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August 3, 2012

What an Epic Olympic Tennis Semis between Winner Swiss Federer and Argentinian Del Potro !

The Longest Tennis Match,all of 4 hrs and 26 min, in Olympic History just sees Champion Roger Federer of Switzerland finally beat Champion Del Potro of Argentina in the Semis 3-6,7-6 and Phew ! 19-17 to enter the Finals in London !
Match Stats of an epic Olympic Tennis Semis between Winner Federer and Del Potro
Federer had to fall back on his Serve to bail him out ~  he even failed to convert many breakpoints I created my own records of sorts by posting for over an hour  the largest no of live fb comments on this thread while the deciding set  was being played out ! ~ Check the Thread out below Gaurav A Parikh
Watch Live going on the awesome Tennis Semis at the Olympics between Federer and Podro ~ it’s 9 all in the deciding third set,one set a piece
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