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May 12, 2010

Dhoni blames IPL Parties and Poor Performance for India’s poor show at the World Cup T 20 !…you really need to seriously introspect ,Dhoni !

Captain Dhoni simply blamed IPL Parties and a Poor Performance for India’s debacle at the World Cup T 20 in West Indies….Really !

Captain needs to take the Blame really….. His Captaincy in this T 20 World Cup was outstandingly Poor on both Tactics and Team Selection… he preferred to chase when he should have batted… and yesterday he batted when he should have chased….. knowing that he had to not only beat Sri Lanka but also improve the net run rate, he opted to Bat first !….. My strong view was that he should have put the Lankans in to bat….. he would have had a target to chase which he needed to get in 18 overs….also his batting order was suspect… Our Top Batsman, Rohit Sharma never even got a chance to Bat in yesterday’s game!…..and Pathan should have opened…… Rohit Sharma was inexplicably kept out of the first three games…. he scored an unbeaten 79 against Australia to restore some respectability…. he was wrongly given out against the West Indies…. and yesterday he did not even get a chance to bat !……. Jadeja lost us two crucial Super 8 matches before he was dropped, not by Dhoni, but my public outbursts in India ! ….. Yuvraj was in Sulk Mode… he always is these days and it’s affecting his batting big time

Dhoni lost the whole Plot in this World Cup…. there was no Hunger in Him to Win…. His aura was not there…he simply was unable to lift and inspire the Team…. Methinks this has something to do with the great Wealth of Millions of Dollars he has procured through Endorsements of Fans, Bikes, Mobile Services,  Real Estate Companies and a score of other Products and Services!…. nothing wrong… but when such Newly Got Wealth kills the Hunger to Win,the obscenity of it all comes up for scrutiny…. Methinks he needs rest from Captaincy to rethink and reignite his fire and hunger to win… we need a Dynamic Dhoni again and not a Mellowed one like he’s become !

Clearly Our Team has issues between them…. Dhoni said that they had not come to West Indies to Lose !….. but then they were not even Hungry for a Win !… there was no passion…. no intensity… no team camadarie visible…. they have let down themselves, their fans and their Country… I know Cricket is just a Game…. but you must go down fighting !

BCCI is also accountable here….. they are the culprits too…..IPL was timed just before the World Cup for the second year now….. clearly Money Matters more than Country Pride…. Also BCCI’s Team Selection had raised a few eyebrows… Favoritism, Nepotism, Regional Bias was quite evident….. Utthappa was left out, as was Irfan Pathan….. Many players, like Sehwag, suffered Injuries in the IPL and could not play for India read more

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