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July 2012

Shooter Gagan Narang gets India it’s first Medal ~ so what if it’s a Bronze ! ~at the London 2012 Olympics

Gagan Narang wins Bronze in the 10m Men's Air Rifle opening India's Medal Account at the London 2012 Summer Olympics

Gagan Narang gets Bronze with an aggregate of 701.1 points in the Qualifying and Final Rounds ~ misses Gold because of three sub 10 score shots(9.5 Shot 5,9.9 Shot 7 and 9.5 Shot 8 ) out of the 10 shots in the finals

Just imagine ! ~ Gagan shot a super 10.7 in his last Tenth Shot to confirm Bronze ~ his aggregate of 701.1 was just 1 point short of the Gold medal 702.1 ! ~ In fact after Shot 6 in the Finals both Gagan and Gold medal Winner Moldeveanu were equal in second at 660.7 points each with Silver medal Winner Campriani in 1st position with 661 points.Then Gagan scared all of us with his 7th and 8th shots recording just 9.9 and 9.5  and  his dropping to fourth behind Wang of China after the seventh shot. He came back with a 10.3 and a superb 10.7 in the ninth and final tenth shot to take the Bronze !

The maximum 10.9 score for a shot was scored just once by a Netherlands Shooter  and which elevated his ranking to get a shot at at least a Bronze  if he could simply repeat this score~ Thankfully he could not !

Gold was cornered by the unheralded Moldeveanu of Romania who’s not even in the top 25 World Rankings,in fact came 38th in the European Championships ! he scored 702.1 aggregate pipping the favourite Italian,Campriani who scored 701.5 for the silver

Well done Gagan ! Done India Proud ! ~ missed a heartbeat when you dropped to fourth position midway and the three sub 10 scores ! ~ and somewhat comes as a balm after the frustration of the weekend when we expected Medals from our Archers ~ but first our Mens Archers and then our Women Archers ,both lost in the first round of 16 itself in the Team Event

Can now better understand defending champion Abhinav Bindra sighing “That’s the way Life Goes!” when not qualifying with Gagan for the Finals earlier today ~ decimal scores and millimeters decide the difference between winners and losers ~ Consistency in Scoring high over 10 in each shot remains the Key  ~ Indian Shooters are clearly working hard on this ~ trying to stay motivated and not letting pressure,even that of high expectations, get to them

In Beijing 2008,Gagan was the favourite but did not qualify for the Finals while Abhinav Bindra came from behind to qualify and then even win Gold

Gagan had revealed then how heartbroken his Mom was in 2008 that she suffered a heart attack and was admitted to hospital ~ this must have strengthened Gagan’s resolve at the London 2012 Olympics to be among the Medals

Gagan is also participating in two other events and hope he is among medals in both ~ Gold would be great ! read more

Recommended AP Paper at Rs 160 to Rs 190 in January 2012 ~ At Rs 318 you’ve got a near 100% absolute gains inside six months in a volatile market !

Recommended AP Paper at Rs 160 to Rs 190 in January 2012 ~ At Rs 318,you’ve got a near  100% absolute gains inside six months in a volatile market ! where the Sensex has as of date given 10% gains in 2012 from 1550 levels to 17000 levels

To be honest Rs 300+  was a target of mine only in 2013 and beyond and this Selection  would not suit all Risk Profiles ~ So those who don’t have it in their Portfolios don’t rue the fact ~ The 100% surge inside five to six months has surprised me

Those who risked it have gained ~ but not before some apprehension for it had reacted sharply in January 2012 itself from Rs 190+ levels to Rs 150 before recovering and  moving strongly past Rs 300

2011 was a bad and put off year for Markets and in late 2010 and early 2011 I had strongly recommended tactical sizeable  reallocation from Equity to Debt ~ while at end 2011 I saw some potential in really beaten down stocks to stage a recovery in 2012 ,the risks associated with such controversial stocks like Reliance Com , India Bulls Real Estate and IFCI  and even AP Paper could not be understated ~ All surged quickly in January itself and in the first half of February and gains were booked quickly too ~ on hindsight a wise move as share prices reacted to reverse some or all of the gains ~ However  A P Paper has sustained the surge and is currently strong at Rs 318

Those who want to professionally connect with me if they see added value in doing  so and for fundamental advise on their Portfolios and/or fresh investments in Equity can email me at [email protected] or [email protected] providing me with details (scrip,qty,cost,current value) or just aggregate current value of their Equity portfolio and fresh funds available for Equities and we can take it from there 

After gauging your Risk Profile there are a few Potential Winners we can position you in for the second half of 2012 and 2013

Cheers !



Gold ~ Will it go some more Lower before it again goes much Higher ? ~ Check out the US $ Supply for the answer !

Gold ~ Will it go some more Lower before it again goes much Higher ?

This is a Million Dollar Question that can make you a Million Dollars ! 

I took you on  gold run from US $ 500/oz levels from 2005/6 to US $ 1900 last year just short of my second long term target of US $ 2000 ~ the first of US $ 1000 was breached in 2009

Gold is now US $ 1581 an ounce after a golden ten year run

Gold glitters in the 21st century

Gold clearly thrived as USA kept it’s US $ printing press working overtime for years to fund it’s deficits ~ Look at this revealing chart below ~ It shows the direct co-relation between the increasing supply of the US $ through new currency printing in trillions of Dollars in the last six to seven years and the increasing price of Gold

Direct Co-Relation ~Gold Price & US $ Supply

USA is clearly on a severe back foot on the Economic Front threatened with Huge Debt and Deficits and is currently in a Long Term and Painful Deleveraging Mode ~ The Road through Quantitative Easing has meant excessive supply of Funds to buy up Bonds ~ The Currency Printing Press has been working 24 hours for several years now ~ the Price of Gold has risen in direct co- relation to this increase in Money Supply

Offence is the Best Form of Defence seems to be USA’s Response and it is becoming increasingly clear that it has implemented a  multi pronged aggressive media propaganda into advanced play ~ both ,on the economic and on the political front

Check this multi pronged and well planned Pointing Fingers by USA with the use of a powerful US  Media

 USA President Obama openly now points fingers at India for not opening out FDI  USA continues to scream publicly at China for keeping it’s Yuan deliberately undervalued ~ probably actually revelling in having to pay off a devalued dollar debt in the future when US $ begins to reverse again after it’s recent surge …and an even more serious accusation that USA is actually supporting what they term as ‘Arab Spring’ and funding and arming Criminal gangs and  Rebels to destabilise Arab Regimes  or even directly involving Military or NATO Intervention in these Arab Nations ~ The Iraq Invasion ~ The Fall of Libya ~ and now Syria are all prime instances  ~ Seema Mustafa in her column in DNA today

The Arab Spring is nothing but an eyewash – Analysis – DNA

 asserts that it is less for  ushering in Democracy in these Islamic States and more for sanitising the Arab Region for their ally, Israel       

The US $ may continue to hold and even strengthen a little more over the next few months as US President Elections come closer in November 2012,before it again begins to shows it’s inherent weakness during the painful deleveraging process and the continuing excessive printing of Currency to finance Deficits 

Gold may therefore continue to hold too or even seek a lower level to US $ 1400/oz in the short term before it resumes it’s march back up to show it’s inherent strength

Keeping an eye on 2015,stay invested in Gold ~ Buy some more on any significant fall ~ because if Nouriel Roubini’s ‘Perfect Storm’ 2013 scenario plays out,you’ll reap a bonanza in Gold even sooner ~ Roubini’s betting on a worsening Eurozone,China growth ebbing,USA Recovery weakening and Military Conflict involving Iran all climaxing into a ‘Perfect Storm’ next year in  2013        read more

Kishore Kumar’s Record Eight Filmfare Awards Winning Songs

Kishore Kumar ~ What a Singer !

Kishore Kumar holds the record for Filmfare Awards with eight wins in the category “Best Male Playback Singer”.

He won it for:
1. “Roop Tera Mastana”  1970 (Aradhana – 1969)
2. “Dil Aisa Kisi Ne”  1976 (Amanush – 1975)
3. “Khaike Paan Banaraswala” 1979 (Don – 1978)
4. “Hazaar Raahen Mud Ke Dekhi”  1981 (Thodisi Bewafaii – 1980)
5. “Pag Ghungroo Bandh”  1983 (Namak Halaal – 1982)
6. “Agar Tum Na Hote”  1984 (Agar Tum Na Hote – 1983)
7. “Manzilein Apni Jagah Hain” 1985  (Sharaabi – 1984)
8. “Saagar Kinare” 1986  (Saagar – 1985)

You can hear this medley on

He won a straight four years 1983 to 1986 and died in 1987

However it took Kishore Kumar a long time,16 years in fact after Filmfare Awards were introduced in 1954, to get his first Filmfare Award in 1970 for “Roop Tera Mastana” from ‘Aradhana’ (1969) ~ though he had acted,directed,produced and sung in movies from 1946 ! ~ he gracefully acknowledged Rajesh Khanna for resurrecting his Singing Career ~ though he sang for many heroes and for many composers,Kishore Kumar created magic with Rajesh Khanna emoting his songs on screen  and R D Burman composing the music for them

Remarkably he did not win for his Classic Songs of the Classic Movies Anand (1971), Amar Prem (1971) or Kati Patang (1973) though he was nominated for songs in the last two named ~ In all he was nominated for 27  songs, a few for the same movie or in the same year for different movies ~ for instance in 1985 four  of his songs from ‘Sharaabi’ were nominated and he won for one of them as listed above

Many of his classics such as “yeh Jeevan hai”, “zindagi ka safar”, “chingari koi bahadake” (nominated), “Kuch to log kahenge”, “Jeevan se na haar jeenewale”, ” chookar mere manko” (nominated), ” anewala pal janewala Hai”, and  “koi hota jisko pana ”  never won him the Filmfare Award.

A Much Married (Four Times ~ All Actresses ~Ruma,Madhubala,Yogita Bali,Leena Chandravarkar) Kishore Kumar  may have been eccentric and moody and even mad to many but he was a Master Singer for me and will remain my Number 1  ~ He should have won atleast 25 Filmfare Awards ! ~ But come to think ,Lead and most Popular Actor Salman Khan has yet too win his First ! read more

Friday Early Morning Musings…Thumbs Up for Gattu and the Gutka ban….Thumbs Down for a CA Coaching Class Rankers Ad and a Demanding Political Party

After an awesome Aloo Gobi at Delhi Darbar at midnight got up early at 6 to some superb windy weather at Marine Drive driving past it at 6.30 am while dropping daughter for her football practice ~ I kicked ball once too ~ Now rearrange the words and that’s what can happen when one kicks stocks !~Friend on BBM conveyed he had just finished his Pranayam and I too should do it but what interested me more was that there was Dosa for Breakfast at his Home ~ No Eggs as Sravan  has commenced

Some Friday Morning Musings prompted by scanning the Times of India over a hot strong cup of Tea

🙂 Gattu ~ That’s my Pet Name too ! ~ and seems to be a lovely offbeat movie on a street kid by Nandita Das that has been getting good reviews ~ Times says “Meet Gattu .A Typical Street kid….Gattu’s Guts….. leaves you upbeat ….. is a must watch…many people grow up too soon….”  ~ Thumbs Up for Gattu ~ must see it as I see a lot in common with Gattu ~ Guts,Street Smart Kid, Simple Solutions to Life and Happiness like Kite Flying and building Sand castles

🙂 Gutka Ban ~ Awesome could not have come sooner and is to be enforced in Maharashtra from today~Thumbs Up for the Ban on Gutka and Pan Masalas,the source of Mouth Cancer 

😐 CA Coaching Class Rankers Ad ~ Awful ! ~ Page 3 Full Page ad by a leading CA Coaching Class has Trademarked it’s tag line as The Rankers Factory ! and the Ad has a Topline “Name the second man to step on the moon.Only No 1 stays relevant.” ~ Come on Guys is Being No 1 the only Goal in Life and nothing else matters ! and I do know who the second man,without a Net search, was to step on the Moon after Neil Armstrong .It was Edwin Aldrin ~ There’s a Place in the World for all and enough Ladders for all to climb without having to pull one down to reach the Top ~ and’The  Rankers Factory’ ! ~ who in hell gave them this idea for a tagline ~ these guys are simply supporting the rat race ~ and let me tell you not all CA rankers are great personalities  ~ many are just pure muggers who live in their narrow knowledge world not evolving beyond it ~ I’ve interviewed a few and they have come up short in many areas ~ CA is a great career ~wife was  an FCA before she stopped practising and I have done my ACCA from UK  ~ Wisely the School Boards have stopped the Rankings Declarations as they really don’t matter in the long run ! ~ I would love to work with an evolved person and hire one whose knowledge  extends to beyond just the books !   ~ Big  Thumbs Down to the Coaching Class Ad ! read more

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