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Will Satyam Investigations deliberately reach a Dead End !?

I’ve been reading R Jagannathan’s Columns in the DNA more frequently than before…As Editor of DNA,he is fearlessly and without favour coming across strongly in his Opinions…..does not hesitate to pen them while calling a spade a spade…surely a big burden to bear in these vested times ! 

I’ve met R jagannathan in a professional capacity before he took over at DNA…He had struck me then as a quiet and unassuming and knowledgable Journalist….Good to see him in this ‘Roaring’ Avatar ! 

This is how he opens his column today in DNA on the ongoing Investigations in Satyam

“The Satyam fraud investigations are meandering into irrelevance. A curious convergence of political, regional and business interests is conspiring to derail the probe.”

He names ‘Names’ and brings up a ‘Bihar’ connection with RJD’s Laloo Prasad Yadav and the Minister of Corporate Affairs,Prem Chand Gupta….He is scathing about Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister,YS Reddy….Congress can ill afford a scandal around him in an Election Year

R jagannathan goes on to say that the Satyam Investigation is headed towards a stalemate and truth would be the casualty…the probe would have reached a dead end

In light of obvious attempts to delay and derail the Probe it is no wonder that the Opposition created a ruckus in the Andhra Pradesh Legislature,with one MLA even attempting to clamber up to the Speaker and also tring to seize his mike !

Sadly,I would have to agree with RJ….it just looks we may not get to the bottom of the ‘Satya’ in Satyam…atleast anytime soon…maybe never !

But RJ…I’m sure that those,atleast most of them, on this Newly Constituted Satyam Board by the Government,will not hesitate to resign if they sense or encounter any interference from the Government,as suggested by you.They would not compromise…In this context,Narayan Murthy of Infosys,seems to have been wise in not accepting to become a Director on Satyam,citing a conflict of Interest 


3 thoughts on “Will Satyam Investigations deliberately reach a Dead End !?”

  1. Hi Gaurav, Welcome back to your own blog! Yes, unfortunately that is the perception many of us share here in Hyderabad. I mean just look at the way all of it-the investigation- is progressing. So much so that most people are sure that there has been a massive diversion of funds in a kind of a loop into the speculation ridden urban lands market-this loop could not get completed this time due to the collapse of the latter. And to zero in only on the external auditors with hammer and tongs in this matter is like going after the umpires in the cricket field in order to investigate into match-fixing!

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