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Will try and respond shortly to Readers Queries on Compact Disc,Balaji Tele and Himalaya International

Hey Kamal,will shortly have a look at Compact Disc

And Sangeeth will also blog soon on Balaji Tele

Dr Sudeep,thanks for your apreciation on the infosys Blog…Planning to scale up the Advisory by launching Web based Advisory Plans…why pay for Advertising or Marketing when I have guys like you ! …will certainly have a look at Himalaya International and blog on it soon

In the meantime,if anybody out there has any fundamental idea of the above three companies,do let me know  


4 thoughts on “Will try and respond shortly to Readers Queries on Compact Disc,Balaji Tele and Himalaya International”

  1. Gaurav Parikh

    Hi Ayush,

    I’ll have a look at CHI soon …you can access Sensex P/E and P/Bk Val and DY on the bseindia site itself….you had requested this awhile ago..

    You are welcome to respond with your take on Balaji Tele…I shall have a look and put it up on the blog, attributing it to you if I feel it can be a ‘value add’ to those who want to know about Balaji Tele


  2. Hi GAP

    Economists & Politicians in India are celebrating on falling inflation. But isn’t our WPI methodology inaccurate for measuring inflation. I mean look at countries across the globe.. UK , US, China and for that matter even Pakistan uses CPI as a tool to capture inflation. In India CPI is constantly hovering at 10% levels.

    Are policy makers doing a blunder by deciding policies based on WPI inputs rather than CPI.

    Is it time to change the parameter from WPI to CPI?

  3. Gaurav Parikh

    Yes Kamal,what you observe is right…there is a huge divergence between the two Inflation basis…the Finance Ministry is aware of this and is working towards introducing a single CPI base

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