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December 30, 2015

TAP GAP Poser end 2015 ~Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner in 2016?

Announcing TAP GAP Poser end 2015

:roll: Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner & Wealth Creator for Investors in 2016?

2015 has not been a spectacular year for Indian Equities on the Macro Sensitive Indices Level with the Sensex  & Nifty dropping 6 % in 2015

However it’s been Jingle Bells all the way for many Small & Mid Cap Scrips and tomorrow,December 31,2015 is the last trading day in 2015 and I shall announce the winner of TAP GAP 2015 who’s pick has gained the most and who I had not picked as Winner in Jan 2015.I had picked Hemant for Intellect Design @ Rs 75.60 which too has surged brilliantly by 270% to Rs 280 levels in 2015 !

Now Tell me which one you think can give great gains in 2016 and win an attractive hamper if selected as Winner by me

Certain Guidelines to follow 

  1. Only an Individual over 18 can participate
  2. There is no Entry Fee ! ~ How could there be any !
  3. Respond with your Choice of Scrips (Preferably Just One but Not more than Three)
  4. Give a brief fundamental reason for each Selection ~ not more than a small paragraph for each 
  5. The Investment Price should be the Current Market Price
  6. Give a Target Price in 2016 for your Selection
  7. Any Selection based on Technical Analysis will not be considered  and neither will any Sell Recommendation 
  8. Respond by January 15,2016  Midnight IST  ~ may extend the deadline further into January 2016 to get in more responses
  9. Please respond on this Blogpost and not on my email so all viewers can have access to your response
  10. Before January 15,2016 you can change your Selections any number of times you wish.Your Last Response carrying your Selections will be considered as Final on deadline expiration  with your earlier selections being ignored    
What is at Stake ! :lol: For the First Prize Winner
  1. A gauravblog Hamper with some lovely Goodies ~ regulars should know what’s in the hamper ~ or simply click on the TAP GAP  navigation heading in the Menu above to get a sense of past Posers and Responses and Winners and what they got in the Hamper ~May announce more than One Winner just to live the Joyous Christmas Spirit of Giving out more than One Hamper ! ~ only of course if I get many responses

:-) Other Winners,if announced, will receive gauravblog hampers 

:-D All Winners will be Invited for A Super Dinner in Mumbai in January or February 2016 so we can meet and greet and eat and enjoy each others company in person and discuss where Indian Equities are heading and debate whether being a Genius and being Married are mutually exclusive ! ~Outstation Winners should perhaps consider it a value or growth investment to come into Mumbai for this Dinner ! 8-)

Who Shall Decide the Winners?

Who Wins,will be decided solely by me !

You may yet turn out to be a Winner even if not announced by me as one !

Oh ! and in all Fairness,if there is a Response of a Scrip that I have not chosen as a Winner and that Selection goes on to top the Gains in 2016 over and above the Selections I have chosen as Winners ! then at the end of 2016 this Responder too will be a Winner and get a gauravblog hamper from me ! :oops: ~ He or She may get the privilege to gloat “I told you so !” and I promise I shall apologise and be suitably embarassed ! ~ The rider here is that although there may be many such Responses that win over those I declare as Potential Winners in 2016 ,only one of such Response Winners,it being the Highest Gainer from such Responses,who will be entitled to the Hamper

So Go ahead and take a Wild Guess or an Educated one and Respond quickly with your Scrip Choices for 2016 by January 15,2016! 

All the Best ! Eagerly awaiting your Selections

Cheers !

Update on Jan 9

Hey Guys! You rock!…so says your picks!…We’ve @ 70 thus far…going for hundred !….got six days left….come on guys who yet need tp participate….lets do it…enter your picks!

Ah!…one more thing…had crossed my mind earlier this week but I’m in Langkawi currently enjoying soulful and surreal sunrises and sunsets on this magical island…. Fallen in love with it….imagine trading online from the beach!…. believe me it creates profits even in volatile & worried markets!…..oh yes! What had crossed my mind…..I shall be considering the lower of the price recommended at by you or the closing price as on Jan 15 on BSE or NSE if not listed or quoted for that day on BSE…so don’t worry you’ll need not reenter same scrips at lower prices….Hemant this ones for you ! read more

Do not get suckered by a SMS to buy Sawaca Business at Rs 72!

Dont get suckered by “Buy”  Sawaca Business SMS floating around past few days.It claims a Target of Rs 120 in days from current Rs 72 based on this Company receiving an order of Rs 18000 crs ! yes 18000 crs!, from UAE ! and asking the receiver of the SMS to check a link given that leads to BSE website Notification by the Company and reproduced verbatim as below

17 Dec 2015
Board to consider Bonus Issue Corp. Action 18:12
Sawaca Business Machines Ltd has informed BSE that a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company will be held on December 28, 2015, inter alia, to transact the following business:1. To consider for increase the Authorized Share Capital of the Company.2. To consider for issue of Bonus Equity Shares to the existing shareholders of the Company.

3. To consider for the listing of shares of the Company at the National Stock Exchange Limited (NSE Ltd.)

However another Notification followed as below two days ago on the day the above meeting was to be held announcing that the meeting was postponed

28 Dec 2015
Board Meeting Postponed Board Meeting 13:15
Sawaca Business Machines Ltd has informed BSE that meeting of the Board of Directors schedule to be held on December 28, 2015 at 11.00 a.m., is postponed. The Chairman has decided to postponed board meeting to be held on December 28, 2015 as it is not possible to have fruitful discussion on meeting’s agenda’s matters due to non-availability of majority directors.

 Latest Notification states that one Sipten Dey,not part of Promoters, has accumulated 542724 shares or 5.22% of Equity between April 2015 and December 21,2015

There are regular Bulk Deals happening over past few days and yesterday’s volume was 3.54 lakh shares of which only 1/4th were marked for Delivery  

Trade Date 29 Dec 2015
Quantity Traded 3,54,250
Deliverable Quantity
(Gross across client level)
% of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity 26.85


Price on December 17,2015 was @ Rs 63 and has since climbed to Rs 72

As on September 30,2015 this AhmedaBAD Company has a Networth of just Rs 11.28 crs ,most of it is Equity  at Rs 10.40 crs of FV Rs 10 shares  .Some Sales of Rs 2 crs are shown with a Loss of Rs 2 lakhs !

The MD is one Shetal Satishkumar Shah and worryingly BSE website also shows another Company Sawaca Communication which was suspended way back in February 12,2003 for penal reasons and had a last quote of just 30 paise on a FV Rs 10 share.I am assuming this company too was part of  the  Sawaca’s Shah Family as it bears the same Name ‘Sawaca,is from Ahmedabd and had one Shah as Director   

What is BSE doing !?

They must immediately launch an investigation and file a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police Dept to find out who is spreading the SMS and also insist on a legit clarification from the Company on why they cancelled the Board Meeting on December 28,2015 on the grounds of non availability of Directors and how in the hell could they consider Bonus with Reserves of just Rs 88 lakhs and Equity of Rs 10.40 crs !…and how with just Market Cap of Rs 75 crs were they planning to list on NSE too !

It is my strong suspicion that there exits a notorious nexus between those who are spreading the Buy SMS & those creating the Volumes on BSE

BSE & SEBI do something concrete and quick  & not just general alerts to be beware of SMS Recos !

Only specific action will deter such illegal and fradulent practices ~ This alone will be a  Real Investor Awareness & Protection Measure

Late Afternoon Update

BSE apparently had asked the Company for Clarification on the Rs 18000 crs order that was stated on a stock portal and the Company has replied that this is incorrect and they have no relation with those that posted such false news !    read more

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