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Two Indian Sporting Champions from both ends of India, Gautam Gambhir and Viswanathan Anand do all of India Proud… where’s the question of a North and South Divide !?


Gautam Gambhir from New Delhi, North India scored a classy 206 against the Australians today



Vishwanathan Anand from Chennai, South India, defeated Kramnik to lift the World Chess Championship yesterday

Both Secular Indians first… Where’s the Question of any North and South Divide here ! ? 

All of India is celebrating their achievements

Come on India… retain your Secular Spirit and don’t let Politicians and Religious Leaders of any Hue and geographical location or even the Media provoke, direct, inflame and influence you to behave and think like a Bigot ! 

Don’t Stain with Red our Nation’s Fundamental Mantra ‘Unity in Diversity’…the Colour of Blood is Red in every Human on this Planet Earth. 


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