shrims processing and exporter. Has been increasing capacity and doing good over the years.
    3. Capital first – cmp 403 – an nbfc changed the business model from wholesale business to retail sme financing, consumer financing. The book growing at healthy pace and expected so in future. Good management capability.

  18. Love the enthusiasm of participants.I also want to remove my picks given on 1st Jan( as mkt was high that day )Now today want to give same picks 🙂 at todays price.Will take final call on last day again (if these scripts go down again :),but will keep those 3 only .
    Will you permit me ? Just joking. Even if you don’t, i am enjoying the process .

  19. 1. MCX India

    Although commoidity prices crashing business outlook for the stock remains Positive. BSE IPO at higher valuations could further lead to higher valuation.

    2. Hitachi Home

    With the expansion plans & Japanese interest in India looks Hitachi can gain maximum, although Lower Price Open Offers made by acquirer low liquidity remains positive for the company.

    3. Zydus Wellness

    Looks attractive.

  20. Purshotam Longani

    1. Technocraft @CMP – 232
    Fundamentals: It seems that promoters have shown confidence in this company by buying back the shares and balance sheet is also strong.
    TGT – 350

    2. Deccan Gold Mines
    CMP – 41
    Fundamental: Only company in India that has received gold mining licence, revenues will start from Jan 2017…. so due to future outlook expecting share price to touch 80 by FY Q3.

    1. Hi Gaurav,

      The year is coming to an end in just couple of weeks. Just to heads-up on this year’s performance of both the suggested stocks:
      – Technocraft – Target achieved (Still holding in portfolio)
      – Deccan Gold – Target achieved – high 68 / Rights issue adjusted

      Wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.

  21. My pick for 2016

    1) Binny Ltd
    2) Revathi CP
    3) Jshl
    Asset play, turn around story & restructuring of business are themes.

  22. 1) lanco infra, loss to profit make company,Timely completion of under construction power projects
    Fuel supplies for under construction power projects
    Regulatory approvals of pending tariff orders
    Sale of assets for deleveraging the balance sheet.

  23. a)Rossell India Ltd; CMP 144; In most happening sectors : FMCG-QSR-Defense/Aero Story; Also Has around 25% stake in franchise rights from YUMS, the brand owners of KFC, Pizza hut and Taco Bell for Africa via Singapore JV;
    b)Zen Technologies; CMP 124: Defence -Make in India story. Banking on massive bid pipeline; tie up with US defence co. – Rockwell Collins. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was once on board of this co. with 10%+ stake- Exited now
    c)Sanjivani Paranteral: CMP: 65; Pharma story; Govt , Forces as customers
    d)Bambino Agro CMP: 147; FMCG Story; Well established brand; Diversifying widely into instant food space;

  24. My Picks for 2016
    1. SKM Egg Products
    2. Bambino Agro
    3. Sunil Health care
    All their products are in mass usage. A consumption for India.

  25. Mic Electronics cmp- 23.25 govt. Led focus will help the company.

    Lakshmi energy foods cmp- 19.20 promoters increasing their holding.

    Subex – cmp 13 turnaround bet.

  26. HFCL: (Himachal Futuristic communication) at Rs 23 with 1 year target: 45-50+ (upside ~100 %+)
    The Company specializes in the manufacture of telecommunication equipment, optical fibre cables and intelligent power systems. With a country-wide presence and over 2,500 employees, the Company is currently executing comprehensive pan India optical fibre cable and GSM networks and other specialized projects in the high security sectors.
    As a solutions expert in the telecommunication and related infrastructure domain, the Company is now leveraging its inherent strengths in addressing complex needs of emerging sectors, such as modernization of Railways, Metro Railway, Homeland Security, Smart Cities and Defense.
    Financial performance: The Company has recorded revenue of 2600 Cr in 2014-2015 30% up from last year with a net profit of ~190 Cr up 28% from last year. Over the last 3-4 years company has shown significant growth in revenues and bottom-lines as well. The company has gross debt of 333 Cr with debt Equity ratio of just 0.3.
    To further enhance reach and telecom offering, they have formed a JV with company, DragonWave HFCL India Pvt. Ltd. for mobile and access networks. In a significant development, DHIPL together with DragonWave Inc. won a large order to provide 7,000 radio links to a telecom operator for their upcoming 4G services in India.
    The company had order book of 3000 Cr. Few months back for 2016, hence revenue for 2015 and 2016 also expected to post healthy growth rate with a improvement in margins and ROE and ROCE.
    The stock is valued at 8 PE ratio based on Sept 2015 ended EPS of 2.9 (TTM) the last year 2014-15 the company recorded EPS of 1.49. Hence for 2015-16 EPS of above 2.5 is expected and for 2016-17 it could be upto 4. Looking at valuation of 8 or 9 PE it looks attractively valued considering its growth prospects and hence if we take PE of up to 20 in next year with a EPS of 2.5-3 price target of 50+ looks achievable.

  27. I have not mentioned the target for my stocks.
    Avanti Feeds. .. 750
    Capital First .. 750
    Butterfly Gandhimati Appliances .. 400

  28. My 2nd pick is “Rattanindia Power” at 11 Rs. with a target of 25 in a year

    RattanIndia is a is one of India’s largest private power generation companies. It is currently developing a total of 5,400 MW coal based Thermal Power Projects in two phases (2,700 MW each) at Amravati and Nasik in Maharashtra.
    Financials performance:
    Revenues have started since last year 2013-14 and it recorded revenue of 338 Crs and in 2014-15 it recorded revenue of 625 crs. In 2015-16 and coming year similar healthy growth for revenues is expected. Already in 2015-16 it has crossed 800 crs of revenue in first two quarters.
    The book value of the stock is 18 Rs and also Govt. policies for Power sector could be additional benefit for the company and hence price is expected to move beyond its book value upto 25 in coming year.

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  30. my first pick is Larse & toubro CMP 1106 target 1600 no need to say without infrastructure india’s growth story cant stand
    second pick is Kaveri seed
    CMP 324 target 800
    specialized business in this area
    3 -Firstsource solution
    CMP 35 target 120
    specialized business client in different countries

  31. Muthu Manickam SM

    My Picks of 2016 are:

    1. NCL INDUSTRIES (cmp 119) – Turnaround story, now available cheaply.

    2. MAX INDIA (cmp 476) – Value Unlocking to happen post De-merger

    3. VIRINCHI Limited (cmp 44) – Company with strong fundamentals, but deeply undervalued.

  32. Srinivas Narayandas

    I recommend Arrow Textiles @ current rate of 46.60 and Target would be 200+ by the end of the year. It has very limited public shares, the debt is very low, growth has been consistent YOY. They particularly insist on releasing quality brands following page industries

    1. Hi Srinivas….I’m accepting your entry even though I had extended the last date to only January 17,2016 as the final number of companies to decide from now comes to an auspicious figure of 100 along with your entry ! 🙂

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