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Two “J’s” you may get “J” of in the next year or two if you don’t own them !…one is Jaiprakash Associates at Rs 83/84…it’s in the Sensex and Nifty too

There are two “J” Scrips listed on the Bourses that you may get “J” of in the next year or two if you don’t own them……

Jaiprakash Associates at Rs 83/84….FV Rs 2….Available near 52 week lows…..debt overhang….delays in power,roadways and cement project implementations……next two to three years will see mitigation of these risks as projects begin bringing in revenues…and it’s managed to remain a Sensex and Nifty constituent scrip too…has dropped over 40% in the last year …but gained over 3% in the last month….those adventurous can play it in the F & O segment too 

the other “J” scrip is even more tempting…..available at below Book and really low PE and has no debt and a very healthy and growing bottomline …….let me release it to Clients first as a SS 1 Recommendation this weekend…will hint it on the blog surely a little later…in fact already hinted that it begins with ‘J’ ! 

Cheers !


23 thoughts on “Two “J’s” you may get “J” of in the next year or two if you don’t own them !…one is Jaiprakash Associates at Rs 83/84…it’s in the Sensex and Nifty too”

  1. Let me guess the last letter …..’S’?

    Hope the ‘source’ of the stock tip/reco gets some credit too 😉 !

  2. Ofcourse Swaroop….yet looking into the group drag though…because I begin with the assumption that the market is always right…and then after some digging if I conclude with a great level of conviction that it is not ,therein lies a good opportunity !…there are over fifty companies I currently have been requested to look into… I give it a quick glance over first…if it catches my eye I reserve it for further analysis…this J caught my eye….merci

  3. Yes, i maybe personally responsible for 49 of those 50 requests!
    Mea Culpa!
    ‘Merci’ for putting up with all those requests on all ‘chotta investors’ behalf!
    Bolo Gaurav, our stocks Guru, ki Jai 😉 !!

  4. Dear Sir,

    What will be impact to Japan Tsunami…

    People say worldwide -ve market flow for next 6 months….

    Please share your view…world’s second economy today impacted at large extent..


  5. Hi Gaurav,

    Following is the list of companies starting with J having P/B less than 1 and P/E less than 15.

    J J Finance Corp 0.69 5.36
    Jagan Lamps 0.42 8.57
    Jagsonpal Pharma 0.54 3.79
    Jain Granites 0.7 14.59
    Jarigold Text. 0.16 6.48
    Jasch Inds. 0.65 5.38
    Jatayu Textiles 0.15 2.07
    Jaysynth Dyestuf 0.4 2.52
    JBM Auto 0.69 6.2
    Jhaveri Credits 0.54 10.2
    Jindal Photo 0.78 12.66
    JK Lakshmi Cem. 0.56 5.7
    JK Paper 0.77 3.27
    JK Tyre & Indust 0.6 4.65
    Joindre Capital 0.57 8.22
    JSL Inds. 0.46 3.76
    JSL Stain. 0.81 5.38
    Jupiter Bio. 0.37 3.53


  6. I am eagerly awaiting to know the other other “J” !!!!! “JSW Energy” is one “J” that I thought is attractive even at current levels.

  7. You guys seem to be having real fun guessing the ‘J’ !…Nitin has infact queried rhe database and provided a whole list of possibilities !…..sometimes you need to go beyond the database !….Srikanth,Parag and Yash have made some very interesting guesses….but I’m sure they carry some debt !….Cheers !

  8. Hi,

    Not able to find your ‘J’ but Jenburkt Pharma is looking good on all parameters but don’t know much about Promoters & their products standing in the market places. Can you go through it?

  9. Are you asking me or telling me Raoji!?…..unwittingly ,but it’s fun,triggered of a guessing game here….now think of one with ‘B’…now has huge cash on hand…very low PBV….moving operations from one B,Bombay to another B in an adjoining state…Cheers !

  10. Not Quite Kiran!…but you’re Warm !…and it’s already gone up 10% in the last two to three weeks !…Cheers

  11. Hi Gaurav,
    Could fish only two companies that fit the scenario, having letter ‘B’ in the name / low pbv:
    JUPITER BIOS (Bidar)
    JAYBH.CREDIT(Bombay, Banglore, but P/E is 22)

  12. Gaurav Parikh

    Oops Kiran…’B’ was another company I was referring too in one of my responses….but do check out the responses…this ‘J’ has been mentioned and it has been recently been demerged from another group company……

  13. Hi Gaurav,
    Its JK Tyre & Indust …isn’t it ? The other company ‘B’, is it starting with ‘B’ ?


  14. Hi Gaurav,
    But Jubilant industries is not de-merged recently and the price is beyond its Book value. May be I’m combing many things together.

  15. after reading your column on Jaiprakash i was tracking the scrip daily and finaly i catch it at Rs.60.55 in Dec.11 and sold it for Rs.80.00 in March, 2012. It was out from sensex even it was up. Now i have bought it again at Rs.61.38 and now again it is up at Rs.69. Now i am little bit confused whether to sold or hold. But anyway i am very thankful to you for your recommendation.
    Warm Regards,

    Prasad Moghe

  16. Gaurav Parikh

    Glad Moghe you’re making money in this mad market in tricky scrips…as it seems to be working for you maybe you should track Shree Ganesh Jewellery @ Rs 90 !…check my two blogs on this teaser !

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