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Day: February 12, 2009

Will Satyam Investigations deliberately reach a Dead End !?

I’ve been reading R Jagannathan’s Columns in the DNA more frequently than before…As Editor of DNA,he is fearlessly and without favour coming across strongly in his Opinions…..does not hesitate to pen them while calling a spade a spade…surely a big burden to bear in these vested times ! 

I’ve met R jagannathan in a professional capacity before he took over at DNA…He had struck me then as a quiet and unassuming and knowledgable Journalist….Good to see him in this ‘Roaring’ Avatar ! 

This is how he opens his column today in DNA on the ongoing Investigations in Satyam

“The Satyam fraud investigations are meandering into irrelevance. A curious convergence of political, regional and business interests is conspiring to derail the probe.”

He names ‘Names’ and brings up a ‘Bihar’ connection with RJD’s Laloo Prasad Yadav and the Minister of Corporate Affairs,Prem Chand Gupta….He is scathing about Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister,YS Reddy….Congress can ill afford a scandal around him in an Election Year

R jagannathan goes on to say that the Satyam Investigation is headed towards a stalemate and truth would be the casualty…the probe would have reached a dead end

In light of obvious attempts to delay and derail the Probe it is no wonder that the Opposition created a ruckus in the Andhra Pradesh Legislature,with one MLA even attempting to clamber up to the Speaker and also tring to seize his mike !

Sadly,I would have to agree with RJ….it just looks we may not get to the bottom of the ‘Satya’ in Satyam…atleast anytime soon…maybe never !

But RJ…I’m sure that those,atleast most of them, on this Newly Constituted Satyam Board by the Government,will not hesitate to resign if they sense or encounter any interference from the Government,as suggested by you.They would not compromise…In this context,Narayan Murthy of Infosys,seems to have been wise in not accepting to become a Director on Satyam,citing a conflict of Interest 

It’s Charles Darwin’s Birthday Today…He is yet evolving at 200 !






Hey I’ve evolved too after a week…..humbled to get some calls…Gaurav you have not blogged since Feb 6 ! I was on a SOS Call from a Leading Bank to conduct a Financial Planning Training Programme for them

And what a day to resurface again with this Blog  !

It’s Charles Robert Darwin Day…He was born on February 12,1809 and is yet evolving after 200 Years !

So what’s the Connection between Charles Darwin and a Galapagos Tortoise and Wedgewood Crockery !…Read on….

And what a fabulous Theory of Evolution…we are all related and that we have evolved from a common ancestor…The initial life form developed from Non Life Form…and simplistic forms evolved to more complex forms…a relatively recent modification,Neo Darwinism rode on the Gregor Mendel’s Theory of Genetics and says that Evolution takes place because Environment is slowly ( Millions of years !) changing and those forms that demonstrate characteristics to adapt are more likely to survive and pass on these characteristics to their offspring….In time the genetic profile of this population changes to lead to a new Species !

Darwin is believed to have been inspired by a Tortoise,Harriet,which he got back from the Galapagos Islands…Harriet died in late Steve Irwin’s Australian Zoo in June 2006 after living for 176 years

Darwin was married to his Maternal Cousin,Emma Wedgewood from the Prestigious House of Wedgewood..Wedgewood is a leading Brand of China Crockery even to this Day 

In 1859,Darwin published ‘On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection’ after Twenty Years of research based on his observations and findings on a five year  Sea Voyage aboard the HMS Beagle,an Army Ship that sailed on a Scientific Voyage in 1831

The Church strongly attacked Darwin as they believed in ‘Creationism’..that the earth and all on it has been created by GOD in just six days (Genesis)

Later on the Catholic Church relented to some extent saying that the Theory of Evolution is compatible with the Christian Faith

Current Young Generation would do well to realise that CD does not only stand for Compact Disc !   

Leading Newspapers,Times of India and DNA, are carrying some great articles today on Charles Darwin

Also check out www.darwin-online.org.uk



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