My Simple Question is why did the CBI Court give permission to attend the London Olympics to accused Congress’ Suresh Kalmadi out on Bail in Commonwealth Games Corruption Charge ? ~ Why Blame Kalmadi !

When Reality begins to blatantly reflect Nonsense, my mind begins to itch by default and often translates into a blog post ~ The Reality is that  Suresh Kalmadi is being allowed to go for the London Olympics ~ What Nonsense !?    

My Simple Question is why did the CBI Court give permission to attend the London Olympics to accused Congress’ Suresh Kalmadi,Chairman of the Commonwealth Organising Committee,New Delhi and who is  out on Bail in Games Corruption Charge ?

The Media and Minister of Sports,Ajay Maken are quite rightly going ballastic at Suresh Kalmadi being given the permission to fly to the London Olympics ~ he will not be part of the Indian Delegation ~ that he cannot be ~ however he is the Member of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) and also is the President of the Asian Athletics Association (AAA)  and will be representing these two bodies

The aggression and arrogance of Kalmadi is reproachable ~ he is demanding that the Prime Minister sack the Sports Minister Maken  ! using the leverage of the Court giving him permission and it being unbecoming of a Minister to question it !

My sense is that like in many issues, we are being taken for a ride by the powers that be~ this is evident by the fact that the Government remains mute to the unfolding Kalmadi Drama and his insistence he will attend the London Olympics ~ I suspect that this was a fait accompli  ~ maybe Kalmadi knows too much or is a major Funds Source for the Party Campaign and was just a fall guy !

 Knowing how sensitive this Corruption Charge is and that Citizens have strong Sentiments too how was this permission granted by the CBI Court in the first place ! ? ~Why Blame Kalmadi !  

Kalmadi may say anything in his defence but the fact is that it was as an Indian Athletics Administration Representative in the first place that he was recognised and this facilitated and enabled him to power his way into the IAAF and AAA on who’s legs he currently utters his bravado from ! ~ and it remains a sad reflection on the Sports Administration Structure that he continues to adamantly hold on to his positions in various Athletics and Olympic Bodies  and cannot be removed

Whatever,I’m going to enjoy the London Olympics ~ not sure whether Kalmadi will be allowed to enjoy it too if he does finally go !