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Thanks Darling for a Wonderful Surprise ! I’ve got one too !

Wifey Darling had a surprise in store for me last night!

The kids and some friends were more than just friendly yesterday and I should have sensed it when my son requested me yesterday morning to sign in around 9 pm last night his friends for Dinner at the Club !

Then a Friend called at 7.30 pm to say “Hey Gaurav why don’t you join us at the Club as our daughters are here too and we can just chill ! “

We reached the Club at 8.30 pm and guess what my daughter guided me to the Pub…I told her Kids are not allowed in…she said that’s alright…..There in the Pub a close friend, on my wife’s request, had taken a huge table for 14 and all our close friends came in… was a surprise planned it seems by wifey darling  nearly a week ago….what a blast !…it was retro night and we burnt the dance floor with the DJ playing Boney M,Bruce Springstreen,Laura Brannigan and later  “Pappu can’t dance ” and “Aaj ki Raat”

Thanks darling ! You’re the Best !…Some of us Guys wanted to move to “Poison” at 1 am but our wives insisted on coming too !…..We were complaining that one of our friend’s mobile never worked ! to which his wife,who had literally single handedly rocked the Dance Floor and got  everyone grooving, revealed ” Which part of him ever works !”……and when I answered ” Atleast One definitely works !”, she wanted to know how I knew !

And FV you enjoyed your Mocktail Virgin Mary….because it was spiked !

There was a lovely wind Blowing and a light drizzle …..No body wanted to really go we hung around in the Club,around our Cars just savouring the Gorgeous Weather..One of my friends ,who too was exposed to the Earth on the same Day as me,wanted to drive all the way to Khandala and Lonavla…Monsoon splendoured hill stations an hour away from Mumbai !

Thanks baby for a great surprise…and thanks darling kids for playing along too and helping Mom to get me to the Club….Love you all…you’re my Vitamins !…and thank you Friends..You’ll are a great Support…and No RJ ,you’re not getting all my gifts for going early to arrange the Pub table on a crowded Saturday Night even though my Wife said you deserve it !…and thanks for the thought of gifting me Viagra !…Does it work on Plants? ! 

And to all Friends and Family who called to wish..Thanks for reminding me I’m getting old !..especially those”Tigers” who took a potshot at this “Lion” thinking that being in faraway NZ makes them safe…guys check your emails for Virus from Now On !

And Darling…since you planned the surprise’s my’ll have to pay too! see which client you can overinvoice this month !

Just Kidding !..deeply touched    


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