Your Family is being Dictated by Another that’s Living with you !

There’s another Family that’s Living with you and dictating your Life…Your eFamily

TV is the Husband & Father…..Computer is the Wife and Mother…..CellPhone is the Elder Child……and the IPod is the younger sibling

And they’re all dictating your Life

…..your upbringing is full of moral convictions,no expletives and curses,ban or restrictions  on alcohol and tobacco and total taboo on drugs and sex talk and viewing

….and these Conflict with this Other eFamily…..this virtual world that you’re living in with this Electronic Family of yours is influencing you 24*7….It pays scant respect to your morals…and brings alive all taboos as if to say ” Wake Up and Smell the Shoe!…this is Real Life !”….You have begun to question the Distinction between Good and Bad….this has become blurred from a simple ‘Black and White’ to Grey

…..the saving grace is that your eFamily transports you,often live, to Nature and Sporting Events and Global News…enhancing your knowledge on Politics,Current Affairs,Arts & Culture,Literature, History,Geography and the Sciences and a host of other Areas

……sadly it’s also loudly ‘sssshushing’ Family Life….how often does the Father or Mother move away to another room because the children are glued to ‘Friends’….each Family member has individually different Meal times….the Mother is glued to Daily Soaps,hurled upon your senses one after the other over various channels….the Father has to beg to watch the News or a Business Channel  

A Reflection of the Times we live in…and 3G will bring in full convergence….your mobile will become your TV,your Computer and your Internet Browser…. in effect it will be all your senses !…so in a sense you will become senseless! 

In a way you can say that the Family is on the Move !

Your parents were brought up by their parents but you are being brought up by your eFamily !…the Role of Instructors has shifted from Parents to the eFamily….often you will find it rebukes the values of your parents,scoffs at their traditional views,seduces you with blatantly suggestive ideas that would embarrass moralities 

Your Family has become Strangers…and your eFamily has become Family !

Welcome to the 21st Century….Welcome back to Slavery !….the only difference being that  Humans are increasingly in bondage with Non Humans !…the Paradox or Irony is that we cannot Live without being such Slaves ! read more