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June 2012

Six Ways to Refuel Your Energy Every Day ~ Tony Schwartz

To steal Nike’s Line ” Just Do it !”

Tony Schwartz is the president and CEO of The Energy Project and the author of Be Excellent at Anything.

He’s penned down six ways to re-energise your day as excerpted below.

1. Make sufficient sleep your highest priority.

…even very small amounts of sleep deprivation significantly undermine capacity for focus, analytic thinking and creativity.

The research is clear: more than 95 per cent of us 
require seven to eight hours of sleep in order to be fully rested, and for our brains to optimally embed new learning. Great performers, ranging from musicians to athletes, often get even more than 8 hours.

2. Take a renewal break at least every ninety minutes. 

It’s now how long you work that determines the value you produce, but rather the energy you bring to whatever hours you work. Likewise, it’s not how long you take off that matters most, it’s how skillfully you renew.

……intermittently quiet your physiology. 

With your eyes closed, try breathing in through your nose to a count of three, and out through your mouth slowly to a count of six. In this way, you’re extending you’re recovery. As your body quiets down, your thinking mind will also get quieter and you’ll feel more relaxed. 

3. Keep a running list of everything — literally everything — that you want or need to do.

The more fully and frequently you download what’s on your mind, the less energy you’ll squander in fruitless thinking about undone tasks, and the more energy you’ll have to be fully present in whatever you’re doing.

4. Run up your heart rate or take a nap in the early afternoon.

If your excuse for not exercising regularly is “I don’t have time,” consider working out during your lunch hour (and yes, you’re entitled to one). 

There may be no better way to clear the mind, lower anxiety and jump start your energy than by intentionally raising your heart rate into the aerobic or anaerobic zones.

…. take a 20 to 30 minute nap between 1 and 4 p.m, when most of us feel a wave of fatigue. Researcher Sara Mednick has found that a short nap is not just powerfully restorative, but also prompts significantly higher performance on cognitive tasks in the subsequent several hours, compared to non-nappers.

5. Practice appreciation — and savoring.

One of the least recognized ways we squander energy is in negative emotions. We’re far quicker to notice what’s wrong in our lives than what’s right. read more

You dig Tapas or Tiramisu ? Paella or Pizza ? Sangria or Spaghetti? Flamenco or Fusilli ?~ Euro 2012 Finals this Sunday ~ Spain vs Italy

Euro 2012 Finals this Sunday ~ Spain vs Italy

You dig Tapas or Tiramisu ? Paella or Pizza ? Sangria or Spaghetti? Flamenco or Fusilli ?

~ As for me

For Food ~ Italian 100% !

For Football ~ Spain 100% !

~love all Veg food that’s Italian ~Tiramisu,Pizza,Pasta ( all of them from Spaghetti to Farfalle to Fusilli to Tagliatelle to Penne) and even the Cannelloni,Lasagne,Gnochhi,Risotto and Ravioli

~ but also dig Spain’s Sangria and the beautiful fiery swirling gowned Flamenco Dancers with their castanets  !

~ but being a Bull I’m going to stay away from those  Spanish Matadors and Picadors !

“Oh this year i’m off to Sunny Spain

Y Viva Espana

I’m taking the Costa Brava ‘plane

Y Viva Espana

If you’d like to chat a matador, in some cool cabana

And meet senoritas by the score, Espana por favor “

So this Sunday I’m going to eat Italian and Cheer Spain !

Viva Espana !

Viva Espania ! ~ Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Spain in Euro 2012 Finals ! just beat Portugal 4-2 on penalties !

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Spain in Euro 2012 Finals ! just beat Portugal 4-2 on penalties !

Spain gives no chance to Ronaldo to take the Final Portugal penalty !!!! ~ Deserving winners are Spain though they should have won at least 2-0 in Normal time and definitely in extra time~ wonder why Spain did not play Torres at all today ! ~ and Spain took a risk by making their three substitutions before 30 min extra time began and thus sacrificed a pair of fresh legs in this crucial period while Portugal made their third substitution with ten minutes to go in extra time ! ~ Sunday Finals Spain v/s Germany or Italy!?

Both the Opening Penalties were saved

Then Iniesta,Ramos and Piquet ( Shakira’s guy) scored for Spain while Nani and Pepe scored for Portugal ~ IT was 3-2 for Spain ~ Then  Bruno Alves ,who took the fourth penalty for Portugal, hit the cross bar ! and Fabregas came in for the Fifth Penalty to score and make it 4-2 and take Spain to the Finals ! ~ Ronaldo was left stranded awaiting his Penalty shot ~ there was no need to take it !

Spain fluffed at least four great chances to score against Portugal~ How Iniesta missed scoring of a pass  it’s a wonder !  ~ his shot was saved in a reflex action by the goalkeeper ~ but he could have aimed wider in an open goal ! ~ was  scoreless even after extra time  ~ match was fast paced and rough too with several being booked a yellow card

Interestingly Spain opened with Negrido instead of Fabregas or Torres ~ Fabregas replaced Negrido though later in the second half

Tomorrow Germany take on Italy in the second Semis ~ I’m rooting for a Spain vs  Germany Finals on Sunday with Spain retaining their Euro Crown ! ~ They already are World Champions

It was amusing to see the crowd literally whistling loud to show their annoyance when Spain or Portugal resorted to quick short passes rather than some more direct play and long passes for quicker shots at the Goal

Thank God  Spain did not fluff the Penalties !

Viva Espania !

BHEL @ Rs 220 and near it’s recent 52 Week Low looks interesting

Thought I should reproduce my brief response to Salil’s query on BHEL for wider and easier visibility reading


Price Movement (


“Salil, BHEL was my top pick core pick eight to ten years ago ~ I had it in every clients portfolios picking it in the early Hundreds ,when FV was Rs 10,and even getting the 1:1 bonus advantage in June 2007 ~ Power Sector was taking off big time and BHEL was beautifully positioned to supply the Power Plant Equipments ~ It’s order books were overflowing ~ The last Quarter in the FY was always brilliant ~ Clients made good monies and many yet hold this scrip ~ However BHEL has belied great expectations after that brilliant run ~ BHEL was simply unable to ramp up capacities fast enough to cope with the order buoyancy ~ even our govt was frustrated and gave BHEL an ultimatum or else they would route orders to overseas competitors ~ this inability meant cap on some really exciting growth that was simply beckoning

However FY 12 has not been so bad ~ Net is Rs 7087 crs giving an EPS of Rs 29 on the Equity of Rs 489.52 crs ~ From October 2011 the Equity Share FV is now Rs 2 from the earlier Rs 10 ~ Reserves are @ Rs 25000 crs giving a Book of Rs 104 ~ Dividend is 320% (up from 311.5% in FY 11)and with the Share Price currently @ Rs 220 the Relative Earnings and Book Multiples are fairly attractive at 7.5 and 2.1 respectively ~ Market Cap is @ Rs 54000 crs ~ but a year ago was over Rs 100000 crs ~ The Share Price has slid dramatically by over 50% inside one year and at Rs 220 it is near it’s recent 52 week lows of Rs 197 ~ The Shareholder Set is strong with 67.72% held by the Government and 13+% held by FIIs ~ The Government had intended to divest 5% and BHEL had even filed a DRHP with SEBI in September 2011 which it has since withdrawn

The Power Sector is plagued with Project Implementation delays on account of delays in procuring the crucial assured Coal & Gas Feed committments,non closure of Financial Outlays and delays in deliveries of Plant Equipments ~ BHEL may just have got a breather to catch up ! ~ ~ FY 13 should see Sales crossing Rs 50000 crs and PAT moving towards Rs 10000 crs ~ BHEL is also enthusiastic on it’s diversification plans in Transportation,Oil and Gas,Solar,Nuclear and Water and now has ramped up core manufacturing capacities to over 20000 MW

BHEL looks quite interesting @ Rs 220 ~ Beta is 1.18 ~ Trading Volumes are good for this Sensex and Nifty Constituent Scrip


How about a Czech v/s Greece Euro 2012 Football Final ! ~ World’s Topsy Turvy anyway !

This is the Euro 2012 Football QF Draw ~ All matches on Neo Prime  at 12.15 am Indian Time

Thursday ,June 22
Czech Republic
Friday, June 23
Saturday,June 24
Sunday June 25
I was Hoping it would be  a  Defending Champions Spain v/s Portugal Final ! Both play entertaining and mesmerising Football ~  No wonder my fav Messi from Argentina chooses to play for Barcelona in the Spanish League ~ I hope World Champs and Defending Euro 2008 Champs Spain also win Euro 2012 !  ~ But Winner of QF 1 play Winner of QF 3 in SF 1 on Wednesday,June 27,2012 while Winner of QF 2 plays the Winner of QF 4 in SF 2 on Thursday,June 28,2012  So if Portugal and Spain win their QF Matches they will face each other in SF 1  with the winner going through to the Finals on Sunday,July 1,2012  Likewise we cannot have a Germany v/s England Final  for these two will clash in the SF 2 if they win their QF Matches So how about a Germany v/s  Spain Final or even a England v/s  Spain Final ! ?  The World’s Topsy Turvy ~ so you may just have a Czech v/s Greece Final !  ~ remember Greece won the Euro 2004 ! From just past Midnight tonight enjoy the final knockout stages of Euro 2012 ! Cheers !

Raging Fire at Old Mantralaya in Mumbai from 2.30 pm ~ People Trapped and Rescue On

Raging Fire at Old Mantralaya in Mumbai from 2.30 pm  ~ it’s nearing 4.30 pm now and yet many People are Trapped and Rescue is  On  ~ Fire apparently began due to a short wire on the Fourth Floor and spread to the fifth and sixth floor ~ It yet rages on ~Many People are trapped and the Rescue is On ~ Many have rushed to the Terrace ~ Opposition Parties have already began to accuse of deliberate sabotage to destroy crucial Files and records that pertain to scams like Adarsh Housing Society !  ~ Live Media Visuals lend support to this  accusation as Fresh Fire is being reported from a completley different set of rooms on the sixth floor which are atleast 15 rooms away from where the fire is yet on !….What a Conspiracy Spin while the Fire yet rages on !

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