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August 2012

So you think with the buoyancy in US Indices so far in 2012,Hedge Funds are having a Good time again ! ~ Think Again !

So you think with the buoyancy in US Indices so far in 2012,Hedge Funds are having a Good time again ! ~ Think Again !

Hedge Funds underperform a buoyant S & P in 2012

I’ve held that Aggression is an extremely Risky Stance given the weak macro global headwinds that yet prevail

Joe Weisenthal just posted an interesting and revealing study  in Business Insider  that just 11% of Hedge Funds have outperformed the buoyant S & P as of August 3,2012 this year in 2012.This has been monitored by Goldman Sach’s Hedge Fund Trend Monitor by Amanda Sneider

This means that just 1 of 9 Hedge Funds have outperformed the S & P ! ~ that’s a rotten statistic ! great actually as it  shows up the huge risks in aggressive play in times like these

20% of Hedge Funds have actually made a loss while the S & P has moved up by 12% ~ The Hedge funds average return is just 4.6%

Apple is the most popular Stock held followed by Google with Exxon Mobile being the stock most shorted

Consumer Discretionary and Information technology are favourite Sectors

A Warning,perhaps, for Indian Market Bravehearts !

Perhaps you should hedge by buying September Puts just before we begin September !

Cheers !

My Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Mumbai & Pune & Bengaluru~ Vouch for the Vegetarian fare

Appetising Stir Fried Chinese Greens

You better believe this ! There are over 3000 Chinese eateries in Mumbai City ! from small tuck in Joints to huge impressive decor and hugely expensive  restaurants in 5 star Hotels

Have Tried 5 Spices, Flamboyante , Nankings, Chopsticks,Golden Dragon at Hotel Taj Mahal,Shanghai at ITC Grand Central in Parel,Main Mainland China in Andheri,Sampan at Hotel Novotel ,CG’s 83 at Kemps Corner ( earlier the Famous China Garden of Nelson Wang)and many others in Mumbai & Pune ~ even at all the leading Clubs in Mumbai and Pune ~ Mings at Colaba was my fav for the Buddhas Delight,the Pot Soup that served six  and the lovely Pepper  in Oil accompaniment ~ alas it shut down !

It’s a Myth that Big is Better or that More Expensive is Better Food !

As a Foodie,I’m always looking out for Quality Food, made with Quality Hygiene,Quality and Fresh Ingredients, by Quality Chefs at Quality Prices !

A Friend Owns the Popular Order In Chain of ‘Mr Chows’ and has been asking me to try it ~ says to just call him and he will plan the Feast ~ Planning to take him up on this soon

If any of you out there recommend I try some Chinese Restaurant in Mumbai or Pune for awesome Vegetarian  ,then do let me know and also what Dish should I try there specifically ! ~ and if I like it and do not experience any stomach ache unless of course I love it and overeat ! then  I may just reward you with a scrip recommendation that will cure your Aching Portfolio ! ~ Cheers !

I begin by offering Some Advice as to how to Order your Chinese meal and also stating my Menu Preferences before I list my Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Mumbai (Eight) and Pune(One) and Bengaluru(One)

Some advice to add Value to Your Chinese Veg Meal and so you Order well and enjoy your Meal:

  • Ask the Steward  taking your Order to instruct the Kitchen and the  Chef to avoid the standard Chinese ingredient, Ajino Moto Salt or if they use it,to do so very mildly
  • Rice or Noodles are staple with the Main Course ~ Check around the table who prefers what and order accordingly ~ look for menu variety in these staples
  • Always inquire with the Steward on the Size of Helpings and order accordingly ~ if unsure it’s prudent to order a single helping before deciding to order a second ~ this will avoid carrying Doggy bags back home as Chinese Food is best enjoyed Fresh~ in fact,as a policy, many good restaurants will not pack a Doggy Bag for you for the leftovers as the quality of Food may deteriorate if preserved too long,even if refrigerated,and not consumed fresh and at the right temperature
  • Request the Steward to suggest Some Dishes,even off the Menu, that the Restaurant may be famous for and prepare for regular patrons  ~ like White Buns and a French Beans Special by CGs
  • Tell the Steward how you like your Soup or Main Course and he will suggest accordingly ~ For instance if you like a Thick Soup Like I do,then don’t order a Light or Clear Soup ~ Inquire off the Steward if unsure  of the Nature and Type of the Dish on the Menu ~ However  ensure you’re not tricked into ordering  the most expensive dish on the menu! ~you will experience such psychological manipulation by Stewards at many restaurants ! ~ they are trained for this so don’t grudge them the effort !
  • Be Sure of the Sauce you want the Dish to be made in ~ safer to stay with a light non spicy or less spicy sauce as the Black Beans or Sczhewan may be too spicy and will ruin your Dish ~ Be gracious but don’t be too accommodating even to someone with you who enjoys spicy Szchewan ~ Once I had to down a full litre of water to calm my tongue !
  • Be Adventurous ! ~ Try at least one Dish you have never tried before ! ~ you may just discover something special
  • Sharing Dishes would make it Cheaper and don’t feel embarrassed or awkward to instruct the Steward to make the Soup 1 by 2 ~ that’s one order of Soup being shared by Two and therefore served in two separate Bowls ~ The Soup Helping at Noodle Bar is quite Large and can easily be shared by Two rather than ordering two Separate Helpings of the Same Soup
  • Return the Dish ,without making a Fuss,if you find it too salty,or spicy or stale or undercooked or smelling of  or containing Non Vegetarian Ingredients ~ often the kitchen area is not separate for cooking Veg and Non Veg Food and so Stirring Ladles and Frying Woks could be  common to cook both ~ Once a leading Restaurant served me a Sea Food Soup and the Manager insisted they were Mushrooms and not Sea Food pieces ! ~ Walked out for their attitude~ other Tables too sympathised ~ it really was seafood !
  • Avoid eating of Chinese Food Carts that are all over the town ~ Food may look and be tasty and cheap ~ but the preparation and cleaning hygiene is poor and you may encounter a bout of food poisoning ~ I’ve seen how they cut cabbage and carrots and spring onions on the road and the  water they use to clean these and how used bowls and plates and spoons and forks are simply immersed in a bucket of water once or twice and quickly pulled out and wiped to serve another !  ~ a survey had revealed that nine out of ten such Chinese Food Carts there was some intensity of food poisoning involved ~ mostly semolina due to the quality of noodles used  ~ this does not mean you may never get food poisoning at a good restaurant !
My Menu Preferences….

Soup ~ I Prefer Thick Soups rather than Clear Light Soups ~When I was a kid,loved Sweet Corn Plain,migrated to Sweet Corn Vegetable ~occasionally yet have them~ then the Manchow and Hot and Pepper ~ now love the Veg Lung Fung Soup ~ alas can find it well made now only by Smoking Lees, just like Nelson Wang of China Garden Fame made it ~ If I was Sick this was one taste that could cure and revive me ! ~ most use cubes that have non veg stock to make this soup,but not Smoking Lees ~ a well made Veg Clear Soup,Lemon Coriander Soup or a Pepper Soup ( Noodles Bar) too is quite delightful….

Starters ~Freshly baked Soft White Buns, Crackling Spinach,Cripy Corn,Corn Cream,Old Time fav Spring Rolls,Steamed and Pan Fried Wontons , Dim Sums , K P Chow ( no one can match Nelson Wang of China Garden Fame for this one ! ~ it’s deep fried vegetables in spicy soya sauce ),Hakka Mushroom with Spring Onions,Hakka or Chilli Paneer,Garlic Chilli or Straw Potatoes….. read more

Mom & Dad ~Miss You’ll Lots……

Sunita Parikh ~ Our Revered 'Ba' ~ Lived on Earth from January 7,1934 and Returned to Heaven on August 26,2007

Five Years Ago in 2007 ,on this day,Sunday, August 26,our Mother,Sunita Parikh moved on to where she had come from ~ Heaven ~ to reunite with our Father,Arun

She was our Inspiration in so many ways and always stood by us rock solid through thick and thin,as she did for our Father Arun Parikh whose journey on Earth ended on June 11, 1998

We miss both so very much and are blessed to have had them as parents and grandparents ~ we live with such lovely memories that they created for all of us~They live vividly and vibrantly in us and are fondly remembered every single day ~ we are here because of them

…..and it’s  heartening to know and see that they live vividly in their grandchildren too ~ just the other day ,my nieces , Sneha and Nidhi, who both fasted during Paryushan along with their mom and my elder sister Rinita,were recalling how ‘Ba’, as Mom was revered by Family,was so right in saying that all that matters is ‘Atma’ and ‘Parmatma’ ~ A few days ago daughter,Kunashni wanted to hear anecdotes of ‘Ba’ ~ “I miss ‘Ba’ “,said she ~ Son,Varun prays to ‘Ba’ and ‘Dada’ every day and often lights the evening diya when he’s at home and awake and has had a bath !

The Diya is surely going to shine Brighter this evening ~Please do have Mom Sunita and Dad Arun and all of us in your Prayers today

Love you All and Many Thanks for being Family & Friends

“Michhami Dukkadam” as the Sthanakvasi Jain’s Paryushan comes to an end ~ ‘Atthai’ and ‘Attham’ Fasting by Sister and Nieces makes the ‘Parna’ this Morning a Joyous & Pious Bonding Experience for Family & Friends

"Michhami-Dukkadam" ~ Forgive Me For My Ignorance

“Michhami Dukkadam” as the Sthanakvasi Jain’s  Paryushan comes to an end ~ ‘Atthai’ ~full 8 days of fasting and ‘Attham’~ Three Consecutive days of fasting  Fasting by Sister and Nieces made the ‘Parna’ this Morning a Joyous & Pious Bonding Experience for Family & Friends

To all My Family & Friends and those who know me through Business or Blog, a humble “Micchami Dukkadam”  

“Man Chanchal Chhe,Jibh Agni Chhe,Dil Saf Chhe

Chhatay kaya Janta Ajanta Kya pan Kadvas Avi Verani Hoy,

Tamara Dil Ne Thes Pahochi Hoy to Man Vachan thi Kaya thi

Michhami Dukkadam”


My Mind is Active & Lively,My Tongue is Sacred like the Fire ,My Heart is Clean & Pure ~ Yet if I have caused you bitterness  in any way and hurt your heart, knowingly or unknowingly,then  in thought, word or deed,  I seek your forgiveness”

‘Paryushan’ for the Sthanakvasi Jains has just ended ~ It is a pious and holy period of Prayer,Penance and Fasting for Jains ~ After the Samvatsari Pratikraman Prayers ,Sthanakvasi Jains say “Micchami Dukkadam” to each other asking for forgiveness from each other for having hurt them or offended each other in any way,knowingly or unknowingly

Deravasi Jains will observe ‘Paryushan’ in September this year

At the 'Parna' ~ Breaking of the Fast ~Gaurav's Elder Sister Rinita and her Younger Daughter Sneha did the 'Atthai',fasting the full eight days of the Sthanakvasi Jain 'Paryushan' Period

It was truly heart warming that my elder Sister Rinita and her younger daughter and my niece,Sneha observed a Full Fast on all Eight Days of the ‘Paryushan’ surviving on just Water~It’s called the ‘Atthai’.Her elder married daughter and my niece,Nidhi did the ‘Attham’ which is a fast for three days ~ This, Morning over 100 of us Family & Friends  felicitated them in an impressive ‘Parna’ after a Jain Monk led the  Prayers and blessed all Present ~ Both,Rinita & Sneha, broke their Fast this morning with a ceremonial Feed where  each one of us fed them a spoon full of their choice of a special liquidy preparation from an array of them specially made for the occasion ~ Simultaneously  Lunch was served  for all

It was a Joyous &  Pious Bonding Occasion for Family & Friends of our Extended Family

Micchami Dukkadam to you’ll again

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